TEEL Workshop

Technology-enhanced & Evidence-based Education & Learning

The purpose of LA is “understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.” The concept of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) has its root in medicine and coined by doctors at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in the early 1990s (Kvernbekk T., 2017). EBP involves the use of the best available evidence to bring about desirable outcomes, or conversely, to prevent undesirable outcomes. Davies, P. (1999) reviews the concept of EBP in education. Our work focuses on the notion of evidence-based education in the age of technology-enhanced learning. Technology now supports logging of teaching-learning interactions and Learning Analytics has matured tremendously over the period to provide robust methods to analyze and predict learning behaviors and outcomes in different teaching-learning contexts. Hence there is relevance in rethinking about the question Davies (1999) asked regarding “What is evidence?” and how to support it by technology. This would push the boundaries of learning analytics and move towards an evidence-based education system that can assist the various stakeholders in the teaching-learning scenarios.

This workshop series aims to explore the frontiers of how technology can help to automatically extract evidence of effective teaching-learning practices by applying the knowledge base of LA and developing novel techniques. It focuses discussions on realizing a technology-enhanced evidence-based education and learning (TEEL) system. We invite different stakeholders to conceptualize foundations, methodologies and utility of TEEL systems. We plan to have focus group activities to validate an initial technical proposal of Learning Evidence Analytics Framework (LEAF) and drawing a research road-map of log data-driven evidence-based education system.

We already had 3 workshops.

The first was held during T4E 2018 in Chennai, India. It targeted interactions with the university teachers as the primary stakeholders. (program)

The second was during LAK 2019 in Phoenix, USA. We invite research articles regarding topics related to TEEL and interact with researchers and other stakeholders during the interactive session. (CFP, Program)

The latest one was during T4E 2019 in Goa, India. It highlighted one year of use of TEEL platform in India and the experience of the teachers who used it. There was a voice from the field session that was really encouraging for the team and appreciated by the participants. (program slides)

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