YES! Team Sleepy Eye

Team mission/motto:

Our team is offered as an shared extracurricular between Sleepy Eye Public School and St. Mary's Catholic School to educate students, staff, and the local communities on climate change and energy conservation. We prioritize involving the Sleepy Eye community in our action projects.

Goals for 2018-19:

  • to improve recycling programs at SEPS, adding milk carton recycling, and improving recycling signage in high school hallways to educate students & staff
  • increase habitat for bee pollinators and butterfly populations by adding native grasses & forbs & building six mason bee houses for the Ross Park and Sleepy Eye Golf Course sites
  • educate YES! team members through meetings and summits
  • continue to partner with Sleepy Eye Lights in Motion promoting LED lighting efficiency and energy conservation education
  • continue entering data to the B3 benchmarks website for ten city buildings in Sleepy Eye
  • continue educating the community through Party in the Park community-wide event promoting energy conservation, importance of pollinators, saving landfill space, and more
  • monitor MN river valley water quality with data analysis over time comparing seasonal changes ( two sites leading into the MN River from Cotton River tributary). We collaborate with Friend of the Minnesota River Valley and the MN Pollution Control Agency.

Community Engagement is a Main Focus for our Team!

Party in the Park to involve the young and old through educational material and hands on learning(July)

Ross Park / SE Golf Course Seeding & Planting June 2018 to attract pollinators ( June)

Holiday Lights in Motion Concessions to educate the surrounding communities on LED's and energy efficiency, and build public relations with the YES! team of Sleepy Eye ( Dec.)

Holiday Lights Collection to save landfill space, collect recyclable materials, and supply disabled adults at Jobs Plus, Inc. with jobs ( Nov.- Jan.)

Collecting data for 10 B3 benchmarks city buildings in order to report and present findings in the future to city officials and the SEPS school board/ facilities use committee (ongoing)

Sleepy Eye Team Impact

TEAM WORK within our schools and the Sleepy Eye community

Two YES! team members attended a CERTS workshop at Minnesota State University in October, 2018. Their focus was to learn more about B3 Benchmarking as the Sleepy Eye YES! team hopes to have additional data to share with the school district and the city in two years using the trends our team observes from entering data to the B3 website database. This is an ongoing project with set backs this year considering time to enter data, new personnel in the city office, and needing to train new YES! team members on how to enter data. These members will be training younger team members in the future.

We are proud and privileged to have the support of our mayor and Sleepy Eye community/city members for our action projects.

Ross Park Personnel, city manager, PUC, and mayor came to our awards ceremony luncheon.

State Award!

On the Field and the Jumbotron

Twins Game May 2018

Enjoying the game