July 14, 2020

Band Camp & Beyond!

We are on our way!

Thank you, parents, for trusting us at every step as we work to create a national-level experience with these kids. We sometimes wonder why the movies like the Goonies, Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, Hunger Games, and more, have teenagers as the central characters who save the world. In part, these adults who make these films are harking back to a time in their own lives when they felt like they could take on the world. That couldn't be any truer than right now, when these kids are coming together to march onward through an uncertain future. That is what truly makes a champion.

Remember that in moments of disappointment, it is important to acknowledge those feelings then take stock of what makes you grateful. No matter what events get "Covid-Cancelled", we will move forward with ingenuity and grace. Diamonds are made only after intense heat and pressure, and are brought to the Earth's surface through multiple volcanic eruptions and plate movements. We are going through this moment in time, right now. We are being challenged to our core. When we get through this moment together, we will be an even stronger Franklin Band.

Note: For Thursday and Friday rehearsals this week (7/16, 7/17), we are asking woodwind/brass players to bring a snack (e.g., apple) and dinner (e.g., turkey sandwich/carrots/orange) AND A LAWN CHAIR. Remember that we need to fuel our bodies well, especially while in marching band - the healthier the better.

Band Booster Zoom Meeting: July 13, 2020


We commit this to every family: We will follow all guidelines with an even greater scrutiny, abundance of caution, and with complete transparency.

  1. For all wind and guard performers the 20-21 marching band and class rehearsals will be strictly OUTDOORS. We will only go indoors, with masks, and spread throughout the entire school building, due to lightning or a downpour.

  2. Our drill will be 6ft apart or greater at almost all times. Pass Through's, which occur when drill is in transition and two forms mesh for a short time, are inevitable. However we are designing the show in such a way as to where these are more limited, incredibly short in duration, such that we do not have to stop and stand in one during rehearsal, and where students could use their show masks during performance.

  3. Masks are in the show! - We will have a turtle neck, "buff"-like fabric that matches both guard and band uniforms for students to pull over their faces during rehearsal and during the show when they are not playing and/or closer than 6ft in a moment of performance. This was DESIGNED into our show from the start back in mid-March.

  4. We will be using prepackaged food throughout the season for all meals. When/if we order pizzas, parents, wearing gloves, masks, aprons, and face shields, will place the food into separate food containers for students. Members are asked to bring a large (1 gal.) re-usable jug of water to each rehearsal (if in a pinch, an emptied/washed out jug of milk works fine). These water jugs will be re-filled throughout rehearsals in accordance with WCS policies.




3-ring binder with music in sheet protectors & paper clips

The latest updates to warm-ups and show music


Gloves (brass)

Filled water cooler/jug – wide mouth 1 gallon size – the larger the better

Waterproof sunscreen/sunblock and hat (apply in morning and bring some to re-apply)

Dot book with shoe lace (unless you are in the front ensemble)

Hand sanitizer

Lunch (or dinner on Monday) and extra snacks if you need them (use ice packs in a well-insulated bag)

Lawn chair! ***** NEW (or towel/yoga mat) to sit on during breaks and lunch/dinner

Rain gear (weather dependent) - Large garbage bag to wrap back pack in for the rain

Extra Pair of Shoes

Band Camp Map 2020_TFB.pdf

Band Camp Presentation

Band Camp Parent Informational Meeting_2020.pdf

Download MaxOne

The band will now be moving to the district approved software called MaxOne. Please check your email for information on how to set up your account.

This will become our MAIN APP for fast band communication with students and parents. Please go ahead and download the app below from your app store.


  • Quick communication in case of a change. (buses are arriving late or early, rehearsal cancelation, important reminders.)

  • Student Logs of practice hours and audio/video submissions of work.

  • Calendar synced with rehearsals and events for reminders.

  • A catalog of band training videos/resources and guides for music, spinning, marching.

Uniform Fittings

Uniform fittings will take place DURING rehearsal on July 9th, 14th, and 16th.

Only new students, any student who did NOT get refitted for the spring break trip, and those who think their size has changed will be fitted.

Band Banquet

Please join us (over the internet) to celebrate our Graduated Seniors (Class of 2020) on Friday, July 17th at 8pm. We are broadcasting the event live so all of our TFB family can watch safely from home, without gathering any large group immediately before Sunday's Graduation Ceremony. For security reasons, an email will be sent by this Friday to all current and graduated seniors (Class of 2020) with the Zoom link.


Bands of America has reached out to us about testing a streaming platform they are working on for the fall! This Thursday and during band camp they will be working with us to broadcast the band live! It will not go nation wide yet as it is in preliminary phases as they test it out. They will be broadcasting with their office in Indianapolis. They have picked us for this new project because of our bands great relationship with Bands of America and our status in the marching band world. Go TFB and BOA!


Please reference the TFB Directors calendar for all dates and times. If you click on any date in the calendar you can see the times and a link to the specific itinerary for those days.



July 4th – Independence Day LOW BRASS + Extra Volunt.

September 7th – Labor Day ALL CLARINETS + MELLOS

November 11th – Veterans Day TRUMPETS + SAXES

May 31 – Memorial Day COLOR GUARD + FLUTES

June 14th – Flag Day PERCUSSION

Every Family of TFB is expected to help install Flags on 1 of the 5 holidays listed above. If your assigned day does not work please go ahead and sign up for a different day. Thank you! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Regulations from WCS (same as last week)

Williamson County Schools works with the Williamson County and Tennessee State Health department to make decisions for all activities. The procedures below are the key differences:

Group Rehearsals:

  • Groups of 50 students may be outdoors if supervised from a distance 10’+ (depending on age and activity) or 1 adult may be lead a practice of 49 students.

  • Multiple groups of 50 could be active with an adult rotating between groups, providing that distance is maintained.

  • You could likely do an outdoor rehearsal with FULL BAND, as long as you create enough space between individuals and groups. (6’ between individuals----10’ between groups)

Mask Use

  • Keep masks on when individuals are within 6' of each other as the general rule unless otherwise noted.

  • If for some reason individuals have to be closer than 6’, then limit the time of that interaction.

  • *Close Activity w/o Mask: Per the TN Pledge regarding non-contact sports and sports activities, beginning July 1st WCS will allow intermittent close contact between two students without a mask while participating in school and athletic activities. Examples would include a tag in baseball, pass-through's on a band field, choreography and blocking in theater, spotting in weightlifting, jamming at the line of scrimmage in football, pick-and-roll in basketball, etc.

Summer Busing:

  • Buses may be obtained for July activities as needed and approved by the principal. Health screenings should occur prior to riding the bus. Masks are recommended on bus transportation, but may not be required with physical distancing.

Masked: On the bus, students are required to wear a mask when within 6' of another individual. When seated together, no more than two per seat with hand washing or sanitizing before and after transportation with windows down for maximum ventilation.

No Mask: On the bus, masks are optional if students are seated 6' apart. In this scenario, students are seated one student per seat and seated every other seat with windows down for maximum ventilation.

Open Venue:

  • WCS is still considering July 6th as the first day to allow our campuses to be used as a venue. Examples would be for facility use, fundraisers, performances, etc. All events must follow the state and local guidance in place at the time of the event. Currently, this would include 50% capacity of the space or auditorium, families seated together but physically distanced 6’ from the next family, masks required upon entry and when within 6’ of a non-family member, cleaning of high-touch areas when individuals are moving around the venue, and consideration in keeping the flow of traffic in one direction. The state guidelines on venues can be downloaded here:

Water & Meals:

  • Avoid group water stations. Have kids bring their own water cooler. No sharing!

  • When possible, students should bring their own meals and drinks to campus.

  • If boosters provide meals, food should be offered only as pre-packaged items.

  • A plexiglass barrier should be established between the workers and guests as food is being distributed, and those distributing food should be masked.