August 5, 2020

Online, remote, or in-person, we're here for you!

The school year begins!

We know there are a lot of different feelings as the year gets started. Please know that we are here for you; we will meet you where you are emotionally and work from there. We will do our best to keep you safe, while providing the best education we can.

This Cadence includes:

  • Fall Schedule

  • Remote Learning v. Online Learning Program: Overview

  • Max-One Full Registration Notice

  • Official Smart Music Logins

  • Fees Notice

  • Fundraising Kick-Off: Friends of TFB, we need your help!

Fall Schedule

Due to the combination of fully online students, students in school, and remote schedules we have altered our typical fall schedule to accommodate as many situations as possible. We know that individuals may have issues that may cause them to be late and we of course will be flexible and understanding in those situations. Please communicate with us if you have any issues. We will adjust if it becomes necessary. Also, our schedules are based on whats best for the learning of a show in marching band, whether it be split sectionals or the full marching ensemble, AND managing the use of spaces at FHS. Thank you for working with us on this (see a link to the calendar at the end of the Cadence).

MONDAY Winds 4:15-6:45, Percussion & Guard 5:30-8PM

TUESDAY Winds & Percussion - 4:15-6:45, Guard 5:30-8PM

THURSDAY Full Band - 5-8PM


SATURDAY CAMP DAYS 9-5PM, at most. Specifics and times may be reduced or changed based on the events (which are all TBD)

Remote Start/Online Learning Program

What does this mean?

Your Band Directors have your backs! We've been planning all summer long for the potential of online course offerings and will send out more detailed information to each individual class. Know that we will meet for every class, and also give you asynchronous learning opportunities (aka time to play your instruments not staring at a screen).

Remote Start/In-Person: Schedule to be posted by Franklin High School (typical 8 period day). Counselors are working around the clock to finalize schedules; if you have an issue after Friday, please email your counselor and CC both band directors (, This Friday's (8/5/20) Half-Day Schedule:

  • 7:40-8:19 1st period
  • 8:25-8:48 2nd period
  • 8:54-9:17 3rd period
  • 9:23-9:46 4th period
  • 9:52-10:15 5th/6th period
  • 10:21-10:44 7th period
  • 10:50-11:13 8th period

Online Learning Program (OLP): Schedule to be communicated by WilCo OLP via video by Thursday evening. Mrs. V is set to teach all FHS students enrolled in the OLP. If you believe you are in the incorrect class or if you do not have Mrs. V on your schedule, please email Mrs. V ( and your school counselor).


1) download this app:



2) Here is the athlete code: [go to Team Management > Settings > Locate the “Athlete Code”]

3) Enter in personal information to login

  • Height and Weight is optional

  • Parent email and phone number is strongly encouraged!

4) You should see Independence Band as the team name

5) Change your profile picture so I know that you have logged in


  1. Create a parent profile OR if you already have one, login to your existing parent account.

  2. On the welcome screen, click the link that says 'Create an Account'

  3. Now you have two options

    1. If your athlete has NOT already signed up for a MaxOne account - create their profile.

    2. If your athlete is already registered, click the 'My Athlete is Already Registered' link

If your athlete has an account you will be prompted to enter their login and password to confirm the account and click 'Link'.

Smart Music Login

ALL WIND PLAYERS need to be in smart music NOW!

2) Login or make an account (use your wcs myplace)

3) Join a Class with the codes below.

Marching Brass 2020 43ZTL-3AVXQ

Marching Woodwinds 2020 JHMEH-YWCHK

Fees Update

We are now more able to concretely see what our expenses and expected costs will be this fall. The Booster Board will meet this week and vote on a final amount due in addition to the $250 fee for the season and that amount will be sent out next week. Thank you for flexibility here!

Join the challenge below!

The Friends of the Franklin Band’s inaugural group of generous corporate and family donors supported The Franklin Band’s 2019-2020 season to the tune of more than $30,000! Thank you to all who participated.

We’re excited to announce the kick-off of our 2020-2021 campaign with a 30-day Friends Challenge. Between today and August 24th, we’re on a mission to beat last year’s total!

How can you help? So many ways……

  • Ask a business you patronize to support the Band through Friends. Potential impact: if every current family brings on board just ONE corporate sponsor at the First Chair Circle Level of $250, The Franklin Band will receive $50,000! Of course, the corporate sponsor also benefits, based on sponsorship level (see attached support levels).

  • Ask your employer to become a Friend of the Franklin Band – same corporate benefits apply, based on sponsorship level.

  • Think of civic organizations and foundations that may offer grant opportunities – in addition to our corporate and family sponsors this past year, the Band received generous grants from the Franklin Noon Rotary and the Delek Fund for Hope. If you have suggestions for civic and/or foundation support, please contact Mary Ann Smokler, Friends Coordinator at

  • Volunteer on the Friends committee to reach out to potential sponsors, families and TFB alumni.

  • Post on social media – ideally multiple times – during the 30-day challenge. Our friends, neighbors, and families want to support our hard-working kids – they just need to know how! Take the opportunity to tell band stories, show pictures, and talk about what TFB means to your child and your family.

  • Finally, we realize this is not an ideal time for many people to make personal donations, but if you are in a position to do so, please join the Friends of the Franklin Band in honor of your band student and sport your Friends window decal proudly. Family gifts can be made as a one-time donation or through a monthly bank draft or credit card charge – for as little as $5 per month. NOTE: This is a great way for grandparents and recent graduates to participate!

Attached is the Friends form that you can share with others. Also, supporters can always visit our web site for more information on last year’s donors and how to participate in this year’s program -

We all know how hard TFB members, directors, and staff work to make this a great experience for our students – the more we are able to generate financial support for them, the less they have to worry about doing more fundraising to accomplish the great music education and programming we all want and have come to expect.

Thank you very much for your help by supporting The Friends of the Franklin Band!

~ Mary Ann Smokler

Flag Install Days


July 4th – Independence Day LOW BRASS + Extra Volunt.

September 7th – Labor Day ALL CLARINETS + MELLOS

November 11th – Veterans Day TRUMPETS + SAXES

May 31 – Memorial Day COLOR GUARD + FLUTES

June 14th – Flag Day PERCUSSION

Every Family of TFB is expected to help install Flags on 1 of the 5 holidays listed above. If your assigned day does not work please go ahead and sign up for a different day. Thank you! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Parent Photo Share

The Franklin Band uses Shutterfly to share photos that we take throughout the year, beginning with Band Camp! Here’s how you can have access to this FREE site, from which you can digitally download the pictures you want:

Go to

Click on Not a member? Sign up.

Complete the form, including your own, new password (you make it up)

If you don’t want to get promotional offers from Shutterfly, deselect the bottom of the white box.

You’ll get a message that says you need to be invited by the group owner to join the group.

Click Ask, and complete the form to send us an email.

We’ll approve, and you’re in!

We are The Franklin Band

If you’ve been around The Franklin Band for even a short time, you know that we’re a family and that we take care of each other. We also take pride in representing and giving back to our community. Now, perhaps more than any other time, we are reminded of how our individual health and safety affects the health and safety of everyone around us. We ARE in this together.

Everyone has done an outstanding job adhering to our safety protocols during all rehearsals so far. As we head into the school year, let’s be intentional about continuing those safe practices. Let’s also remember to use the same good habits—including masks, social distancing, and hand washing—OUTSIDE practice times. We don’t anybody with TFB to get sick and miss out on any time with the band this season, and we certainly don’t want to spread the virus or risk an early end to our season.

Let’s renew our commitment to be safe and take care of each other!

TFB Directors' Calendar

Please reference the TFB Directors calendar for all dates and times. If you click on any date in the calendar you can see the times and a link to the specific itinerary for those days. We ask that any and all foreseeable conflicts be communicated to the Directors at least two weeks in advance: