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According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), fear of the dentist or odontophobia affects 15% of the population. Panic to doctors is quite common, and the dentist is one of the most feared specialists. The data and the traditional association of pain with going to the dentist make it necessary to treat the problem and try to improve the situation, since it is essential to take care of our oral health in the hands of professionals. If this is your case, we are providing you some tips to overcome your fear of going to the dentist.

Tempe Family Dentist

1. Accept And Recognize The Problem

First of all, it is very important that you recognize that you have a problem that needs to be addressed. To do this, try to identify the reason for your fear and analyze the situation. Perhaps it is by some past negative experience, by a testimony you have heard before, or simply by bias. Ask yourself then, is it worth sacrificing my dental health for unnecessary fear?

Tempe Family Dentist

2. Find Information

Before your visit with the dentist, we recommend that you look for information about which clinic and which dentist may be the best for you, according to recommendations and opinions , in order to have more confidence in having the visit. If you need it, call your dental clinic first to ask for all the information you want and in this way you will be reassured.

3. Notice Positive Experiences From Others

Many clinics show examples of patients reflecting incredible results that clearly improve their quality of life and physical appearance. This will help you to reflect and be aware of the great benefits that can bring you to visit your dentist. In addition, if it comes to close cases, relatives or friends , who can share their experience with you, it will be much easier and you will feel more identified.

4. Familiarize Yourself With The Environment

If you need it, you can visit your dental clinic and meet your professionals. He thinks that, in many cases, the first visit only proceeds to an exploration and diagnosis of the possible problem, if this is the case, and an explanation of the treatment to be followed.

5. Try To Distract Yourself Before The Visit

A good option is, if you have the possibility, to request an appointment in the morning, since this way you do not have the whole day to think about it before the visit. A tip: relax with your favorite book, movie or series, make plans with your friends or with your partner. Above all, avoid any situation that may cause you anxiety or stress during that day.

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6. Take Someone With You

If this way you feel more comfortable, you can tell a family member or friend to accompany you to visit with your dentist. Do not be ashamed, you will surely have no problem helping to overcome your fear of the dentist. With another person in the consultation you can talk and talk about topics that distract you before your visit.

7. Listen To Music

A good way to spend time before or during the consultation is to listen to music. What better distraction than your favorite songs to relax your mind more and make it not only focus on your fear?

8. Talk To Your Dentist

It is imperative to talk and meet the professional who will treat you in the clinic. Explain your concerns and concerns when visiting the dentist. They will understand you and reassure you more than anyone else as they face daily with this type of fear and patient. In addition, this will make the confidence towards the professional greater, and therefore, much less fear. So do not hesitate, explain your problem and ask all the doubts you have.

9. Avoid Negative Comments

"It will not hurt", "They will not puncture me", "It will not hurt me" ... they are expressions with negative words that will not help you overcome your fear. On the contrary, they will make you insist and give you more turns to the situation. Just think of everything positive that your visit to the dentist will bring you: "It will improve my dental health", "I will notice the results right away", "My discomfort will end", etc. Have to be the reflections you make.

10. For Children: Make The Visit A Habit

Children are the patients with the most fears of dentists. For this reason, it is advisable to convert the visit to the clinic into a habit and completely normalize the situation. Resorting to small incentives in the most serious cases can be a good solution, although do not abuse it. Also, it is very positive to always remind them how brave they are and to show them how all the children go to the dentist without any fear.