Terry R. Jackson

Specializing in the Support of Hardware Products & Software Applications

"We all have gifts, discover yours and share it with the world."

Terry R. Jackson is a gifted internationally known Technical Support Specialist from Rancho Cucamonga, California who specializes in the support of hardware products and software applications. Terry is a technical pioneer with an extensive career that spans more than 25+ years in the technical support field. During his professional career he has been involved in crucial areas of operations with emphasis on technical sales and product support for major accounts world wide.

Terry speaks plain English, not techno jargon. Terry's “Human Approach” connects him to people, and people to him. Terry's gift of helping everyday people understand and resolve technical issues moves him forward as a leader.

Terry packs a lot of patience, he knows that good listening and communication skills are essential to every relationship. Terry's professional goal is simple, Terry aims to bridge the gap between people and technology to help further the success of the companies, organizations and individuals that Terry is affiliated with.


Terry started eXcite Support which is a technology support firm in 1998 to help everyday people who struggle with modern technology.

Today, eXcite Support now assists more than 2 million people worldwide through it's online and in-person support programs.


Terry is a social media influencer who has established credibility in the technical and customer support industry.

In 2020, Terry was recognized as the “Architect of Technical Support.”

Terry was also named as 1 of 7 most influential people shaping modern technical support.


Terry is a pioneer who specializes in more than just professional support services, he specializes in people. Terry has assisted millions of people with the technology they use every day.

Terry brings value to a technical support team. He is also an ally to every customer and client he communicates with.

The world of support has radically changed in the last 20 years. In support, investing in skilled technical professionals like Terry, pays off in the form of happier satisfied customers. After all, troubleshooting is an art, not a science.

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