November 3, 2020


With the election results looming around the corner, remember that how we treat each other and work together in our communities is what is most important. Here we have the most control of our experience and that of our children; we have done pretty dang well with this and should feel a sense of pride in the midst of societal uncertainty. It is important to remember that we in The Franklin Band share the same core values. We are family. We are here for each other. We will always be here for each other; remember to treat one another with compassion while holding true to our core values and your personal values. We need each other and we need our community to achieve great things in life.

Thank you for your trust, flexibility, and commitment to The Franklin Band Family. From virtual learning to in-person learning, from isolation days to community performances, and everything in-between, we have successfully made it through the season! We did this, in large part, due to our Senior Leadership. Because of their relentless determination to have a season and to lead their peers, The Franklin Band was able to provide a service to our community and to provide a community for our family.

And now, we move forward with our Winter Season! This includes Concert Bands (Freshmen Band, Symphonic Bands, and Wind Ensemble), Jazz Band, Chamber Ensembles, Percussion Ensembles, and Winter Guard. There is no off-season at The Franklin Band; we continue to pursue excellence in character and excellence in performance with compassion and understanding!

Core Values

Community – The community in which we live and our own community within Franklin High School shape who we are, and we shape those communities in return.

Excellence – Employ a positive work ethic on our steady march toward excellence.

Enjoyment – Students should enjoy their band experience, their friends, their musical activities, and the processes involved with them.

Inclusivity – Be a “big tent” organization, serving student of various abilities and backgrounds.

History – Value and reflect on our past while being innovative in new endeavors.

Engagement – The wants and needs of our student, parent, and community stakeholders are important to us.

Advocacy – Be advocates for music education, in neighborhood chats and in discussions with policy makers.

Versatility – Be well-rounded in what we do, but with a strong foundation in concert literature.

Challenge – Create an environment that challenges students and promotes personal growth.

Stewardship – Be good stewards of our resources, both personal and financial.

Veteran's Day Parade

We WILL be participating in the Veterans Day Parade. We are in direct contact with those that organize that event. Right now we only know 3 things, and they are important for you to know.

  1. The hours will be between 9:30AM-1PM on November 11th.

  2. Students may ONLY ride the bus or be driven by a parent. No students will be allowed to drive themselves to the event.

  3. The parade will be on Harlinsdale Farm.

Flag Installs

TRUMPETS & SAXOPHONE FAMILIES! Your day to install flags is fast approaching. Please take/share photos and have fun on your team as you set out flags in honor of our Veterans here in Franklin, Tennessee. Please register through the link below if you haven't/


July 4th – Independence Day LOW BRASS + Extra Volunt.

September 7th – Labor Day ALL CLARINETS + MELLOS

November 11th – Veterans Day TRUMPETS + SAXES

May 31 – Memorial Day COLOR GUARD + FLUTES

June 14th – Flag Day PERCUSSION


Every Family of TFB is expected to help install Flags on 1 of the 5 holidays listed above. If your assigned day does not work please go ahead and sign up for a different day. Thank you! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP


Thank you for your help! We benefited from a profit (details to be released in the next Booster Meeting) because of your help with the raffle. The winners were Karen Omer (a TFB Parent) and Joann Barros (FHS Attendance Secretary)! A huge shoutout to Cyndi Grasso, Melissa Wooten, and Jeremy Smith for their help with the raffle.

Online/Remote Learning

Anyone who is unable to attend in-person school is invited (not required) to attend Mrs. V's synchronous Online Band on M/W/F from 9:30-10am. Please email Mrs. Vogt at for the Zoom Link.

Mid-State Registration

If you would like to register for Mid-State Honor Band/Honor Jazz Bands and you DID NOT sign up during class on Monday (in-person), please email Mrs. Vogt at with your name, instrument, and grade. Then, place the registration fee of $10 p/instrument in a sealed envelope with your student's name/instrument/grade and place the fee in the locked mailbox located in the band room by Thursday (Nov. 5th). Your student should also check off their name from the list posted on the mailbox.


Hook Photography will be working with us for our Senior Night/Community Performance.

Jace Hook is a very talented alum who takes fantastic photos! We will be having photos taken during senior presentation as well as an orderly process for pictures directly after the performance.

Photos of seniors with their parents during the presentation are FREE

Additional photos by Mr. Hook made by request on site through the process will be: Section Photos, Senior Group Photos, Individual Uniform Photos, Action Shots of students during performance.


Digital Download Pricing: $20 for the first Photo, $10 second photo, $5 for each additional.

After the event you can reach Jace to get your proofs and order by email:


No one is required to purchase or use Mr. Hook's service to take pictures. However, we will not allow other photographers on the field. Jace is certified through our district to interact with our students. He is providing a professional service like that of our Bands of America experiences.

TFB Directors' Calendar

Please reference the TFB Directors calendar for all dates and times. If you click on any date in the calendar you can see the times and a link to the specific itinerary for those days. We ask that any and all foreseeable conflicts be communicated to the Directors at least two weeks in advance: