#ManUtdEDU is a hashtag I started when I began using Manchester United resources to demonstrate to students and teachers how to integrate tech tools in class. In my experience, I have been able to demonstrate EdTech integration in any subject and grade level using Manchester United resources. For example, I've used game statistics to teach math, game reviews and articles to teach ELA and ELD, the club's history and founding to teach the Industrial Revolution, and more.

Fans' chants and songs could be used in a music class and also to teach poetry. Analysis of player movement and physical statistics can be used in both PE and science classes. If you ever attend one of my sessions, it is highly likely it will have a strong flavor of Manchester United. In my sessions, all "sandbox" activities are affectionately called #ManUtdEDU using Manchester United information to demonstrate tech tools and pedagogy.

Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford, is known as the "Theater of Dreams." I challenge you to transform your lessons and learning space into a "Theater of Dreams."