It is available to anyone seeking healing- physically, mentally, or spiritually, regardless of your faith/beliefs. We only ask for you to be open, welcoming, and loving towards God and everyone we encounter.

At the present time, we have no bus/healing trips scheduled - please check back often or on our Blessed Reason Trip's Facebook page


Dr. Issam Nemeh, a man trained in science, now uses his spirituality and faith to heal. People attending healing services report recoveries from a wide range of conditions. Dr. Nemeh prays with every individual who attends.

Dr. Nemeh will begin with a talk on different spiritual topics, including how to prepare one's mind for a healing. Following the talk, every participant will receive an individual prayer from Dr. Nemeh and may hear other miracle moments.

Healing services are open to everyone and anyone. It doesn't matter your religion, what matters is that you come with an open mind, an open heart. Every participant will receive an individual prayer from Dr. Nemeh and hear other miracle moments. There have been over tens of thousands of healings/miracles.

Please join us for a day of healing and prayer.


  • Expect to be warmly welcomed. Expect a day of prayer. Expect to hear an informal spiritual discussion and introduction to Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh.

  • Expect to wait. You will be watching Dr. Nemeh (and sometimes his wife Kathy) pray individually with people. Please pray for others as well.

  • Expect that you may see relief in people's faces. And you may feel the Holy Spirit's presence during the prayerful day. Expect a life-changing experience.

  • Every person is welcome to attend, regardless of religious beliefs. We welcome all people to our healing services. Dr. Nemeh who is Catholic, insists God is the only healer, and he never imposes his beliefs on anyone.

  • When Dr. Nemeh approaches you for the prayer, you may share your concerns with him. He may ask you a question, otherwise; just pray in your heart and let God take over.


published 2020

- ' The Power of God...Today ' by Christine M. Blake -

The inspiring story of how God stepped into the lives of a mother and daughter through Dr. Issam & Kathy Nemeh. Christine and her daughter Emily had sought out Dr. Nemeh for medical reasons.

God used their willingness to surrender and believe that a miracle was possible for them by not only delivering the healing they sought but also delivered with it a more meaningful gift - the gift of a deeper faith.

Since their miraculous healings in January 2019 they have made it their new life's mission to help others learn about Dr. Nemeh and how God is right here with us, desiring to heal, if we only dare ask and are willing to surrender.

Through this newfound love for God and others they have seen many physical ailments leave in both friends and strangers alike - from stage IV cancers, disabling physical and painful conditions, emotional pain and trauma, etc. The most uplifting stories are when they see someone healed turn and live their life for God in their own way.

God is moving today at an unprecedented speed to take hold of our hearts and transform our souls.

- ' Miracles Every Day ' by Maura Poston Zagrans -

The author followed Dr. Nemeh around for nearly two years and wrote about the miracles she witnessed and patient's healing stories, including the religious and clergy. Very uplifting and helps you understand who Dr. Nemeh is while explaining how he is a man of science and of God.

--“We read a lot about spiritual and miraculous healing in the Gospels and very little about it in the modern world. We all have a need for healing. This book will help you work out what healing you need.”Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of Rediscovering Catholicism and The Rhythm of Life

published 2010

What We Have Said About Our Own Experiences:

“I have never felt more connected to God in my life! I was also healed of endometriosis and gluten intolerance.” -Emily B.

“I have been healed of lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Raynaud's, and color blindness, all of which were not nearly as important as my spiritual experience of healing and growth. My heart has been forever changed." -Christy B

"It was a life changing experience!" - Nancy D. -family friend

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