Course Packages

Are you ready to share your knowledge?

Are you ready to reach more people?

Are you ready to serve your clients on another level?

It sounds like you are ready to build an online course.

All of these packages are designed to get your course launched in an efficient way without confusion, the wasted time and the technical issues that can come up during a course launch. You will have a road map with steps to follow and I will serve as your guide during the climb to the top of the course launching mountain.

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Launch In A Month

Best Package

For A Starter Course

Does this sound like you?

"This is my first course and I want to just get this out but it is so overwhelming. I need help getting organized"

  • Up to 1 Hour of Raw Video Footage To Edit
  • 1 Month Launch Schedule

Busy Boss Package

Best Package

For A Spotlight Course

Does this sound like you?

"I have made a course before but it is a lot of work to do on my own. I need some of the tech tasks taken off my plate"

  • 2-3 Hours of Raw Video Footage To Edit
  • 2 Month Launch Schedule

Boss Package Plus

Best Package

for A Flagship Course

Does this sound like you?

"I am going for the big launch. It's all hands on deck. I am ready to hand off the video editing to a professional."

  • 2-4 Hours of Raw Video Footage To Edit
  • 2-3 Month Launch Schedule

All video packages come with...

A Personal Project Road Map

Creativity Consulting

Accountability Deadlines

Tech Consulting, Support & Service

I walk hand in hand with my clients through the entire process.

All Packages Can Be Customized By Request