TEL for Safety in Smart Cities - TEL4SSC 2019

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Call for participation: mLearn Special Track on „TEL for Safety in Smart Cities - TEL4SSC 2019“

This mLearn Special Track is the first international workshop emerging from the Safety in Smart Cities research programme. The emerging concept of smart cities with digital information systems, sensor-based infrastructures, autonomous vehicles, robotic appliances, internet of things appliances affects many dimensions of the life of the city’s inhabitants. One of these dimensions is safety. While the infrastructures emerging within smart cities also contribute to safety, they may also impose new risks, which require adapted and changed behaviour of citizens. Many aspects of smart city environments are also not communicated transparently enough, so that misleading, conflicting, and wrong information may be distributed leading to fears, irrational behaviour and unnecessary risks. The proposed workshop aims to discuss, which TEL approaches may be needed to educate inhabitants of smart cities about benefits and risks of smart cities, behavioural impacts of smart cities, and safety-related aspects. Which elements of the smart city can contribute to safety-related education? Which societal effects can we expect from safety-aware smart cities?

Workshop format

This half-day workshop is organised in three parts:

1. In the first part, the accepted contributions will be presented with a short position statement (5min+5min discussion), where different aspects of technology-enhanced learning for safety in smart city environments are presented

2. In the second part, participants (presenters and additional participants) work in small groups on one of the three main aspects (technological, societal, educational), discussing how the overarching topic of safety in smart cities can be addressed with technoloogy and/or education and which societal effects we may expect. Each group will shortly present their results.

3. The last part consists of a panel discussion of the contributors involving all participants, where the relevant aspects from all groups and contributions are brought together.

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For this workshop, we accept position papers, work in progress papers, as well as experimental and conceptual papers.

Contributions should be in the range of 4-5 pages in the Mlearn paper submission template. All contributions will be peer reviewed by the workshop’s programme committee. Submissions will be handled via EasyChair.


Possible contributions are expected to contribute to one or more of the following aspects. Contributions to additional related fields are also welcome.

  • Educational aspects of Safety in Smart Cities
  • Educational technologies for Safety in Smart Cities
  • Technological infrastructures in smart cities that contribute to safety and/or education
  • Pedagogical approaches towards Safety in Smart Cities
  • Governance approaches towards Safety in Smart Cities
  • Risks in smart cities
  • Behavioural impact of smart cities on their inhabitants
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Workshop contributions will be collected and published as part of the MLearn-proceedings online and as open access.

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submission of contributions: 21.06.2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: 15.07.2019
  • Special Track Date: 17.09.2019
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Programme Committee

  • Dieudonnee Cobben
  • Wim de Jong
  • Roland Klemke
  • Ellen Rusman
  • Christopher Stiehl
  • Somayeh Zamani