Hey guys!!

Hey guys! Mechanical continues to work on the pistons while Electrical continues to wire the bot! Programming is working out errors and Media is working on our handouts for competition

Hey all!!!

Hey all! Media has started to coat the pit with the first layer of paint, while CAD has added a lights and a camera to the CAD model. Electrical is working on the board while Mechanical is mounting pistons on the lift. Programming is working on autonomous.

Happy saturday!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! Today Media is gonna finally start re-painting the pit and getting T-Shirts. Mechanical is still working on the frame and CAD finished modeling the robot! Very eventful week!!

Working hard!

Many of the new members are learning the fundamentals of their respective departments! Mechanical member Devon was demonstrating how to grind a bolt.

Recruitment Night went well!

Our President (lower right), Programming Captain (upper right), Media Captain (lower left), and Media Trainee (upper left) went around the school last week for conferences to recruit some new members! 11/19/18

Fixin' The Pit

This week Media took out the pit and we started to get to work touching it up. We sanded it down and then put a fresh layer of paint on and we're working on give away designs.

work on bot continues as usual

This week Mechanical worked on the frame for the Robot

CAd and programming talked 'bout manipulators

This week CAD and Programming talked about Manipulators

Robot frame Built

This week mechanical worked on the frame for the robot and its all finished up! Electrical Is gonna begin work on the electrical board soon.

Media got a trophy cabinet!!!

This week Media worked on the pit with mud and today Media is gonna begin work on Painting. Also Media got a trophy cabinet for trophies!

Programming and Cad

This week Programming did automatic Climbing sub system algorithm block chain internet of things. CAD did CADing on the robot frame.