Tech Units and Stories

If you are an educator interested in great ways to use applications to embellish content, "Tech Units and Stories" will be very useful for you. Purchasing the book will get you access to over 20 online units ready for use in the classroom. The beauty of having a website accompany a book, especially for tech integration, is the website can be updated to keep up with transitions. Those who purchase the book will get invited to exclusive units. We all know how easy it is to find ideas and resources for free online. One can get lost trying to keep up. It is definitely an overwhelming and daunting task to find great resources. What makes this book unique is there are interesting stories that will bring more relevance to each unit. The units have evolved based on the continual trial and error with thousands of students and several of my colleagues. I can't imagine being able to make such fabulous units without the feedback from my colleagues and students. To keep it dynamic, users can submit changes if they see room for improvement on units.

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