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Welcome to the Tech-nically Teaching Website!

Providing teachers with technology training, support, and ideas to enhance teaching and learning experiences.


Spotlighted is to recognize Educators/ advocates each month bringing a light to some of the thought provoking , inspiring, and challenging work they are doing for students, teachers and education.

April: Rafranz Davis

Rafranz is a refreshing voice in the world of EdTech. Her tweets make sure to bring to light the importance of EdTech and teaching being useful, intentional, and purposeful to the consumers students, teachers, and school districts . She is an advocate for educational technology that will help advance student learning, for student creativity opportunities in education ( inspired by her 13 year old nephew @BraedenArt), for bringing balance and intentional conversations to the world concerning tech, advocacy, and equality ( as she talks about on her Medium page) and all things BTS ( K-Pop group). She is an educator who is as she puts it on her twitter page disrupting the ridiculousness. Her realness is a breathe of fresh air and helps to keep things in perspective for all educators, schools, and Edtech companies.

Past Spotlighted Educational Advocates:

March: Dress Code

This company makes fashionable bracelets, that read inspirational affirmations in binary code . The code on the bracelet then gives the owner free coding lessons. This program is created to help empower women and girls to get involved in the coding world.

February: Jessica Twomey

Jessica is a Kindergarten teacher in New Jersey. She is a huge advocate for play and technology in the classroom. She advocates for her student's and creates engaging exciting learning experiences she then shares on her website or you can catch her talking about them in her bi-monthly slow Flipchats on Twitter. She co-hosts these chats with last month's spotlight Christine Pinto.

January: Christine Pinto

Christine is the founder of the #Gafe4littles. She is a Kindergarten teacher in Arcadia Unified School District in CA. Her slogan is "Because They Can!"relating to the idea that even "Littles" ( primary kids) can access and use technology for more than just a gaming device, but for purposeful academic adventure. She has talked at ISTE, CUE and many other venues. She quickly joined the ranks of Google stardom with her innovative and inspiring lessons, tutorials, and resources found on her chat as well as on her website . She is in the process of finalizing her book #GAFE4Littles, coming soon to you.

November/December: Karen Foley

Karen is a Kindergarten Teacher from Ellensburg, WA. She is an advocate for technology integration in the primary grades, Neural Education, and a Seesaw ambassador. She is a WA State Teacher Leader with the CORElaborate program. She is an active member and collaborator with #teacherfriends a weekly twitter chat held Tuesday at 6pm PST. Karen is a wonderful inspiration for early education ideas. That you can see on her kinder classrooms Instagram and Twitter accounts.

October: Nate Bowling

Educator/Advocate who teaches high school AP Government and Geography. 2016 Washington State Teacher Leader of the Year, 2014 Milken National Teaching Award, Co-Founder of Teachers United, and host of @NerdFarmerpodcast. Nate Bowling is a proud Tacoma area resident who is providing teachers with insightful discussion on WaLeg educational policies, helping teachers learn how to support undocumented students, how to help students understand and responsibly enact their civil liberties.

September: Kristin Leong

Kristin is an Educator/Advocate she is currently working on a Ted-Ed Innovation project named Roll Call Project. Her project acknowledges the divides between teachers and students then commends these groups for creating connections defying the divide. Please check out her project and participate if you can.