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Flux capacitor. n. The device which makes time travel possible. According to Dr. Emmett Brown (fictional character from Back to the Future, 1985). In order to travel through time, the vehicle integrated with the flux capacitor needed to be traveling at 88 mph and required 1.21 gigawatts of power, which could only be generated with plutonium, or a bolt of lightning. See the video clip here.

Flux is a synonym for change, or flow. A capacitor is an electrical component that is used to store energy in an electric field. Education is in a state of flux, or change. Students have the world of information at their fingertips with the internet and other technologies. We must be prepared to make changes in our instructional methodologies so that we can engage our millennial learners. This is a scary proposition. Where do we begin? How do we become the 21st century educators that our students need?

Much like the time machine was created from taking an existing vehicle and adding various gadgets and other technologies to it, educators are the vehicles which need to be modified. We need to add to our existing pedagogy to bring our practice into the future. Adding new tools, technologies, and strategies will require us to accelerate our learning, which is scary (as scary as driving 88 mph). We need to be willing to take risks, and expend a great deal of energy (more than we think) to become activators of learning. It will seem like 1.21 gigawatts of energy at times!

My professional mission is to advocate for change in education and support educators in making changes to their practice. I have the stored energy to help you facilitate change.

I am a flux capacitor.

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  • Over 20 years in Education
  • Master of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Certified School Administrator
  • Professional Learning Specialist
  • Futurist, Thought Leader, Writer, Speaker
  • Advocate for Education
  • Global Collaborator
  • Lifelong Learner
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