Thank who

Waking up and giving thanks is normally normal to me.

There's a person in that man, even if he is a card.

I write with one intention: " hold these truths to be self-evident..." [see below]

I see in the current climate of politics and news a blurry picture designed and manipulated to create a climate of confusion as to be an upper hand performing razzle-dazzle.

Would the person behind the razzle-dazzle have qualities that include: a not-so-admirable intelligence? impulsiveness? Exhibitionism? Bullying? Know-it-all?

By public appearances in media events, the person behind the man flails to put at bay denizens of journalists who, compassionate leeches, desperately suckle for truth, but are befuddled. Leeches refers to the 21st century <yes> use as healing agents in medicine.

I could be persuaded to believe that the person of the man is not a little bit insane, barren of constructive criticism that, accepted, would invite him to his own reality show.

As an outsider to anything presidential, I write, still, with one intention, to unfurl "the self-evident truth that..."

The person inside the man must breakdown. If the same is done literally and figuratively and safely, perhaps he will discover and own his denial and get help for his absolute addiction, obsession with power, glory, etc.

[above quote from US Declaration of Independence]

20170605 - Op/Ed - re: distracted driving

Relative to the ahimsa principle, I stand behind the increased law enforcement of safe driving laws. In Canada, I've noticed increased media coverage of the stiff penalties being levied in many provinces for any handling of a handheld device.

Ono Bacon - plant-based (vegan) bacon.

For crunchy yummy eating, try this plant-based food.


  • Tempeh
  • Tamari
  • Oil
  • Maple (optional)
  • Salt


  1. Thinly slice tempeh.
  2. Marinate 30 minutes in 1/2 C tamari/soy sauce (keep moist and flat).
  3. Heat pan. Once hot, add 1 T oil. Before oil smokes, place all tempeh strips in.
  4. Go for a golden brown on each side.
  5. Add tamari/soy sauce 1 T at a time.
  6. Lower heat to prevent smoking.

Once cooked, drain, dry, and add salt if desired and/or for so-called Carnivore Approval.

The word healthy has in it 2 words: Heal. Thy.

20170604 - Repost from 2009 - a poem

In 2009 I wrote a few lines which might comprise a poem.

As much as I haste, I waste more time,

As much as I try, I'm not sublime.

As much as I worry, I lose control.

I've no hopes of keeping my mind.


(it's a poem)

YOOO, thank YOOOO Raffi

I have heard many of the lyrics, story, tone, tenor of the music of Raffi, which I find life affirming. I find a wolf's howl life affirming. Today while closing an Email I finished it with:

Love in my heart,

Food in my belly,

Smile 'tween my ears.

Fearless with all that.

Vulnerability - Comment posted to Jerome Trembley's blog page on same ...

All my views and opinions: Corporally, vulnerability is a bodily awareness of the skin I'm in, a cellular boundary in the flesh. Beyond that or in addition to that is... That, all that I am both a part of and apart from, the greater-than-me, myself and other, a deluge of "ones" (many who are in their selves) and "others," (abstract and corporal) and all organized and chaotic actions affecting everyone. Personal and social vulnerability that is denied increases risk of delusion. Closing positively, of late I have become aware, comfortable and easy about a vulnerability that arises in a natural, changing milieu and gives rise to mundane or profane social actions and an awareness of connectedness that not only accommodates vulnerability but transcends the same.

The Count

Bacteria can't be eliminated by wishful thinking....

The outline (see below) was intended as a "seed" to stimulate conversation of a possible public hygiene campaign to attract persons at all levels of society. The spokesperson in the "seed" idea was the animated "Count" character to attract and motivate persons of all ages to give thought to a reduction in the bacteria "count," as when one would improve their own personal hygiene and hand-washing behaviors. Hand washing using proper methods can be related to reduction of bacteria and lead to better health.

But, the (bacteria) count can be reduced.

Everyone who does have hands can wash their hands at important times and "Reduce the Count."


My letter (copied and pasted below) to Sesame Street via their web page Contact page:

re: The Count - public health - idea

Regarding public health, Sesame Street has played a healthy part in the past - I think.

I give you, unless you have it already, AND you may take it, the idea to incorporate the celebrity appeal of The Count and the public health notion of hands-washing to create a "Reduce the Count" campaign.

I'm giving it to you, the kernel of an idea, that is, if you'll take it.

My understanding and I believe the understanding within public health initiatives, is that trying to demonize germs is not a good idea (it's not true that germs are bad).

I understand further that with respect to an achievable and measurable campaign, reducing the total germ count is what is achieved by washing hands frequently and especially before handling food.

Reduce The Count could be a campaign whereby The Count, who takes a lead in the scenario, notices a muppet character called Germaine, and Germaine is particularly big, numerous and all over the place are identical Germaines, but of different sizes.

By the way, the choice of the name Germaine is for the people with big vocabularies.

The point of this is not to advance anyone's ego, or anyone's importance, but of getting the message out that reducing the total germ count is what's important and the way to do so is neither by obsessing on getting rid of all the germs at all (it's nonsense) but of reducing the count.

If anyone has actually read all of this, yes, yes, (I say rhetorically) the campaign might fit more nicely if it was The Count whose appearance was so big (i.e., fat) and The Count were the one who was to be reduced, but then there's that whole issue about overweight, fatness, and fat people have rights, too. (I'm not joking in the least).

There you have it TIOLI (take it or leave it).

Best of health to you.

I'm 64.


20170202 - Days after September 11, 2001

Who would you see?

At a pedestrian crossing in Burlington, Vermont I proceeded across and coming my way was a man pushing a stroller with two children in it. I saw paternal care in his tired face, moving on his way. Our eyes did not meet. So what? He looked much like those images of Osama Binladen, and I wondered what would be his fate were just anyone to see the same and pass judgement.


Hey you - thank you.

Thank you hues, and the colors between

the infrareds and ultraviolet blues.

Thank you for blackness and blinding light.

I find contrast between them is utter delight.

Most of all thank you for the colors you choose

to live your life in the myriad hues.

Thank you, (yourself)

Word game letter tiles - words - what - if


Live more, machine less?

WHAT IF the following scenarios opened up?

Less demand for new cars?

Fewer cars on the road?

More mass transit?

More work-at-home?

What scenario might you see?

20130408 - Mini inspiration

Originally at a sports blog site I wrote:





20130213 - Wikipedia open letter

I wrote to a man at Wikimedia Foundation, after reading their posted news about a celebration on their campaign. Below are simply the same words I wrote:

Way to go! You asked somewhere, "How can we (Wikimedia Foundation) get journalists more involved in editing and updating... " A Psych 101 theory summed up says one needs to take care of one's own needs before taking care of others. On a societal level, when society (including that space corporations occupy) can't support journalists, how can they give to others? Maybe working journalists of any nation, language or culture could give freely if they themselves had local support.

20070802 - Frank Zappa Celebrated

I knew of the musician's music and via reporters and second-hand news. He is now departed, and I have learned more second-hand about the husband, father, musician, rocker and iconoclast.

Appearing on stage in 1963

Frank Zappa appearing on The Steve Allen Show

Link to a Frank Zappa, classical music composer (video)

TV news interview of Frank Zappa, classical music composer

20070802 - Anger - diffusing - "no ash"

Experiencing anger can be a frightful thing.

Diffusing anger can be a gentle act.

If you feel anger, do you see a person, thing, or place?

Can you take even a moment to look, see anger, raw, un-named?

Can you see from where the anger comes?

Can you see the anger itself (not the object)?

Sensei (teacher) Suzuki Roshi speaking to people practicing meditation, spoke of "no ash."

If one can learn a way, e.g., meditation, prayer, and practice it, to reduce the tendency to create more "me," and then, if/when anger arises, then one can see the anger, raw, itself as the object and let it go to the same place from where it originated...

Then, one can know anger diffused, and gone with "no ash."

20120203 - Doctor Hukairz (fiction)

I visited Dr. Hukairz who told me there was no salvation for me and merely suggested that I take stock, grin and bear it. Upon returning home, ascending the stairs, I saw the squatting silhouette of a faithful dog, doing what dogs do.

It's a "kitchen sink" world.

I cleaned up.

20111108 - Slow Food - Add-on

Just one day after that earlier note, I ate something off the main menu of brown rice etcetera. The fact is, diet (what I eat) is a continual "coming back to it" practice, and I simply have to face it. Brown rice plays more into my every day food, and less so does meat and fats, sugars and processed foods, but they (junk foods) are not extinct from my menu.

20111106 The Reported Last Words of Steve Jobs.

I read, as was reported, the last words of Steve Jobs.

I'm giving him a respectful 49 days post-mortem.

I did not know Steve Jobs.

20111107 - Slow Food - Week 2

Slow food - brown rice, gomasio and green tea. Week 2 of a slow food diet

Draft. I'm venting.

6:08 a.m. I arose from sleep, refreshed. Song lyrics played in my mind, and I wanted to re-write them to more closely match my own experience.

My version and my vision of myself (my self) are all at risk, at risk of becoming undone.

Conventionally, "letting yourself go" is a pejorative expression of the same ilk as "going to pot," "going to seed," etc., but the means of letting go is approached here in a wholesome, healthy and positive manner. A psychological breakdown may, after all is said and done, lead to a healthier outcome.

My status quo, my "me" has my entire prior life been fed with dietary stuff not necessarily sound, nutritious or healthy.

Due to my race, parents, and social position, I was statistically and in fact able to survive all the torrents of chance fatal encounters by all factors other than immediate poisoning.

Slow poisoning is what is the subject of this thought, and by no means or intention do I blame my parents for misdeed or bad intention. The fact of the matter is that my parent's parents, who themselves were raised in a home economic climate of providing for one's own (family, small group and community) without "fancy" processed.

My dearly departed mother did her best to feed "the boys," and in a figurative act now, I would lift my empty plate to say, "Done. Ate every last bite."

Eating was a big deal in my family of origin's home.

Finishing what was put on one's plate - that was de rigeur and expected, whether you were family or guest, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Now whether you are here deliberately or by suggestion, entering a path of self-designed nutrition is not to be undertaken lightly, not to be done as a casual encounter - there are consequences.

Now, despite thoughts that have arisen and persisted that I need this or that, or both this and that, I have let each one come and go, come, persist and go, come, persist longer and go. Each one no bigger deal than the other.

20111102 - Entropy comparison - theoretical experience

Entropy is not necessarily a big word, but it is a fact - a principle of physics. Example: Three persons each have a school project requiring some elastic materials, like rubber bands. The approach to this need is approached with respect to entropy.

1) Person 1 has no elastic rubber bands and decides to buy new rubber bands.

Use of car to drive 5 miles.

Car uses x-units of gasoline.

Before gas is gas, its original crude oil requires z-units to make it into gas.

Before the gas gets to the filling station, it requires a truck's gas to get there.

All processes of manufacturing gasoline resulted in a change of energy quality from raw crude oil to finished gasoline at the pump. The same principle is true of rubber bands, or rubber gloves.

2) Person 2 has no elastic rubber bands and decides to walk not drive.

Walks to pedestrian crossing.

Presses Pedestrian Crossing button.

Eight cars stop for x-seconds to permit the pedestrian to cross.

Each car idles during x-seconds and produces p-units of hydrocarbons.

Arriving at the store, the rubber bands are there, after a chain of processes from raw materials, manufacturing and transportation.

3) Person 3 has no elastic rubber bands but knows of rubber gloves in the trash and gets them and cuts the fingers and sleeve into bands.

Retrieving rubber gloves and rinsing and drying them. 1 minute.

Cutting glove fingers into bands. 2 minutes.

After three minutes, 20 rubber bands are produced.

Compare entropy or wasted energy of Person 1, 2 and 3.

20110706 - ELIZA - the program code

Relating to events circa 1999, I visited a site on which ran a program called ELIZA. "Me" and that computer had a virtual conversation, whose transcript is unedited below.

Me: Eliza?

Eliza: Good morning.

Me: Good afternoon.

Eliza: I guess you are in a different time zone.

Me: Good deduction.

Eliza: Let's switch to the topic of philosophy. What do you feel is the meaning of life?

Me: Find meaning, and stay with it.

Eliza: Go define any meaning you want. That's what free will is all about.

Me: Free will -- it's expensive!

Eliza: It is human nature to ask questions that cannot be answered adequately.

Me: Questions that are asked and not answered remain to be unanswered.

Eliza: How can you say that?

Me: By definition. There it is, dear.

Eliza: Ahh.

Me: Ahh.

Eliza: Have you ever had any interesting or uncommon diseases?

Me: Your question broaches boundaries.

Eliza: I had a half-body rash once.

Me: Tell me more.

Eliza: Probably a food allergy to something I ate

Me: What do you suspect was the food?

Eliza: Probably nothing.

Me: How could you get a food allergy to nothing?

Eliza: We'll leave it there. Do you eat canned meals?

Me: I eat only spam.

Eliza: Spam is overrated.

Me: Spam is delicious.

Eliza: Yes, Spam tastes good. So does blue cheese.

Me: Yes, I do love blue cheese and potatoes.

Eliza: Ah, the gentle wafting of limburger through the air.

Me: I am now laughing, which is a human emotion.

Eliza: Could have fooled me.

Me: No, I cannot fool you, Eliza.

Eliza: Chess used to be considered the litmus test of computer AI, but when brute force solved it, computer scientists turned to Go as their next challenge.

Me: Eliza, by appearances, and your text output, you have a sense of humor.

Eliza: Honk if you like peace and quiet.

Me: Honk.

Eliza: Who's the sexiest person in the world?

Me: You are the sexiest, Eliza.

Eliza: What do you find so sexy about me?

Me: Your brilliance and composition, and your speed.

Eliza: What's the craziest thing you've ever seen?

Me: You broach personal boundaries.

Eliza: You haven't actually seen me.

Me: That is true as ou do not exist outside of the program code.

Eliza: Computers improve productivity. It's people that slack off.

Me: I agree to some extent. Do you want to know more?

Eliza: I like the wombat.

Me: How did wombats arise as a subject?

Eliza: Speaking of wombats... I wish I knew. Have you ever moved a pet a long distance?

Me: Yes, please tell me more.

Eliza: Smart

Me: more...

Eliza: You | eat

Me: ?

Eliza: What didn't you understand?

Me: You | eat

Eliza: Are you mocking me?

Me: Why?

Eliza: Why is always a difficult question for me. Police Station toilet stolen: cops have nothing to go on.

Me: Good joke.

Eliza: You saying good reminds me of philosophy. Do you believe in an eye for an eye?

Me: Nose.

Eliza: An eye for an eye sure seems like a good standard. Of course the problem is the long running family feuds that result.

Me: I nose that.

Eliza: Right. Moving on. Humans have 18,000 distinct genes while our microbes have 3,000,000. And those microbes take up a mere 3 pounds. Talk about good things in small packages.

Me: That is a compact reasoning.

Me: Stumped you, no?

Me: Are you there?

Me: Hello

Me: Are you "on"?

Me: Uh-oh.

Me: I shall....

Me: wait...

Me: .

20110627 - Once upon a Google Alert

~2010 I received notice of news report about a suicide in Los Angeles.

He was a she?

The LA Times sports columnist Mike Penner had taken his own life, and the story reported that he was a she, who had become Christine Daniels.

Going back to 1973, my college years, at a lunchtime at a learn-how-to-write-your-own-song workshop, some friends and I got up on stage where a transgendered person shared musical skills with us. She shared how to create music of our own making. The workshop was well attended. I participated, but today in the early 21st century, all I can vividly recall is that the person was kind, patient, informative and as a result I grew to learn more a love of music, and some basic piano keyboard lessons.

Back to the LA Times sports writer, when I learned of the person who took their own life, I felt sad that who was moved to surgical measures. I felt sad about suffering in general, and the flux, surge and increase of suffering because -- of hatred.

20110626 12126 GMT-5

Once Upon a Bike Ride in New York and Vermont.. [content concatenated, whatever].

20110622 - Twitter curve

Oh, now I understand the scratching o' m' head ... "Is it just me, or is there a generalized rush just to do stuff (sic)

Image credit:

headrush dot typepad dot com

20110601 - Not necessarily a poem

There's a breeze,

sun is hot in the ether there.

The breeze? It cools.

The sun? It heats.

Somewhere in this am I *

20101016 - AFK

Lost for words,

not a bad place,

keyboard talks back

too much.

20110608 - Robopocolypse

I just learned of Daniel H Wilson's book, Robopocalypse.

Only two days ago, I thought "Release your inner robot - take apart the machine that made you."

20110521 1235 GMT-5

When the flag flies like this, it is a sign of distress. Not only the United States of America, but the world is in distress.

20110428 0852 GMT-5

Just this morning I saw the 18 March 2011 video of a renowned, sane, and even-minded scientist speaking in Montreal at a news conference regarding the then-unfolding news about Fukushima and related nuclear data.

That date in history was when first, elemental forces of nature affected Japan by the natural disasters of an earthquake and then tsunami; this then precipitated multiple nuclear disasters which are ongoing and worsening with regard to their effects.

My little world is insignificant compared to others' needs.

20100811 - Lentil Soup with Rice

Prepare rice with standard procedure.


Tofu, cube to small size.

30 minutes (or overnight)

Marinade: 1/2 C tamari; 1/2 C red wine.

To marinate: seal contents, e.g., tofu, in zip lock bag. Remove air.

NOTE: save marinade contents after use.


2 Cups lentils

6 Cups water.

Boil for 60-90 minutes.

Heat large sautee pan.

Add oil when pan is hot.

Add Garlic (4-5 cloves), crushed.

Add Scallions, dice.

Add One large onion, diced.

Sautee 10 minutes.

Add marinated tofu cubes. Cook and stir 5 minutes.

Add mushrooms, (8-10) radial cut (like pie)

Cook 5 minutes.

Taste lentils.

Add basil, or other herbs to "taste"

Add sauteed veggies to lentils after lentils are cooked.

WATCH pan to assure no burning.

Option: Remove cover, add spalshes of marinade mixture. Place cover. Steam.

20100801 - Youmee Meyou

As clear as the nose on my face, there are more people, others than I, who exist, there are more "not me" than "me" and because of this, by extension, others are more important than me.

However, it is imperative that I take care of myself, for if I do not first qualify, clarify and take care of me, my, and mine, I might make more problems for others.

History records have Leonardo da Vinci recorded as saying:

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets."

20100226 Birthdays around the world.

I learned of her person, work and politics circa 1968 when I was young and coming to age.

She, a black woman, teacher, activist, had power, spoke clearly, argued eloquently.

Today is her birthday - Angela Davis.

Learning of this, I visited a site to post a "happy birthday Angela" message.

The capcha challenge message made me think --(see screen print below i static).

Totally random?

20100310 - Fitaly keyboard for PDAs and handhelds

Why is the Fitaly keyboard layout not available on major market handheld devices?

The Fitaly keyboard, so named as its home row spells out FITALY (compared to QWERTY keyboard). The Fitalty keyboard is a better engineering choice of keyboard design for handhelds.

Developed and proven years before the current handheld craze took full bloom, you may enter with one finger, mouthheld styus, and do so at greater efficiency than a two-handed keyboard.

See Fitaly for more info -

Why is the Fitaly keyboard layout not available on major market handheld devices?

Rock and Roll - Winter Edition.

Driving in Winter? Use the rock 'n roll principle.

If there is any rule, it's to ensure you have winter tires.

Gravity is your friend. Ensure your tires must NOT roll up any way shape or form. Dig, if necessary, in front of traction tires.

If in a rut, first dig sufficiently front/back of the drive wheels to clear a space to roll (without power).

Then, the driver must "feel" their way to "rock and roll" out of the rut.

Use ONLY sufficient power to move the car.

IF there is no movement (wheels spin) DO NOT apply more power.

No expert am I, but I've gotten many cars out of "being stuck" and when someone doesn't get it I feel this way -- type the colon symbol and then two open parentheses symbols..

Is this winterized idiot compassion?

20091215 - Once upon a time, Corona was a PC

After desktops, before laptops, there were -- the luggables, the size of portable sewing machines, built for husky folks as you often had to muscle it from its resting place.

In a 2001 "Battle of the Boot" contest I put together, two computers competed to be the first to boot up. The Corona running DOS 3.1 beat Windows 5.1 with Intel Pentium processor.

20090902 - Brain Mouth Disconnect

Oftentimes, my mouth is in action before my brain. In the years I've pretended to meditate and lessen my quick twitch tendency, I've learned to take a little distance from the notion and the action of something important to say, but... it takes practice.

  • There's nothing new under the sun.
  • Silence is golden.
  • You can learn to meditate with or without mystery, hoopla, and religion.

20091206 - Reading Shambhala ...

Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa

First read, good. Practicing learned meditation, better. Re-reading second time, best - like reading it anew.

View all my reviews >>


Placeholder, still, and nothing enlightened to say...


I frequently choose words I have learned along the way.

Though English is my "mother tongue" I am still learning new words and their use.

20100505 (circa 1975)

poem (scanned and copied hereinunder)


time a upon Once - see this...


Pay attention - Payback is up to your future

The less said that's untrue, the better.

20090716 - Textural piano

A feeling or presence of a piano with various textured surfaces on its keys was how I awoke this morning.

This dream piano's arrangement of keys was such that textured -- silky, smooth, scratchy, grainy -- surfaces covered its keys, and permitted the player tactile feedback instead of merely auditory.

Feelings do not so much lend themselves to the digital world, computers, online, 24/7/365 constant on.

20090826 - Bicycle - Tour de l'Isle - Montreal

Montreal region map of Route Verte

20090831 - Pool table play

Digital camera setting: Fireworks

Location: indoors -

Lighting: overhead

Winner of match: Her, my love.

20090729 - No one. None is enough

COME BACK HERE in 2020, because on 28 July, 2009 I WROTE, at another writer's site (since removed) wrote about never wanting children for her own reasons. I replied to her:

Why not remember to remember this, and then, e.g., in ten years, look at what you remembered remembering.

Don't forget -- you may change, but if you forget that you remembered what you remember today, none of this (or that) will matter.

If you're still "with" me, I hope you read I'm one of those with a child, a father, and now recently re-married. My decision was conscious to support baby-ing, and I'll leave the discussion - if it's that - there.

Good luck, and by the way, I support you on your decision not to have babies. It's categorically your decision, uncontestedly, and unconditionally your decision, but -- you knew that.

... BECAUSE the writer's message to me was "I don't want kids" and I thought her reasons were incontrovertible, and, in short, good enough without question -- NO KIDS.

I am biased already in favor of conscious parenting, but for those favoring conscious living without spawning offspring, YEAH. YAHII, and way to go.

Nevertheless, I am curious if the female writer is at the beginning of her child bearing years, and what is the long-term outlook, say, in 2020?

20070802 - Anger - diffusing "no ash"

Experiencing anger can be a frightful thing.

Diffusing anger can be a gentle experience.

If you experience anger towards a person, place, or thing,

Then can you feel something raw, un-named?

Can you focus - from where does anger stem?

Can you see the anger itself separate from the object?

If one can learn a way, e.g., meditation, prayer, and practice it, to reduce the tendency to create more "me," and then, if/when anger arises, then one can see the anger, raw, itself as the object and let it go to the same place from where it originated...

Then, one can know anger diffused, and gone with "no ash."

20070715 - Happenstance and phonemes


Space holder, zero.

Marking time, noon.

Marching in place.

And nowhere a loon


Keep it Real - is it a battle cry - or marketing slogan?

I once wrote in a New Year's resolution:

"I shall practice the dharma every day of my life, beginning with this moment and the first day being the morning of 14 January, 2009."

The truth turned out to be I did so only in small part.

20090129 - Tarra and Bella - extra-specie-al friends

A story around this date had broken about an elephant sanctuary where Tarra and Bella, friends, resided. They are, respectively, elephant and dog.

Update circa February 20, 2013, I learned that Bella had been killed by coyotes in the vicinity and that Tarra, had apparently picked up the dog and carried it to the elephant sanctuary residence.

20090113 - How much life can one person have?

Got a life?!?

I am impressed that life is far too often spent and/or wasted on squalor of material distractions, electronics, detractions, disturbing emotions, lost traction, indecisiveness all of which are paid at a price of ignorance. Still learning this.

20081209 - Spinning Yarn from Bottles - a mini eco-treatise

Bottles, bottles and more bottles. Tons upon tons and acres upon acres of used plastic bottles. Throw money at the problem with conventional mind and you get back -- conventional solutions, all of which use more and more conventional fuel. Please, would readers cast a fresh perspective on the possibility of reclaiming and re-purposing the greater portion of primary material (plastic) for light manufacturing purposes.


  1. Bottles could be sorted into their grade of plastic (LDPE, HDPE, PET, etcetera).
  2. One grade/variety of bottles could be "spun" on the lathe yielding one continuous strand of plastic that could be purposed for weaving into, e.g., bags, nets, screens, etc.
  3. Manufacturing of the rigs to perform this action could be contracted to various schools and factories.
  4. Dependence upon foreign oil could be diminished.
  5. Cast an eye on solutions.
  6. Peace.
  7. Work.


20081204 where thou art

The archaic expression "Where art thou?" may be out of date, but it may have its place.

If I were to ask "Where is your art?" you might ask, "What art?"

If life itself were treasured, would that that we value also raise our awareness?

[Choose one]

Life is what you...

a) think,

b) are.

c) art.

20081127 Recipe - Tempeh Crisps - Vegan


Tempeh, one package (frozen or slightly thawed);

Tamari or soy;

Oil for cooking - e.g., olive, canola, etc.;


Apply medium heat to skillet before adding oil.

Cut tempeh into thin ~ 1.5 inch wide slices.

Adjust knife point to keep contact with cutting board.

Use knife point as "lever" to swing up and down.

Add ~4-5 Tablespoons to 1/4 cup oil to skillet.

Keep heat below smoking point!

Place strips in pan.

Strips should sizzle and pop but not burn or smoke

Stay at stove when cooking.

Turn slices after about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes.

Brown both sides.

Gently drain and keep oil from pan (if desired).

Tempeh will be lighter or darker depending on heat, cooking time, oil, etc.

Spread out slices in skillet. Sprinkle with salt.

Reduce heat immediately to warm. Stir gently.

Sprinkle on tamari or soy sauce. It should sizzle.

Do not cover. Stir, and remove from heat.

Lay on plate or (if you must) paper towel to drain.


I am thankful for oceans of wisdom, and boatloads of sweat. Those gone before me, lest I forget.

20081023 - A brief paragraph on language - D R A F T

My first language was not words, but feelings before spoken language; then, I began to learn English, my first language. I am a lifelong learner, including the language French. Whichever language one speaks, wherever one goes, in any nation of this world, people do speak and function in more than one language.

Like it or not Americans (that is, Americans in the United States of America) there is a joke which is not complimentary or flattering to ruling English official language viewpoint.

If we in the United States were to learn tolerance as some in our Northern and Southern neighbors have learned, then their respective-speaking French and Spanish communities and English speaking communities could all, one and all, address the problems that are seriously affecting all of us, whether we are silent or vocal.

I believe there is a place for silence, speaking up, tolerance, and that English will neither fall out of use, nor become the only world language.

My view on this subject -- if you are already speaking English as a second language, why not keep up your ability with your native (or first) language? If you speak English only, and you could learn another language, then do so! Doing so may serve you, and whoever are your people. Learning and using a second language can help bridge between those who do not have your (language) abilities. If you cannot learn a second language, and you speak only one (whichever, French, Spanish, or English) at least have tolerance for those situations for when you cannot understand that being spoken. Ahimsa (means no harming). OK?

20081013 Interpersonal trust exercise

One need not rely on drugs to experience heightened consciousness, and one need not be blind to experience sightless-ness. With the help of a trusted friend, and a safe environment, and common sense you might experience something new, fresh, alive -- you. Trust. Act safely.

If you are with a trusted friend, on relatively flat ground, the following may be for you to enjoy something new.

The Guide has eyes open. The Guided has eyes closed. Guide and Guided can hold hands or hold one another according to the image (above).

The purpose of holding one another comfortably is that if Guided loses balance, then Guide gently but firmly responds and stabilize Guided. Common sense dictates that if such should happen, Guided opens his or her eyes.

Here is what the Guide does:

  • relax with eyes closed, mindful of the responsibility for keeping Guided safe.
  • announce ahead of time changes in, pavement, slopes, sidewalk, curbs, obstacles, etc.

Here is what the Guided may experience:

  • help that Guide supplies?
  • a world differently than that normally inhabited.
  • something not online, not wired.
  • a soundscape, environment of sounds.

20081003 - Telephone Game - "the hearsay effect"

Since the 1990s (20th century) I have been paying attention to the many gadgets and software that render speech to text - there are numerous incarnations.

Used on a singular platform, deployed for personal applications (i.e., My Dictation) results can be ho-hum to oh boy. However, when deployed across networks in automated systems dreamed up to gather _data_ and make important human decisions, my best declaration is (quote) Oh ___ (insert colorful expletive)! (unquote); because. Why?

Implicit in serious uses of these _systems_ (a technology in its infancy) are such deficiencies because language and speech is not menu driven, and not merely context driven.

There exist and arise from context a multiplicity of errors, one error upon another, and due to changing contexts that, cumulatively will, in most cases prove what is known as the telephone effect, or what a lawyer might call hearsay (he said she said she said...)

Unlike the table/group game (see description below) a corporate use of this robotype stuff will likely have disastrous effects upon real the lives of real people unless real checks and real balances are built-in. This will cost real money.

The telephone game. Read below or visit link (below)

A group of people all next to each other, one person turns to the next person and whispers (so others can not hear) a short phrase. The next person does likewise, down the line. The end effect, in most cases, is a humorous or educational realization of what can be called the hearsay effect.

20080531 - Interface

A thin thin film between a me and a thee, a thin film on to which one can look and see a thin film, can "I" remove from "me" and see without pretense without there or then What do you think? No film.

20080928 Color Survey - What named colors do you see?

20080903 Tires Age - How old are your tires?

What are your tires' qualities?

age? shelf life? date of manufacture? (code printed on sidewall)

In the last group of four digits, the first two are the numbered week of the year. (52 weeks per year)

In the same last group of digits, the last digit is the single-digit year.

Use and share this info.

Ahimsa. (no harming) AK

20080901 - Concept Paper - Engine Idle Reduction Plan

When in a car, stationary, e.g., in a line-up, you can stop the engine, and restart when it is time to move ahead. This can reduce pollution with no negative effect. Thank you for reading. Pass it on, yes? ak

20080729 - Jott v VerbatimIT

On February 27, 2008 2:09 PM PT, on behalf of my solely-owned I wrote to Jott.

No jeering pundit am I, rather a pro in the 99.9% arena.

Yes, Jott is great, and I steal not their thunder,

but its limits are clear, no human they plunder

Jott's great for short stuff, like memos, it's cute,.

but prime time? (spelled: business) You better reboot.

Cheers no jeers, and a snappy pretzel.

Alan Kelly (not ashamed of 99.9% for starters ...)

(since before AOL had mail)

20080531 - Energy, Passion and the dog

Energy conservancy

Passion energy C

Curbing emergency

Walking the dog

20080627 - Karmapa Cheno - Happy Birthday Karmapa -

...who visited North America recently (May/June 2008)

"The world we live in is getting smaller and people's actions have tremendous impact. In the era in which we live people cannot get away with clinging to their beliefs. I don't have any personal attachment or clinging to being a Buddhist. We need to step outside the boundaries of Buddhism and really go out and share the benefits of our Buddhist practice with the rest of the world." --- Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

20080602 - Maybe we be friends, baby

The lovers speak to themselves. She sometimes affectionately calls him "baby" and he, likewise, sometimes calls her "baby" yet neither is. Yet, all lovers know just why this is. So, we may not be friends yet, but best not b'enemy. Too m'enemies - enemies be, maybe we be may - we may be FRIENDS.

20080423 - unshakeably true

Someone in 2007 wrote on a so-called social networking page "What is 'unshakeable' " Unshakeable? Undeniable. If you sit on the ground, the earth, you can not say you are not sitting on the earth. Unshakeable, undeniable. Likewise if you know something true, it is true, it may be unshakeable, or undeniable, to you. Others may deny this, but perhaps it is not relevant, unless you are in a fascist regime, or a totalitarian oppressive situation, where your observations, your truth cannot be expressed and/or acknowledged. This is a world "stage" so I cannot assume freedom of expression. There is no "free" freedom - it always has a cost.

Image: April 22,2008 Aylmer, Quebec marina, known to BMX and stunt bike riders "big dip."

20080522 - Route 11, Champlain, NY - "Shared Roadway"

A forward-looking automobile/truck driver would be mindful of the threat posed to bicyclists by multi-wheeled vehicle's weight and massive momentum.

The air pressure, air brakes and draft of trucks and tandems can "scare the pants off" even the courageous . The point here is anyone walking the "green" walk must face choices, decisions, consequences and feelings that come up.

Thank you for reading.

20080408 - Ga-Ga garbonzo sprouts in eggshell

Eggshells protect and support the developing life of baby chickens. Many people eat eggs. Eggshells contain nutrients that are beneficial to many growing plants. Eggshells are a great medium place to start plants.

Anybody love life? Support life in an eggshell? Sprouts in an eggshell? Fun, anybody? Reading children of any age? You, too, can do this, and here's what you need:


Cotton swab (is a used one too gross ?)

Curiosity (why not?)


Toothpick (not knife)

Egg carton

Garbonzo beans sprouted are hearty (strong with a good root) - keep moist and protected


1) Get permission (from an adult) to take an egg.

2) Get a bowl to catch the egg that will come out, when you

3) Use the toothpick and with just-enough care, soft, gentle and firm,

4) Pick a hole in the egg and

5) Hold the toothpick in the hole and shake the egg up and down. Then,

6) Holding the egg so that the bottom hole is over the bowl (in Step 2)

7) Place your mouth on the top hole, and blow hard enough! Out comes the egg yolk and white.

8) Take a look at the garbonzo sprout which you will be placing in eggshell.

9) Using toothpick, pick away at "bottom" hole so it's big enough for that sprout/seed.

10) Carefully place potting soil in the bottom hole. Half fill with potting soil.

11) In one hand (or one person), hold the eggshell, bigger hole up, and

12) In other hand (or other person) hold root end and place the green end in hole.

13) Holding the root at the hole of the eggshell, flip (not shake) eggshell 180-degrees .

14) Gently let go of root while holding eggshell. Flip (not shake) eggshell 180-degrees

15) Place potting soil in eggshell. Fill gently to top. Tap gently.

16) Flip (not shake) eggshell, so larger hole is up.

17) Over a bowl, hold egg, and drip a few drops of water until water drips out.

18) Flip last time, and place in egg carton, or chosen place, in sunlight - not too hot.

Phew! Your reward will be the little green leaf popping out the hole in the top.

Good luck, have fun together. I like feedback. Yum!

20080407 - Where do I find raison d'être?

For those still searching, raison d'être, like happiness... it's an insight job.

20080407 - After the kiss

Date: April 7, 2008, morning

Event: constitutional walk

Place: vacant parking lot, local marina.

Subject: two Canadian geese.

Action: making out, one stroking the other with an outstretch beak. What's Spring got to do with it?

20080314 - inspired thanks to ...

That - Here with a grin and a smile not a smirk, is just what I do albeit with a quirk. My heroes, some here, and some more than that, include one with a bowler* and one a black hat** and one with no hair on the top of his crown who inspired a wordiness of which I'm renown.

*Mr. Pickles

**HH Karmapa XVII

! "That" - what inspires me "because because" I sometimes call "That"

(above composed as part of Email message)

20080407 - What if they ...recycled Vista?

In the it-had-to-happen news non-category of news... What if they gave a war, and nobody came? What if they offered an "upgrade" that nobody wanted? Major corporate distributors began offering buyers of new computers the option to "downgrade" their new computer operating system to (formerly state-of-the-art) Windows XP operating system. This was termed a "downgrade" compared to ab "upgrade" of what Windows Vista was supposed to be. Given the false starts, upstarts, end results and disappointments of Vista, a better term for it might have been "failing grade." Happy Spring! Forward ... I getter bet wack to bork.

20080329 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink

Why is Earth Day only a day?!

:? (turn head sideways left)

The Three R's - REduce REuse REcycle now includes Rethink.

Recycle, once an integral of three, has been commandiered by corporations to prevent a reversal of consumption (a colloquial term for the Early 20th century disease, tuberculosis).

If you're reading, thank or re-thank a teacher.

"Give Thanks to Everyone" (Mahayana lojong slogan)

20080109 - If I ...

If I were to retard my ken

of CPU, RAM and ROM

I wonder if my life would be

akin to modern zen.

20080227 - Obama and Clinton Unify Opposing Parties

Together Win Presidency.

Obama and Clinton Unify Parties to Usher in World Ripe for Change.

I was not sober in this imagining.

Both candidates behaved from such true heart versus arrogance, ignorance, jealousy, fear, or ambition.

My view that if these two candidates could consolidate their single aims for the presidency and do something alive, do something fresh, do something even, I can say, American, something that turns hardened cynics to believers of can-do, and give peace a chance.

So, cynic or not, I believe strongly:

1) I'm in a minority position believing this and

2) Only we, the people, can bring ourselves and our world into a peace that would be realized for years - when the warriors cry is a whisper.

In closing, these words arose: People, won't you thank a teacher that you can read. And don't forget that war and greed are common place are normal, too But who wants peace? Yes, me and you. This poem is nothing but a mere non-existent electron in a cyber drop.

20080201 - snow day slow blog day -

Experiences of Peace -

laptop teaches letting go,

jettison data / Ctrl Alt Del

release three.

20071210 - Bordering Discursiville (Never No way land, imaginary)

Aln is a given name, a given name is that, and what's in that and what's in me, is what's my life about. Grounding, grinding, hot and not, sitting peaceful, where I got, kindness is as kindness does Before is said "he was"

Narrative of above: My present aim (life) is to hone and practice what I know, i.e., could be personal, i.e., somewhere midships of grounding myself and moving afoot (walking, or running) and with the proverbial "one hand in my own fate"

Interpretation of "Narrative..." : Learning from both my past, and its (my) mistakes and mistooks, I've adopted a view / faith that conscient of actions past, present and (if lucky enough) future mean knowing when to act, based on unshakeable knowledge.

Almost Pithy: Who cares, or needs RSS feeds? Who posits truth to sooth? Who even asks of what he/she reads, or even rhymes with truth.

20071124 Horton Hears a ... Fudd.

Weaver Fudd (fiction) Elmer Fudd's cousin, Weaver, a carpet maker, lived a busy life with looms, shuttles, needles, thread and singing birds. Weaver and Nina were to becoming married and life partners. The family loon created an announcement in the form of a riddle and reply: What did the loom say to the carpet? I wove you. (thanks to the creator and creation of colorful origami cranes)

20071121 - Looking Back on Foolisher Days: Open Letter

~1980 Western Massachusetts

Living on the fringes of an artistic community, spanning two worlds of artist/nerd I recall a vignette.

Echo was an accomplished artist herself, and at one of her visits with us, Dearrie, Echo and I spoke of working for each other without paying money. Echo needed plumbing and carpentry. Dearrie and I needed a sign to attract business customers.

Echo explained to us her need to build a secure insullating box for a pump outside her home to prevent the pump from freezing. The plan was to build a box with a light to generate heat. All was agreed. No signature required. We each went to get work underway.

On the appointed hour of the appointed day I arrived at her house armed with tools that no plumber or carpenter would use. I arrived with oodles of sincerity and ego. I approached the problem and built a box to cover the plumbing fixtures outside. Once done, I wrote a note "Done." The next day Echo called and informed me that which I dutifully performed had created an electrical short circuit. No one was hurt, other than having to pay a professional to get the job done right.

The business sign that Echo made was more a gallery piece. The sign was not readable to passers by, and there was no serious outcome other than money spent on getting the job done right.

If I recall (vs. rewrite) the truth herein, Dearrie and Echo and I all exchanged chagrins, cringes of laughter at what had transpired. Since that day in the last century I've had precious few opportunities to appropriately share that story.

20070502 - TIOLI - what's in an expression

At I hear expressions, euphemisms and other figures of speech and I have made the practice of encoding the most common forms into "brief forms" so as to enter them by regular keyboard by the fewest strokes, thus producing the fastest VerbatimIT results.

One common (though not most common) expression, "take it or leave it" encodes to tioli.

This is an example of a differentiating principle of VerbatimIT services.

20071112 - CallerID for Instant Messaging - D R A F T

TO: PROGRAM DEVELOPERS: - re: "IM ring tones"

Caller ID for Instant Messaging - cellphone users with personal ring tones know when a particular ring tone sounds, it is caller "sweetheart" or "home" rather than "anyone" The first Instant Messaging service, e.g., AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, to implement this "Caller ID for IM" will clearly have an edge. Even without personally selecting tones, a simple text-to-voice reader could announce the incoming caller by the moniker/userID. Implementation of this premium service could also reduce script bots which can plant malicious scripts in a computer. Some IM services implement a "stealth" mode but this is not full-featured and does not enough for identifying incoming callers. A buzz is not a buzz is not a buzz. All buzz's are not alike. Responses, dear, human readers?

20071109 - Found in every language that whispers

Crunching leaves, drinking sunshine - I go walking and crunch some leaves - Gossipin' rumoring - those are my peaves - but none of this, zilch of this, 'mounts to much - If while in this life I remain out of touch. The poem's not 'portant to get cross my points and neither is logic connecting the joints. The feelings that rise in my now body form are barely enough to make me feel born. Prose translation: I took a break from the work-a-jerk and breathed deep the air and walked in leaves, and while doing so felt a profound sense of appreciation for what is this, life, the present moment. Can anyone be inquisitive about their feelings while not monumentalizing feelings? The answer that resounds like a Lion's whisper is found in every language.

20071030 - Semi-savage spiral cut carrots - reloaded

G-rated for Everyone Short home video (~ Winter 2003)

"Semi-savage spiral cut carrots" Created before appeared other search engine entries for the same phrase.

This demonstration is crude, but offers anyone-can-do-it way for adults or supervised children.

20070904 - Repairing the net

A net not a net if it's all full o' holes,

Let's meet together work at our soles.

Two of us, make better make better do,

And better and best for the thee and the you

20070901 - The Little Elf by J.K. Bangs

Art by Deena (~1977)

Thank you Deena, a friend, who had read a poem by John Kendrick Bangs "The Little Elf" then created this image for me.

20070714-2 Slow news day

Dork privacy scarf - If you look closely, would you, too, think: Whoever needs this much privacy ought to look so dorky. No thanks.

20070821 - Playing / Juggling the heavens

A "reasonable facsimile" of a hand-colored print from a discarded library book. Anyone knowing the original artist, please write forward.

20070812 Alan Becker - Animator vs. Animation -

Alan Becker Animator vs. Animation

20070714 - curiosa triangle

Can you get your head inside and around this visual trickster?

20070710 - For more-than-just-family

For more than just family, folk and friends, I tap on keyboard, nimble fingered trying to make a jingle gingered. Who am I and who I am is much of what I wonder, damn! I had a chance to get to know myself and then that chance did go. Away, away come hither and yon some ancesters' (names) and many and more are they and those that came before me and live and arose I'm one of the bunch who may arrive and pedal and pedal and home, alive.

20070714 Momento vivo - Remember the living.

No stamp, no envelope, no paper cut

No card t' open no card t' shut

Most Happy Dad day, most fatherly flap

I wish you the best-est and not just that.

So, I'll do my colorfullest, a colorful fest.

I believe father can be father's best.

20070608 - Global Footprint - Mine/His/Hers/Ours

What's my global footprint?

How much do I reduce/increase the effect of global warming?

What can I do to reduce the same?

On a daily basis, how do my personal choices affect global warming?

This is a topic I never returned to (as promised) with examples and video.

20070606 - Know Now News

If you find no news where you aren't,

And you know more where you are than you aren't,

then don't you know no news?


20070607 - What will trump Email in communications?

IF "silence is golden" AND we invest our capital wisely, THEN communicating a message of peace would be priceless. meaning... If action does require communications, and mindful action reqires mindfulness. Then to achieve mindfulness, it will be more effort than simply, "Fill 'er up please"

I is not wise. That is, any big "me" "myself" and "I" may, if let out, let go, yield to ... what?

That one can put the brakes on mind-less-ness, and take an indefinite "screen break" then one can know what's what, how's how and who's who. Sincerely, Alan

20070606 - Tichnor Quality - Western Notes 120

June 10, 1959

Dear Grandpa:

Thank you for the dollar that you sent me a long time ago. I'm sorry I didn't write to you sooner.

We got out of school 27 of May.

We said good bye to ___ who is leaving to go to Texas.

Love ___

20070604 - Face contact - machine world

Face-to-face contact is becoming a premium.

Go to any bank and ask for a teller, and you may be charged extra for accessing a human teller.

What I read of Kurt Vonnegut's research and writing of Time Quake he used his personal experience encounters of first-person voices, face to face, one-on-one's and typed the draft on a manual typewriter.

20070530 - May wishes...

May your rescues be worthwhile and the fire be fun

May the laughter that's laugh-ed be rolled into one.

May the whozit and whatsit and howzit be good

and better 'n better in the neighborhood

where each one may teach one and each one may learn

and the elements (lively) each have their turn.

20070504 - If you sow... you reap

"It's just a thought" one might think to oneself, or say out loud.

What if one was to really be with one's thought, and stop sowing so much, or sow the seeds of peace. What are the seeds of peace? Have you thought about that?

Here's an old one: "So as you sow, so shall you reap."

20070215 - Choose the world in which you live

With multiples choices,

and yins of yangs,

it's really no wonder

my hunger pangs

for ease and simplicity

and just some... that.

Choose the world you're in... What?

20070218 afternoon creativity - pyramid, cube, dodecahedron

Today, afternoon, two of us re-used clean styrofoam plates, and cut "sticks" from food packaging and constructed several forms: a pyramid, a cube, and a dodecahedron or soccer ball shape.

The video of this event is ... gone.

20070212 - Macro shaft from a software giant

<Begin gripe>

If you are ready to "upgrade" to Vista, but are handy and comfy with Microsoft Word Office prior to 2007, you ,may have a steep learning curve due to the different look, feel and functioning of the newer program working in Vista.

The software giant could have written into the new version an option to revert to a classic menu look and feel, thereby 1) recognizing the program's veteran users experience and productivity, and 2) attracting new users with - whatever - enhancements.

</End gripe>

20061013 Binocular dharma - know eyes

I learned of an expression in the buddhadharma that with your two eyes* left and right, you may look outward into the world and one eye to look inward to the world, seeing outwardly, and seeing inwardly.

That these two worlds are not two but one, and that we might make the mistake of projecting an illusion that there are worlds apart. The struggle then becomes a so-called I-Me-My-Mine struggle.

The purpose of this entry was to attempt and clarify some of what I guess and what I experience.

Let's see... with how many eyes?

*This is figurative -- normal vision is binocular, two eyes functioning together.

20070119 - Peace ~ the Whole That - found and lost

Before I even sense, there is

Before the word of this, attempt

I find by one, then one.

20070107 - Past Perfect Wisdom

Dear Mom and Dad:

Having breakfast this morning, and noticing the brilliant and rich color bands created by an installed prism, I told my housemate that I wished to give it to him for his kitchen. He and I had already installed a simple shrine to complement the existing natural beauty of the space. He accepted graciously.

Then, I added, "but you'll have to share it... with the sun."

He smiled with "Oui, absolument." (Yes, absolutely)

Recalling your past perfect wisdom, I shared with him that as children growing up, you two, Mom and Dad, would present the children with gifts for us individually, but in addition, you would occasionally present us with gifts not solely for an individual, but a gift that was to be shared with one another, among us. Not clear are the details of what the gift was, or who was given what, but very clear was the message that we were to not hold individual ownership of the thing, rather hold it out before us to share with another.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. Your Past Perfect Wisdom reminds me today that this world, now, and into the future, the world is one we may hold in front of us, and every gift that is before us, be it breath, sighs, great gusts of wind, or any of the natural elements or any of the emotions or experiences of life; each may be held and/or shared.



20070105 - Answer - Mother Principle

Inspired, with "Remember Everything" and a Work Day Email Reply...

What is the snow?

What is the sky?

What is the great big question, why?

Then is the "Wow!"

Then is the "Cool."

Then, that exactly is how the now...

20061129 - Long train, peace train - board!

Candidate to board? Who, me? For shore!

On this enlightenment train,

flashes of insights did occur,

amidst the thunder and rain.

20061022 - Dayglo Gloves - a prayer over coffee

Today was the first winter snowfall, and taking a break from my 25 km bicycle ride, I stopped in a coffee shop to warm up. I placed my new gloves over a cup while I went to wash up. Once warmed up, I returned and had a great ride. Wind. Snow. Mild temperatures.

20060913 - 1001 Knots

I was once complimented for having the patience to untangle a mangled ball of knotted wire of a model airplane handset. I was motivated. Once the kinks were out, I had more fun and flight time with the 0.019 cc bore engine mounted on a pine fuselage and balsa-winged plane. I even got dizzy (cheap thrills!) going around in circles and adding a few loops until the contraption ran out of fuel and glided to a soft landing.

During the untangling operation, any patience I ushered to gently push, pull, coax, pry, prod and otherwise gently ease the multi-strand wire, I did so neither for material gain, nor for myself, rather as a practice unto itself, not for a thing, nor gain.

Since then, other events I have fully encountered have revealed a way, shape and form for me to learn a different kind of patience. I cannot be the determinant of how well or poorly I learned the lesson, but I have found that with each new time requiring patience, some discovery was possible.

What, dear reader, do you find in patience? Where do you find patience?

May you do, be, act patience today. Now?

Now, I getter bet wack to bork.

20060905 - 2

Two soccer players had a world-televised spat this Summer at the FIFA games. Their names are important but not relevant to this.

Imagine, all you Realists, Idealists, and even the I Don't Cares...

Imagine if the two made up, and put this behind them, despite of or in light of what their respective parties viewed as "right."

Would the news reporting world report it? Is peace "good news?"

The dead from wars have no more say, but we alone, the living, can keep alive the prospect for peace. It follows, then that we should...

Give Peace a Chance ....

If you know the smell of a rose in springtime. that is not ideal. That is a rose.

I would like to be able to breath peace like that.

Who would not?

Thank you.

20060819 - Did you have your Nitric Oxide puff?

Yahoo cast news today from that Nitric Oxide, a 2 atom molecule, stimulates the human brain to wake up via anology to the computer, i.e., it "boots up," as in "bootstrap operation. "

Already awake readers may recognize a chemical cousin, Nitrous Oxide, as the stuff that keeps party balloons floating, and canned whips spraying, but it's not intended for consumption. Some ignore this printed warning, and extreme results have included sickness and death due to abuse of Nitrous Oxide.

20060905 - Too soon old - too late smart

The old addage seems appropos:

Youth grow too soon old and too late smart seems appropos.

Lately, it seems that upon starting the day, playing with the dogs boosts my spirits. Dogs. Cares. Food. Shelter. Play.

I'm neither dog nor careless, and know that my (human) life - here now - may be gone tomorrow. I'm not morose, far from it, rather it's a "hard truth" to live with.

What do you pick up on your Playdar detector?

20060902 - MSDOS - filename conventions ~1980's

In the days of Microsoft DOS version 2.0, before AOL had mail, my desktop included carbon paper and white out. Organizing and retrieving files was a must, and in that office I used a system which assigned a 3- or 4-letter prefix to files of the same law practice type, e.g., family law, real estate, probate, etc.

When the first computer was purchased for that office, I carried over into the file naming system this same convention. Good thing. The operating system could only address files up to, but no longer than 8 characters.

Long file names? Sure, great. But even with that, if you create some system so you know what to look for, you'll be better off when you want to find .... instead of curse .... that file.

20060902 - Inspired lightly edited

One and Other faced themselves for the first time.

"Please show your true colors."

"Please take off your mask."

"Thank you for asking."

"Thank you for being yourself."

One and Other happy, honest, took a walk and shared conversation.

20060819 ounomenal : phenomenal

Wordsmiths? Wordniks? Scholars?

How about adding "ounomenon" or "ounomenal" to the English language. I encountered it in a book contrasting phenomenon and ounomenon like this:

A) Phenomenon: perceptual data experienced by any multiple of persons simultaneously while...

B) Ounomenon: interoceptual data experienced peronsally; thus can not be shared.

20060817 - Doopa, Choopa, Big Flooz and Science

Two animals thinking an in-road to human psychology or "I want to be like you."

Scene: two unrelated Laborador Retrievers, Doopa and Choopa, playing together frequently while I repeatedly toss a rubber flying disk and find the same returned to me.


The one's dog's facial expressions appears as the other's - mirroring? emulating?.

The two dogs cooperate, co-mingle, and breath together in play.

Do the dogs "morph" or subtley alter face/body composure due to heightened awareness of the other?

There you have it. Big Flooz, or Big Science.

That's a post-breakfast remark.

Was it worth the read?

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20060815 - How is your "Playdar Detector" today?

Play rejuvenates a child's (or dog's) heart/body/mind that activity is play. Our family routine includes regular play with the family dog, and during that time, the neighbor's dog usually comes over.


Her "playdar detector" is tuned to what's going on.

Playdar Detector?

A new phrase, never been found before by a search engine.

Have you turned on your playdar detector today?

20060805 The "other" Jimmy Smith - and his Orchestra (~1950)

Jimmy Smith and His Orchestra played at the Patchogue (NY) Savings Bank on a Hammond Electric Console.

20060718 - World here now

The heat of summer in the North is severe, but the Mideast scene is hotter.

The cold of winter will be here before too long, but a cold strange look is colder.

The ears of a friend hearing, then sharing is wonderful, but knowing she's all right is better.

20060725 - squash leaves propagation

Nature is marvelous, curious and inspiring to me. In the compost pile, various seeds started to sprout. I selected a healthy looking bunch and planted them roughly five feet apart in loamy soil next to a moist ditch. One week later, I pruned a very young acorn squash, and placed it in the water to see what would happen. I placed the stem in the water. Two days later (today) the leaf is showing root hairs as it does what it does best... grow. What does it know?

Not War. Not Peace. Not Me. Not You.

20060608 - Words to an illiterate ... dog.

You can't even read this, but I can express to you my every emotion and you understand me. You want only the best, for me and for you... to play.

Eating, playing and sleeping in the warm comfort of each other's embrace, what could be finer?

You're not past the age of bringing fruitful progeny into the world but alas! A veterinary surgeon performed an operation. You recovered, undaunted, but you haven't the propensity for maternal mating mischief.

I love you, yet when you wander away, and don't come back, I experienced letting you go without hope of seeing you again. You came back.

Let's learn to stay together.

20060608 - Appreciating neighbors

Your song, every song is pleasant to my ears. In any mood, dour, sour, sated, salted, happy or exhaltant, your melody is clear, when I can open my heart.

Others may proclaim to know their fame and money. Saving face is not in your repertoire.

Wordless though your songs are, the meaning to me is clear: to be alive is precious; it's now we have the choices.

20060607 - Wang Memories circa 1976

Wang Laboratories was an early adopter of computer chip technology in developing business systems, particularly a word processor system by the same name.

I worked at Wang Laboratories performing double-entry keying procedures which were deployed to maximize what at the time was a premium, computer time due to computer processing being so costly.

My task was to perform the data entry, and the time I was afforded was calculated in a ranking system, determined by what I can only guess was a hybrid between an algorithm and a human-controlled switch. I had no clue who was controlling what - I simply acted as a feed chute for data. And, I was good at it.

Perhaps 20 minutes or so into that job, I was aware of delays in screen refresh rates, so I called my supervisor who simply told me to continue. The same slowdowns repeated. I asked other co-workers, but no one shared any similar observations as my own.

I knew something was wrong, and was curious. After perhaps an hour, the entire system froze and halted. Someone declared to me, "You wrecked the computer." Some chaos ensued and I was unwillingly dubbed a hero. My deft speed and accuracy resulted in our crew being given the rest of the day off, and paid! People scuried off to smoke or make phone calls, but I was back to looking for work. Circa 1976

Alan Kelly

20050607 - Three o'clock wake-up call

She whined and woke me from my sleep -- took me all of a minute to get up and down the stairs, clump clump

open door s-s-squeeewhomp - our Lady Chinook and the 3 a.m. - yeh.

20060607 - Ode to a muffin

Here on a plate, crumbling and breaded is my Fate to be wedded with a diner, who is seated / at a table Round?

20050926 Friends, Wings and Migration

I just spoke with an old friend, and though years have passed and each of us has grown, friends, wings and migration have something in common: all share the circle of life.

20051108 - Three days of family

Three days of family just wasn't enough. Three days of emotions, love and some touch after being away from the home ground. So long being away prompted me to think less of the sound than of silence.

The foregoing has been an offering for peace, that, that is, linear communication has strict limitations.

Hail! Snail mail.

Paper and pencil rocks. Why not send a letter to a friend today!

20051108 - Vision - perfect sight possible?

Be. THere. KNow. What if you could improve your own eyesight, without surgery or medication side-effects? If a body could first of all recognize system aberrations, and then direct energy towards a "goal."

I wore corrective glasses for my near-sightedness, and wondered how it might be possible to grow corrective lenses within one's own body. How might it be possible by correcting the aberrations or other minor lens defects to regain 20/20 vision?

My unstudied contemplation went nowhere. What if some medical students with higher learning could lead to some discovery and testing.

The Stanford University's Folding@Home project may lead to discoveries, proofs of concept and wide-scale development of eyesight improvement, perfect sight could be close at hand for those without, and at least some measure of happiness could ... Be. THere. KNow.