Types of Tenants You Wouldn’t Want In Your Property

When you become a landlord, you got to deal with a lot of people with different personalities and opinions. At first, you might not be able to understand the true nature of a tenant without allowing them to use your property. But, an experience of a few years would surely make you capable of filtering the tenants prior to finally granting them the lease to use your property.

It would be worth mentioning here that there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration despite making sure that the tenant, you are going to approve, has not a criminal history and earns good amount of money. Make sure that your tenants are not driving you crazy. For this purpose, you will need to conduct a process of tenant screening to filter out the bad ones.

With that said, there are a few things that you can do to ensure proper screening of your tenants prior to granting them the lease. What we are going to discuss are the types of tenants that you will need to avoid.

The ones who take everything for granted

A person, who would spend his time from childhood to manhood while living with a family, will consider everything to be presented to him on a platter. That is one of the types that a landlord needs to be wary of. The tenants of this type are the ones who would start complaining about the non-issues the minute after moving in the property.

People who like to be dirty

A dirty person is the one who wouldn’t hesitate to make a mess of the property that you have rented out. What’s worse is that the dirty tenant wouldn’t call you more often in order to avoid being the victim of your anger which you are naturally going to show after watching the state of your property. And the irony of situation is that the tenant will ask for the refund of security deposit while moving out.

The lazy tenants

The problem with lazy people is that they wonder why everyone around them is in so much hurry. They lose their jobs quite often and they usually like it more to spend time on the couch, using Facebook. Here, you can rightly assume that such people are not going to pay your rent on time unless they feel that not paying the rent would cause greater inconveniences in their lives.

The treacherous lawyers

A lawyer is a desirable person in your team but you wouldn’t want to rent out your property to him after knowing what exactly he is capable of. Lawyers are well aware of the system, and they are pretty good at finding their way out even after not paying the rent for six months.