Define: Drunkless




  • life in recovery; spiritually fit
  • without alcohol or drugs; free of mind/mood altering chemicals
  • sober; not drunk, high, or otherwise altered by addictive traits from alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, food, cutting, etc. (mental, emotional, physical)
  • mindful, present, and able to clearly think and discern reality from non-reality.

"I need to become drunkless."

"I've been drunkless since September 21, 2013."

"I live a life of choice, I live drunkless."

"I've been drunkless my entire life -- I abstain from [alcohol/drugs/gambling/etc.]


  • being alcohol/drug free
  • living life and learning to cope with co-occurring disorders and co-addictions.
  • make or become drunkless ("aka: sboer") after one drinks alcohol, uses drugs, or otherwise alters their mind or emotions

"I'm drunkless."

"Only time, hard work, and spiritual connectivity can truly make her drunkless."

"The handcuffs seemed to turn him drunkless very quickly."

"Those handcuffs drunklessed him right up." (No? Pushing it here, are we?)

synonyms: quit drinking/using, dry out, become sober, stop harming oneself.

"I should get drunkless."


[drunk*less*ness] - noun

  • the state of being drunkless

"My level of spirituality compelled me to maintain a certain degree of drunklessness."

ORIGIN:, of course! :)

When I began this journey, I was isolating in my home, wondering how I was going to remain sober the rest of my life. I knew I had to have something to do, something with purpose, something that mattered, and something that would hold my interest long enough to stay dry. But I also knew that just being sober wasn't good enough, and that I had to live in recovery or I would indeed fail. As I pondered this thought, along with my concept of blogging, it occurred to me that I needed to be "drunkless." I snickered at the new term and continued writing to my counselor, but the word never left my mind, so I began speaking it out loud. After hearing the word roll off of my tongue, the definition and purpose became quite clear.

It proved a concept to me that I'd learned early in recovery:

Our thoughts become words.

Our words become actions.

Our actions become character.

Our character becomes light -- or darkness.

Drunkless. I hope this little light of mine can help you see the path to yours.


Scott Shepherd