Temple Matrix

Matrix of lists of anticipated locations for temple announcements for the October 2019 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (as of October 2, 2019).

Untitled spreadsheet

Lists are weighted such that each list of anticipated temples is given a score of 10. To have your list included as part of the matrix, it must be publicly accessible on the web and have at least 10 anticipated temples (lists included as a part of a comment in a blog or as a social media post are acceptable). Send submissions to templematrixsubmit@gmail.com. Please include with your submission a link to the webpage where your list is viewable. No duplicate lists.

Methodology: The composite score is computed by assigning a total of 10 points to each list of anticipated temples. Each list must contain a minimum of 10 locations. If there are only 10 locations, each is assigned 1 point. For each additional location, the score is weighted to a total of 10 points. For example, for 20 locations, each is assigned a score of 10/20 or 0.5. For each additional location that is part of the list, it is more likely that more correct location is identified. Therefore, additional locations above 10 reduces the score assigned.

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