The Dues Process

The Dues Process

June 6, 2020|CAMPAIGN

June 6, 1944 2020

I’ve registered as a candidate for US Senate, in Kansas and Minnesota (yes, you think I don't know what I'm doing - and worse - in multiple ways; that's ok), because I’m super dee duper upset!

(I’ll get serious immediately after this paragraph. I had to rearrange things extensively, after what happened to Mr. Floyd.) Someone had been hacking into the Purple Guy’s home network. Purple Guy suspected Dino and his sabre-toothed cat buddy because they were clever and had locked Fred out. They probably changed the rock-paper-scissors cypher key on the front door, so they knew about encryption. That's how Purple figured it. By the way, archeological evidence abounds on this, so the science is settled, etched in stone according to Al Gore. And whoever changed the name from brontosaurus to apatosaurus was just a flat-Bedrocker...yep, in the face of indisputable evidence of Bronto Burgers and footmobiles that were unsafe at any speed, tipping over even when parked at a Drive-In. They’d supposedly been certified to withstand the ANSI standard Monolateral Macro-Spare-Rib Inertial Rollover Test, as Ralph Naderock had testified he’d found from FOIA requests.

Now, to the root cause of Mr. Floyd’s appalling suffering and death. People who fix real things understand what "root cause" means. These people deal with daily realities of real problems that must be solved definitively. They don't simply write about problems and then write their way around problems. Some of these people are auto mechanics and airframe and powerplant mechanics and electricians and plumbers and farmers (who have all those skills; yes, including metal working skills, which airframe technicians and bodyshop mechanics also need). And engineers and scientists. I'm not kissing up to anybody, as some politician would. I know these things because I've developed some skill in all of them to one degree or another - somewhat extensive skills, actually. But I've had some physical issues recently. I've liked trying to fix things from the time I was a kid. And the process of figuring out how to fix things is great. And building things too. When you're under time pressure, though, and there's a really tough problem, it's very frustrating. Especially if your job depends on it. But that's one of life's realities for people like those just mentioned - with real problems to solve. I've learned a lot about dealing with new problems and new realities in the last 2 1/2 years. That started at 9000' up. I'll tell you soon about that and about what I build and fix.

The first thing is the root cause of Mr. Floyd's horrific strangulation and death. It is the Dues Process; you must pay your dues to the legal monopoly. The Dues Process is the root of entrenched corruption in the court system. It affects nearly everything in our country. You can read about it in Hennepin County and Minnesota in general with a Google-search for Berman v. Segal, which I filed on May 18.

The root cause is not DJT. You may not like the way DJT is handling the aftermath (and I'm not saying one way or the other, at this time, and things are more complicated than Mr. Rock perceives), but that is a separate issue from the root cause. Mr. Rock is entitled to his perceptions, but if he wants a real solution, he should look for the root cause instead of grandstanding. And neither Mr. Rock nor anyone else should jump to conclusions about what "matters" to me.

One thing that matters to me was when my real physical, agonizing neuropathic pain, together with my battle against opioid addition - in my hospital bed and then nursing home bed and then after my discharge - was certified as simply a consequence of "nothing more" than an "authorized" "process." Those quotations are from a Hennepin County (Minneapolis) judge. You can read about it on Berman v. Segal. This relates closely to Mr. Floyd's tragedy, which occurred in Hennepin County.

And the Minnesota Court of Appeals essentially re-certified it by saying that lower (trial-court) judges have a blank check of "discretion" to rule any way they want. No reason or reasoning is necessary from a judge. All a Minnesota judge need say is, "I think this, and that's the way it is." That is called arbitrariness. Arbitrary means despotic. The Lipoplasm (lipidinous protoplasm) north of Seoul is a despot. It doesn't give a reason. It just gives orders. In Berman v. Segal, I described Minnesota courts as a "small circle of friends." This uncontrolled, anything-goes despotism and cronyism filters down from Hennepin courts to the police department; and the eventual result landed tragically on Mr. Floyd.

Now I want to make sure something is absolutely clear, and I will repeat this many times so as to make sure this point does not get lost: there are many good and excellent police, who are not just by-the-book but well-beyond the book in the best ways. (And I am not a so-called "bootlicker," in case you haven't noticed.) Two and a half years ago, I was literally saved from a near and certain frozen death with my body shattered. I was saved by heroic New Mexico state police and a hundred other first-responding heroes - and angels too. And I also have a personal connection decades ago to another hero. And there's more. So please keep in mind that I'm not simply anti-this and pro-that.

But I get super dee duper upset when I experience agonizing pain, ya know. And also upset when I see what goes on in a Hennepin County court and the MN Court of Appeals.

And things that shock my conscience - like seeing Mr. Floyd's tragedy - have a way of messing up my organization skills, which aren't so great anyway. That's why I had to reorganize this blog when I saw Mr. Floyd. I've never written a blog. I have a lot to say, and figuring out what to say first, then say nothing of becoming a candidate for "elected office" - takes me time. But I'm a fairly quick study. A "candidacy" was never at the top of my todo list. It was somewhere on my list around, say, hitting the ground at 150mph. If you're wondering whether I'm tough enough to be a candidate and to represent you, you can count on it.........

I may have more metal in me than — pause for honoring the immortal — Evel Knievel, and a ton of scar tissue and stiffness and mobility limitations and considerable pain and what's termed “incomplete tetraplegia and superimposed sacral nerve root injuries and right ulnar neuropathy with functional right hemiparesis,” cha-cha-cha. I still can't quite process those words, but that's me now. And many people are far worse off than I, and I can still be my daughter's daddy; so I keep on keepin’ on. Here I was shortly after I awoke from a two-week medical coma and six surgeries:

And this was nearly a year after my accident.

There are similar photos of two little girls in Texas with their daddy. He didn’t have a second chance or even stand a chance. His life ended while he was drunk and sobbing on a hotel hallway floor. My heart was indescribably broken on the floor with him and with his girls. Note to police departments. If there’s a drunk and sobbing man prone on the floor in front of you, give me the handcuffs and go to Starbucks. I am not math-phobic. I like probability. The chances that a drunk and sobbing man on the floor has an accomplice lying-in-wait with an AR are slim. It’s an unlikely pairing that wouldn't last long. And if I’m wrong, I’ve already made my peace with my finality. Those little girls in Texas with their daddy – or Mr. Floyd’s daughter with her daddy – would have been worth my risk. I was given another chance after what should have been my end. Mr. Shaver and Mr. Floyd had no chance at all. I don’t work for free, but I’m a whole lot cheaper than the alternatives.

Mr. Shaver’s life ended on January 18, 2016. This was long before DJT was in office. DJT had nothing to do with Mr. Shaver’s murder and nothing to do Mr. Floyd’s murder. Whatever you might come up with for some supposed “DJT effect” that caused Mr. Floyd’s murder, I can show you where that effect is overwhelmed by corruption in Minnesota’s courts. I’ll debate that with anyone in an open forum and without the baloney respectfully’s.

Two years after Mr. Shaver’s murder, January 18, 2018, there were emails from Ukraine, wondering where I was. I might share them with you. I have some points about Ukraine and corruption. It's the HTT, Holier Than Thou correction factor to so-called "corruption maps." “В чужом глазу соринку видишь а в своем бревна не замечаешь

if to translate it means - in someone's eye you can notice even a mote and in your own eye - you do not see a real log.” I've got UA friends and such. The biggest such log I've ever seen is in Hennepin County. But there's also this pinnacle.......


In March 2019, I went to Santa Fe to say thanks to them. About a dozen were there – state police, EMT’s, firefighters. They said ninety others, including a couple of controllers from the Santa Fe tower, went out to look for me that night. No minimum day for them. And all for me. I'll be going back to shake every hand I can. They said I was so frozen that I didn’t have another hour.

I wasn’t just making it up about prayer out there, either. I'm a "hard-nosed" science and engineering guy who readily asks questions, often dumb ones. You need to ask questions to get answers. I have never proselytized and would never do so. That's just who I am. Everyone deserves his or her privacy and private thoughts, in my view. So the above thoughts are just my own, very personal statement only about me. Question marks don't always cut it.