Tolson H. Bell

E-mail: thbell at cmu dot edu

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization program at Carnegie Mellon University. My home department is Mathematics. I am funded by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship.

Research Interests:

  • Discrete Mathematics

    • Extremal/Probabilistic Combinatorics

  • Theoretical Computer Science

    • Randomized Algorithms

    • Approximation Algorithms


  • Tolson Bell and Alan Frieze. "Rainbow Powers of a Hamiltonian Cycle in G(n,p)" (2022). Arxiv: 2210.08534. 7 pages.

  • Tolson Bell. "The Park-Pham Theorem with Optimal Convergence Rate" (2022). Arxiv: 2210.03691. 7 pages.

  • Tolson Bell, Alan Frieze, and Trent Marbach. "Rainbow Thresholds" (2021). Arxiv: 2104.05629. 10 pages.


Mathematical Volunteering:

Education and Experience:

  • BS in Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2021

    • Concentration in Discrete Mathematics

    • Minor in Computer Science

      • Focus in Artificial Intelligence

  • National Science Foundation-funded summer research experiences

    • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (UCLA), 2021

    • Georgia Tech, 2020

    • Michigan State, 2018

  • Numerous conference presentations

  • Full CV available upon (e-mail) request

Teaching Assistant:

  • Fall 2022: Graduate Combinatorics (21-701), Carnegie Mellon

  • Spring 2021: Differential Calculus (Math 1551), Georgia Tech

  • Fall 2020: Introduction to Linear Algebra (Math 1553), 2 sections, Georgia Tech

    • Outstanding Online Teaching Assistant