These are 3 to 15 GB, so each might take hours to download. You don't need them all unless you plan to fly races on other servers that don't announce the scenery ahead of time.

A '*' marks the ones we use most.

You can download from this site by clicking on the links below, with good download speeds. Extract with 7-zip, and paste the folder in Condor2/Landscapes. Sometimes a downloaded folder has a structure like Nephi/Nephi/[contents]. In this example, make sure you paste only the Nephi/[contents] or Condor won't find the scenery.

Australia New_South_Wales

Chile Transandino

Chile Pumalin Park

China Yunnan

Europe (France) Jura Mt Blanc2

Europe (France) Provence-18

Europe Scotland 3

Europe SouthernNorway4

Europe (Spain/France) Big Pyrenees*

New Zealand*

USA Arizona2*

USA Cascade Range*

USA Mifflin-Bandel*

USA Nephi*

USA Southern Nevada

*Commonly used sceneries