B+ Team

Kids Helping Kids Fight Cancer

Be apart of the Rocking Revolution

It's time to sign up and get rocking. A B+ team consists of a group of students, faculty, staff, alumni, members of the University of Texas at Austin community, and Rock-A-Thon supporters who raise awareness and funds to fight pediatric cancer. Individuals & Teams can choose a commitment level and set financial goals, which will be displayed on the team page. Check out the Responsibilities and Perks of becoming a B+ Team!


  1. Create a B+ Team Page: Make a team page and set a financial goal. We recommend a starting goal of $460 for the 46 kids that are told they have cancer every school day.
  2. Rock at the Event: At the event, one representative from your organization will rock for an hour.
  3. Fundraise: During Rock-A-Thon, you will have a fundraising booth to run while your rocker is in the chair. Additionally, you are encouraged to fundraise before the event to reach you goal. Ideas are listed down below.
  4. Spread the Word: Let everyone you know in the UT community, Texas, the nation, and the world know about Rock-A-Thon.


  1. Free T-shirts: Grab a free T-Shirt for your awesome participation!
  2. Pizza Party: The B+ Team that raises the most will receive a pizza party at one of their meetings!
  3. Feel Accomplished: Walk away feeling great that you helped in the fight for a cure!

B+ Team Registration Form

Fundraising Ideas

  • Canning: Individuals and groups across campus fundraise by Canning weekly. Canning is better known as Canister Solicitation. Canning is where individuals or groups go canning outside store fronts and hand out informational flyers about Rock-A-Thon and pediatric cancer while politely asking for donations. For more information, speak with our canning chairs, Brandon Nussbaum and Sam Kapner.
  • Profit Share: Set up a profit share with a local business in which a portion of the proceeds from the businesses profits will go to the B+ Foundation. For more information, speak with our sponsorship chair, Evan Weiss.
  • Letter Writing campaign: Send out emails to family, friends, and Alumni to collect donations. Here is a template for the email: Email Template. Please direct any questions to our communications chair, Zeke Fritts
  • Ride Share: Offer friends rides in return for donations.
  • Bake Sale: Host a bake sale on campus!
  • Social Media Campaign: Have people post wholesome or funny pictures and pledge a donation amount. Then nominate 3 more people to do the same.
  • Host an event leading up: Examples include a Rap battle, Talent show, Basketball tournament, Lip sync battle, etc.

While Fundraising, it is important to get creative and have FUN!