I need help reading my father's old handwritten notebooks. Use the menu on the left to see the notebook pages. Feel free to join the Facebook discussion group about the notebooks.

My father, Bernard Newsam (1913-1994), worked on the technical aspects of radar at Bawdsey and later in Malvern before, during, and after World War 2. Since his work was top secret, he destroyed most of the papers in his possession pertaining to that time during his lifetime, but left a couple of loose leafed "Filofax" notebooks of varying content. Some of the material seems unimportant, but a fair proportion may be of interest to historians of those times. In order to be useful as such, the notebooks need to be deciphered into plain text, the problem being that there are a large number of pages and many of them are hard to read and in places even harder to interpret.

This is where you come in. If you find a page that has not yet been transcribed, feel free to make a start, using these official project guidelines.