Resources for Spanish

Sites with lessons, activities, and audiovisual resources, for various levels. Not all are free.

Interactive (i.e., could be used in class or by learners on their own):

Not interactive (i.e., materials for educators):

Learn with music

Series made for learners (most available in full for free online)

YouTube channels and videos for learners

Videos of native speakers on various topics

Authentic short films and TV shows

Textbooks and ancillary materials available online:

Open Educational Resources (textbooks or courses):

Podcasts for Intermediate/Advanced learners (and adventurous beginners!):

Made for learners:


Social media pages to follow and groups to join

Facebook Pages for learners (they share blog posts, word of the day, jokes, tips, etc.)

Facebook groups for learners:

“Learn Spanish”:

“Language Exchange Partners”:

“Español intermedio y avanzado”:

Authentic Facebook pages (not specifically for learners; not all content will be appropriate for everyone): (cómics)

Twitter (word of the day)