Hi! I'm a second year PhD student in EECS at MIT, advised by Ryan Williams and Ronitt Rubinfeld. I'm interested in problems in pseudorandomness, graph theory, local algorithms, and more. As an undergraduate at Harvard, I was extremely fortunate to be advised by Salil Vadhan

If you have questions or comments about my research, please reach out!

epyne [at] mit.edu

dblp, ECCC, arXiv, ORCiD


The Structure of Catalytic Space: Capturing Randomness and Time Via Compression. [ECCC-TR24-106]

with James Cook, Jiatu Li, and Ian Mertz.

A Study of Error Reduction Polynomials. [ECCC-TR24-090]

with Gil Cohen, Dean Doron, Tomer Manket, Yichuan Wang, and Tal Yankovitz.

To Appear

Distinguishing, Predicting, and Certifying: On the Long Reach of Partial Notions of Pseudorandomness. [soon!]

with Jiatu Li and Roei Tell.

FOCS 2024.

Derandomizing Logspace With a Small Shared Hard Drive. [ECCC-TR23-168]

CCC 2024.


Opening Up the Distinguisher: A Hardness to Randomness Approach for BPL = L that Uses Properties of BPL. [ECCC-TR23-208] [Brown Seminar]

STOC 2024.

with Dean Doron and Roei Tell.

Pseudorandom Linear Codes are List-Decodable to Capacity. [arXiv:2303.17554]

ITCS 2024.

with Aaron (Louie) Putterman.

Certified Hardness vs. Randomness for Logspace. [ECCC-TR23-040]

FOCS 2023.

with Ran Raz and Wei Zhan.

Singular Value Approximation and Sparsifying Random Walks on Directed Graphs. [arXiv:2301.13541]

FOCS 2023.

with AmirMahdi Ahmadinejad, John Peebles, Aaron Sidford, and Salil Vadhan.

Improved Local Computation Algorithms for Constructing Spanners. [arXiv:2105.04847v2]

RANDOM 2023.

with Rubi Arviv, Lily Chung, and Reut Levi.

On the Power of Regular and Permutation Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR23-102] [Oded's Choices]

RANDOM 2023.

with Chin Ho Lee and Salil Vadhan.

Near-Optimal Derandomization of Medium-Width Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR22-150]

STOC 2023.

with Aaron (Louie) Putterman.

See also concurrent work (STOC 2023) by Cohen, Doron, Sberlo, and Ta-Shma.

Fourier Growth of Regular Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR22-034]

RANDOM 2022.

with Chin Ho Lee and Salil Vadhan.

Hitting Sets for Regular Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR21-143]

CCC 2022.

with Andrej Bogdanov, William Hoza, and Gautam Prakriya.

Deterministic Approximation of Random Walks via Queries in Graphs of Unbounded Size. [arXiv:2111.01997]

SOSA 2022.

with Salil Vadhan.

Limitations of the Impagliazzo–Nisan–Wigderson Pseudorandom Generator against Permutation Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR21-108]

COCOON 2021.

with Salil Vadhan.

Local Access to Random Walks. [arXiv:2102.07740] [ITCS Talk] [Property Testing Review]

ITCS 2022.

with Amartya Shankha Biswas and Ronitt Rubinfeld.

Pseudodistributions That Beat All Pseudorandom Generators.  [ECCC-TR21-019] [CCC Talk] [Oded's Choices]

CCC 2021. Invited to special issue of Theory of Computing.

with Salil Vadhan.

Pseudorandom Generators for Unbounded-Width Permutation Branching Programs. [ECCC-TR20-138] [ITCS Talk] [Oded's Choices]

ITCS 2021.

with William Hoza and Salil Vadhan.