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Good to Know Info About Termite Control

Anyone who has seen those dreaded striped tents probably recognizes that there are termites lurking underneath. Even with summer wrapping up, termites are more active than usual, as hungry colonies are on the rise. Reach out to a professional for Sacramento termite inspection and control. They can help a homeowner get a handle on a termite infestation before it has the opportunity to cause serious structural damage to the property.

Here is some information that is good to know when it comes to termite control:

Any Home Is Susceptible

Many people who have homes that are made of metal siding or plaster feel that they are out of danger when it comes to a termite problem. However, this isn’t the case. Wooden homes are not the only ones at risk for termites.

These insects can break through any of the other common materials and invade a home. They will be happy to feast on cabinets, trim, flooring, and furniture. This is why termite control is so important once it is discovered.

Early Detection

The sooner signs of termite damage are detected the better. Over time, termites can weaken or even cause load bearing support walls to collapse. They can have an impact on pillars and foundations within the home too. Termites can easily compromise the entire structure.

It can be hard for someone who isn’t familiar with termites in Sacramento to recognize an infestation. The truth is, the signs often resemble those of water damage with buckling wood, swollen floors or ceilings, and even an odor that resembles mildew. A trained professional can perform a termite inspection periodically or in the event that the homeowner suspects there could be an issue.

Protect Investment

Most homeowners end up spending anywhere from 15-40 years paying off their home. The last thing that they want to happen is to get 10 years into their home mortgage and find that termites have silently been eating away at it. The most dangerous termites work quietly and with little or no evidence that they are infesting.

In fact, in the United States, around 600,000 residences are affected by termites and they cost property owners over $5 billion dollars each year. The average cost to repair the damage is $3,300.

Those in interested in Sacramento termite inspection and control can turn to the professionals at Arden Termite and Pest Control. They provide a complete line of pest control and termite inspection services in the greater Sacramento area. They are fully licensed and their inspectors and applicators receive continuing education to stay updated on the latest technology concerning pest control.