How close are you to building your course?

Here are a few resources to get you started.

And others to help you along the way.

On this page you will find lots of resources to help you with your online courses as well as video production, video software tutorials and other resources you may need when creating your course. There are several PDF cheat sheets you can download and even a few of my YouTube videos all with helpful tips.

Geeking Out On Videos & Tech Is My Jam

Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, Thinkific

What's the difference?

Online Course Creation

Brainstorming Made Simple and Easy

Video Production Workflow

Using Trello

How To Make A Lower Thirds

In Canva

Royalty Free

Video Background Music

How To Use OBS

Open Broadcast Software

Online Video Recorders Review

Loom VS Soapbox VS GoVideo

Ways To Use Videos

In Your Onboarding Process

Blur Faces and Objects

Video Editing Pro Tip

My Favorite Trello Board

Steal this Idea!

Transcribe Videos To Text

The Why And How Of Subtitles

How To Add A Manager

To Your YouTube Channel