Wizards Summer Camp 2019

Sunday November 3rd @ 2pm The Tenafly Educational Foundation is bringing the Wizards back for another event/fundraiser. Tickets are not on sale yet, but please SAVE the Date!

Here is a sneak preview! We have four teams, so we don't know exactly which players you will see, but 1 of these 4 should be there (They are all on different teams!)

Livewire https://vimeo.com/323845533Rocket https://vimeo.com/323478921King Arthur https://vimeo.com/322082130Roadrunner https://vimeo.com/323494879

We now have video's for most of the players on the website.

Camp Time With The Wizards (See the flyer on the left)

The Wizards are more than entertainers, more than Houdinis of the hardwood. These professional athletes have storied basketball resumes. All had sterling college hoops careers. You get the perfect blend of enthusiasm, support and basketball knowledge from these Wizard coaches!

This camp could sellout (hype, but true!). A 10-15% of your enrollment will go to support the Tenafly Educational Foundation.

The camp is Co-Ed for ages 8-13 for the week of August 5th thru 9th @ beautiful Bethany Community Center in the Township of Washington. Cost is $395 with an earlybird discount of $30 if you register by May 15th. Use CodeWiz30 Click Here To Register!

We have also extended the time to go from 9am to 4pm!

Also if we get enough requests we will add a morning camp probably 2 to 2 1/2 hours for ages 5-7