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Hi, I'm the EdTech Guru!

I provide bespoke training services and consultancy to get your school or company moving into the 21st century!

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From providing training to entire schools to supporing starts ups, I can find the perfect tech solution for you!

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Feedback from recent training sessions

Andy's training was far more useful than the official training...

"Andy was so inspiring when he told me about how he uses tech in the classroom that I asked if could watch him in action. I was blown away by the level of whole class engagement, especially considering that it was a maths assessment last thing on a Friday!

The children were confident and responsible users, aware of their roles and responsibilities within the digital world.He showed me how to use assessments so that I didn't spend as much time marking, but was able to analyse in more depth and use this to inform my teaching - the ideal that isn't always possible.

Following my meeting with Andy, my school bought a class set of Chromebooks and started using google classroom. I have to say that Andy's training was far more useful than the official training and more tailored to uses in the classroom.

We would be absolutely lost without this resource during lockdown!

Andy also has an extensive knowledge of educational apps which he uses to give children the chance to apply their learning meaningfully and develop worthwhile products. Whenever I meet with him, I am left with a huge list of ideas to use with the children. And I don't fear the "new tech" anymore, because if can't work something out, the children certainly will!

It is impossible not be swept up in Andy's passion for tech in the classroom!"

Miss Davies, Year 6 Teacher and Senior Leader

Thanks for making our dreams come true...

"Massive thanks to Andy at the Ed Tech Guru for all his help and support.

As a small start up business with little to no tech knowledge we had big ideas but very limited skills. From the initial conversation Andy put us all at ease exploring user friendly options with the best outcomes for our ever-extending wish list. Andy’s knowledge and ability to translate even the most complex process into something we can use to make our day to day work much more professional and streamlined has been priceless (so much so we have signed up to his tech support). We are now up and running with a fancy G-suite, emails, forms and spreadsheets that reduce tedious administration for both us and our clients.

Andy thanks so much for all your support, understanding and making our tech wishes come true."

Managing Director, Grow Therapeutic Coaching

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