7th Workshop on Learning Analytics (LA) Technologies & Practices for Evidence-based Education.


23 November 2020, Monday

Zoom link: To be announced by ICCE committee.

Selected papers

Full papers

From Micro to Meso: Scaling of a Teacher Noticing Study
Alwyn Vwen Yen Lee and Seng Chee Tan.

Automatic entity recognition based on BERT in computer supported collaborative learning
Yuanyi Zhen and Lanqin Zheng. 

ENaCT: A Framework for Action-based Analytics of Critical Thinking
Shitanshu Mishra, Rwitajit Majumdar, Aditi Kothiyal, Prajakt Pande and Jayakrishnan Warriem. 

The Relationship Between Learning Behavior and Learners’ Listening Strategies in the Dictation Practice Courseware
Yuichi Ono and Masaki Ashizawa. 

Short papers

Learning Analytics for Inclusive Higher Education
Weiqin Chen.

Efficiency or Engagement: Comparison of Book Recommendation Approaches in English Extensive Reading
Kensuke Takii, Brendan Flanagan and Hiroaki Ogata. 

Learning Support through Personalized Review Material Recommendations
Tetsuya Shiino, Atsushi Shimada, Tsubasa Minematsu and Rin-Ichiro Taniguchi. 

Discussion paper

Learning Analytics for Humanities and Design Education
Rwitajit Majumdar, Geetha Bakilapadavu, Ramkumar Rajendran, Sameer Sahasrabudhe, Brendan Flanagan, Mei-Rong Alice Chen and Hiroaki Ogata. 

Organizing Committee

  • Rwitajit Majumdar (Kyoto University, Japan)

  • Weiqin Chen (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)

  • Atsushi Shimada (Kyushu University, Japan)

  • Brendan Flanagan (Kyoto University, Japan)

  • Hiroaki Ogata (Kyoto University, Japan)