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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at Kansas State University. I am on the market in 2018/19 and will be available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in Atlanta. My fields are Public Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics.

Working Papers

"Intergenerational Effects of Enhanced Sentencing", with Amanda Gaulke

We show that the adoption of `three strikes and you're out' laws leads to worse intergenerational income mobility for children ages eight through ten when state policies were implemented. The causal effects are focused in states that actually enforced the law. Our results complement the literature that examines the impact on the extensive margin (parents who are incarcerated versus those who are not) since we show that the intensive margin matters as well. Using two data sets and multiple measures of mobility from Chetty et al. (2014) we find worse income mobility and reduced college attendance at age 19 for these children.

"Occupational Licensing and Immigrants", with Hugh Cassidy

This study examines occupational licensing and immigrants using two sources of data: the Current Population Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation. We find that immigrants, especially men, are much less likely to have a license than similar natives. The licensing rate increases with years since migration and shows large variation by immigrant region of origin. Immigrants are more likely to lose, and less likely to gain, a license between years. A lack of English proficiency reduces the probability an immigrant has a license. The wage premiums to having a license are much larger for women than men but are the same for natives and immigrants after controlling for English language ability.

"An Economic Analysis of Recidivism and Cognitive Behavior Therapy"


  • Western Economic Association International Annual Meeting, June, 2018.
  • Population Association of American Annual Meeting, April, 2018.
  • Association of Education Finance and Policy, March, 2018.
  • West Indies Economic Conference, March, 2018.
  • Kansas State University's Department of Economics Brown Bag Series, October 2018, October 2017.