October 5, 2020

A note from Jacob Wittmer

Hi Franklin Band! My name is Jake Wittmer and I am a third year member of the Franklin Marching Band. These past three years have been filled with some of the most exciting and challenging experiences of my life, and I owe it all to the marching band. When I joined in 2018, I could’ve never imagined how much it would change my life. In middle school, I started off by playing the French Horn, which was great, but I felt like it was missing something. Soon I was introduced to the mellophone, and I was hooked instantly. Not only did I enjoy playing it more, I could also be a mellophone player in The Franklin Marching Band. The prestigious band seemed very daunting at first, but after joining, I found myself in a community full of the most hard-working and friendly people at Franklin High School. I wholeheartedly believe that every kid should join the marching band and create some of the best memories of their lives.

While I knew this season was going to be challenging, I could’ve never anticipated what would happen. This past year, we were hit with a global pandemic that has completely changed our way of life. Along with this comes the unfortunate cancellation of marching band competitions, which many thought would end our season. However, if you take a drive over to Franklin High School, you’ll still see the band practicing as if it were a normal season. Mr. Campos and Mrs. Vogt have done an excellent job at giving us hope and allowing us to continue our season. While implementing social distancing and masks, we were still able to work hard and get an entire show on the field. Cut From Carbon is a perfect show to represent this season; the band could’ve run away in the face of unprecedented obstacles, but instead, we stayed determined and became a shining diamond.

Out of the three years I’ve been in the Franklin Marching Band, I’ve never been more proud of what we’ve accomplished. In tough times, we’ve shown determination and created something that will never be forgotten. We still have a lot of work to do in order to finish the season strong, but I’m so proud of the perseverance we’ve exhibited so far. Have a great Fall Break everyone!

Thank you to all involved in preparation/volunteer work for Concessions/Parent Performance/Tailgate/Movie Night! All events went very well in that they provided our students and families with a sense of community. To all families of a TFB Member, your love for these students Saturday afternoon was palpable. Thank you for supporting them and for being a large part of our community.

Enjoy the well-deserved rest of Fall Break while maintaining your health. We need each and every person well-rested and healthy when we come back for the last month of our marching season!

Schedule of the Week(s)

TFB Schedule 10_5_20

TFB Raffle

The Franklin Band is happy to sponsor the annual 2020 raffle and give away up to five cash prizes!

Tickets are $20 and a maximum of 2,500 tickets will be sold. ONLINE SALES ONLY!

One prize for every 500 tickets sold - up to five winners will be drawn (only one prize per person). Maximum cash prize is $7,500 - minimum cash prize is $1,500.

This fundraiser is vitally important to the success of The Franklin Band and we can’t do this without the support of our Franklin Band Parents and families. Since we are doing Online Sales only, we are asking EVERY FAMILY to virtually sell at least 10 tickets.

We have analyzed past raffle ticket sales and have determined that it only takes an average of three transactions to sell all 10 tickets. Your friends, relatives, co-workers, favorite merchants, doctors, dentists, FHS Alums and TFB fans are all just waiting to hear from you. Just ask 3 people and you may just virtually sell all 10 tickets!

How do we do this? Just Ask! Have Fun! Promote on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Text. Share TFB posts! Send an email to your entire contact list.

Print out the Raffle Info Poster on our website and post in your office, favorite restaurant, coffee shop, neighborhood common areas, etc.

Let’s all work together, make this a team effort and ensure that we have everything we need to be the best Franklin Band that we can be!

Questions? Email Cyndi Grasso -


Complete the Survey Below

Click the link below to fill out the survey for each child in the band. This is needed to see how many buses we will need and to get permission forms from every family for the march-a-thon events. Download the form and submit as a scan in the form as well.

Thank you!




The WilCo Illness Guideline below is still in place.

The TN Health Department has taken over all contact tracing from the school/state. IF your child(ren) must quarantine, the Health Dept. will clearly communicate this. In order to return to school and/or practice, you must be released by the Health Dept. and show documentation of this release to one of the Band Directors.

One Franklin Community

Core Values

The purpose of The Franklin Band is to enhance the growth, maturity, and experience of all Franklin High School students.

We embrace the following Core Values to help us achieve our goals:

  • Community – The community in which we live and our own community within Franklin High School shape who we are, and we shape those communities in return.

  • Excellence – Employ a positive work ethic on our steady march toward excellence.

  • Enjoyment – Students should enjoy their band experience, their friends, their musical activities, and the processes involved with them.

  • Inclusive – Be a “big tent” organization, serving students of various abilities and backgrounds.

  • History – Value and reflect on our past while being innovative in new endeavors.

  • Engagement – The wants and needs of our student, parent, and community stakeholders are important to us.

  • Advocacy – Be advocates for music education, in neighborhood chats and in discussions with policy makers.

  • Versatility – Be well-rounded in what we do, but with a strong foundation in concert literature.

  • Challenge – Create an environment that challenges students and promotes personal growth.

  • Stewardship – Be good stewards of our resources, both personal and financial.


Based on this information the restructured band fees will now be the amounts below:

$50 - Due September 1st

$20 - New Mask/Uniform Accessory Fee. - Due Sept 1st

$50 - Due October 1st

Mask Fee and the Mini Camp fee were due on September 1, 2020. Thank you to those who have paid and are keeping their fees up to date. For others, please remember that these fees can be turned in to the Frebels Mailbox in the Band Room, be mailed in to the FHSBB, P.O. Box 1371, Franklin, TN 37065 or parents can pay online through PayPal (a small fee will be added for using this option).

Also, please review your student account in Charms to look at your statement and see what fees have been paid and what is still outstanding. If there are questions about how to sign into your Charms account, please contact Suzanne Ward (and enter her email address here). With questions about your fees, please contact Melissa Wooten ( or Larry Sanborn (



P.O. Box 1371

Franklin, TN 37065

Parent Photo Share

The Franklin Band uses Shutterfly to share photos that we take throughout the year, beginning with Band Camp! Here’s how you can have access to this FREE site, from which you can digitally download the pictures you want:

Go to

Click on Not a member? Sign up.

Complete the form, including your own, new password (you make it up)

If you don’t want to get promotional offers from Shutterfly, deselect the bottom of the white box.

You’ll get a message that says you need to be invited by the group owner to join the group.

Click Ask, and complete the form to send us an email.

We’ll approve, and you’re in!

Flag Installs


July 4th – Independence Day LOW BRASS + Extra Volunt.

September 7th – Labor Day ALL CLARINETS + MELLOS

November 11th – Veterans Day TRUMPETS + SAXES

May 31 – Memorial Day COLOR GUARD + FLUTES

June 14th – Flag Day PERCUSSION


Every Family of TFB is expected to help install Flags on 1 of the 5 holidays listed above. If your assigned day does not work please go ahead and sign up for a different day. Thank you! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

TFB Directors' Calendar

Please reference the TFB Directors calendar for all dates and times. If you click on any date in the calendar you can see the times and a link to the specific itinerary for those days. We ask that any and all foreseeable conflicts be communicated to the Directors at least two weeks in advance: