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Monday and Friday tasks are OLC-style, on server "TeamXC Group -ignore gates-"

  • Join times are very open. You basically can join the flight and start flying any time in about a four hour window.

  • You can "restart" your flight if you land at an airport.

  • Due to the open join times, if you crash you can fully exit Condor, then re-join and be back with the group.

  • Tasking is open as well. There is a suggested line to follow, however you are not required to follow that line. Typically we try to get abreast and past the end of the line anywhere on the map, then we free-fly for additional distance and triangle points.

  • The gates are inactive. This is an important thing to consider for new people coming into the Mon & Fri flights. There is no requirement to fly the start and finish gates. Just launch and fly off in the general direction of the line.

  • Scores are based on distance and a roughly symmetrical triangle that might fit in your track. You will want to close your path (make a loop) for triangle scoring on That means remembering on your final glide to fly across some point on your flight path start point after releasing from tow. Therefore making a loop that a triangle can fit inside.

  • Upload your flights to

Wed and Sat tasks are Condor multi-turnpoint tasks, on server "TeamXC Hybrid: race or OLC"

  • This is similar to a declared task or competition.

  • Join times are limited, Typically you can join the group within 15 minutes of the start time. After the "join time" goes to zero you cannot join.

  • You can do a "relight" after the join window closes. This means you land at the starting location airport and select the ESC- "Restart" option.

    • This is the same as real competition. You can launch, and if you find bad air, you are allowed to land and get another tow.

    • DO NOT exit Condor if you want to do a relight after the JOIN time has expired. Instead, land at the starting airport, then select the ESC-"Restart" option. The "Restart" option is only available if you land at the airport.

  • The gates are active, Which is also like flying in a competition. You must be within the radius limit to go on to the next gate. Some gates have height limits. The gate will turn from red to green if you make the gate radius and altitude requirements.

  • The START gate is both time- and often height- based. You cannot turn the start gate from red to green if you fly past the gate prior to the designated start time and higher than the start height.

    • The start gate typically will have a maximum height that you need to be below before starting. In the Condor flight computer the start gate will have numbers next to it which indicates the start height. For example a start gate may have the number 0-49 which means you have to be below 4900 feet when flying though the start gate.

      • Obviously this also translates to metric as well the number will be in meters if you are flying Condor using metric measurements.

  • The task START time is limited. Typically there is a delay of roughly 5 minutes after the JOIN time has expired, at which point you will see a "The Race is On" message

    • The START and other gates are only active after "The Race Is On" message.

    • You do not have to start your task right at the START time. You will see a message indicating how long the "Start Window" is open.

    • You can land at the airport and re-lite as long as the "Start Window" is still open.

    • You cannot exit Condor and re-join the flight once the "Join Time" has expired. So remember that if you need to re-start your flight, land at the airport and select the restart flight option, not the exit flight option.

  • The fastest speed around the course wins, not the first to complete the course. This is also like flying a real competition. You can start your flight as soon as the start gate opens, or delay your start if you think conditions are better, or you are in a better location or height.

    • Turning the start gate from red to green starts your elapsed time and scoring.

  • Upload your flights to

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