TES Workshop X

ASC 2020 Tampa — June 28 - July 3

Welcome to the 10th TES Workshop as part of the Applied Superconductivity Conference

The main ASC Conference website can be found here: http://ascinc.org/

Abstract Submissions are now open!

  • Submit your abstract here: https://asc2020.abstractcentral.com/
  • Abstract Deadline: December 17, 2019 (11:59 PM EST).
  • For Visa Applicants who need an invitation letter by Dec. 17th, please submit your abstract by November 17, 2019.

Registration Opens February 2020

Please be sure to select the TES Workshop subcategory to be included! (Tips below)

Tips for Abstract Submission

To be included in the TES Workshop X, follow the Abstract submission form to Page 2 and be sure to select the following: *Please choose submission category "Electronics". *Please choose Technical Category "E-20: Superconducting Detectors" *Select from seven sub-categories: -20a. SC Detectors: Analysis and Calibration -20b. SC Detectors: Fabrication -20c. SC Detectors: Detector Physics -20d. SC Detectors: Enabling Technologies -20e. SC Detectors: Instruments and Applications -20f. SC Detectors: Kinetic Inductance Detectors and Components -20g. SC Detectors: Readout Techniques *Please Check "Yes" to be suitable for the Transition-Edge Sensor Workshop.