Marek Malac

 Senior Research Officer, Nanotechnology Research Centre, National Research Council, Canada.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Canada.


My Research Gate,  LinkedIn and pages.

I'm interested in pushing the limits of electron microscopy by understanding the underlying physics that determines them. I use the gained knowledge to develop new practical microscopy and spectroscopy methods.

Recently I have been working on phase plate imaging in transmission electron microscope (TEM), electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), electron tomography, electron beam radiation damage, electron holography and microscopy instrumentation development. I often collaborate with others on applications of electron microscopy to nanotechnology and nanomaterials. At present I'm interested in graphene and its derivatives. Additional info on my research activities can be found here.

My projects often involve collaboration with Ray Egerton, who was also my mentor during my student days, Marco Beleggia at Denmark Technical University, Yimei Zhu at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Misa Hayashida from NRC-NANO, and Sergio Moreno, CONICET, Argentina.

While at NRC I led the building of the electron microscopy national institute for nanotechnology (NINT) lab (about 20 M$ of instruments and infrastructure), including the custom-designed instrumentation, building and training the electron microscopy team and the scientific aspect of construction of a new quiet space for the Hitachi Microscopy Product Development Centre (HEMIC). At present I'm focusing on the electron microscopy research at NINT and on collaborations with Hitachi High Technologies and with JEOL.

I take graduate students and postdocs to help with development of physics of electron microscopy. I tend to take fewer students (about two at a time) and help them to learn how to develop microscopy rather than merely use it. There should be a PhD student position starting January 2017.