I am a political philosopher. I'm currently doing my phd at the Australian National University. I'm interested in defiance, and my research focuses on civil and uncivil disobedience. I'm also interested in democracy, hate speech, political philosophy of language, and applied ethics.

You can find an overview of my research, information about my teaching, my CV, and my contact details, at the links above.

When I'm procrastinating, I write some public philosophy; most of which are published in a shared online column at UDN, one of Taiwan's mainstream media. If you can read Traditional Mandarin, some of my stuff are in Outreach. I occasionally translate some resources, which could also be found there.

My friends call me "Ten," short for "Ten-Herng." You may choose whichever you like.

My country is Taiwan, not China. They are two rather distinct countries. May they stay that way, forever.

Ten-Herng Lai

photo credit: Jenny Sun