About The Robomos

We're based out of Escanaba High School, a decently big school for the area. Escanaba, MI is the third largest city in Upper Peninsula. It's a great little place, thriving and lively.

The Robomos started as a smaller team, being only 15 people strong our first year. However, throughout the years we have grown into a larger and more engaged team. Numbers have added strength to the team and have allowed us to expand our reach into all that FRC and FIRST offers.

Today, our team consists of around thirty students, along with a variety of parent volunteers, mentors from local businesses, and most importantly, our Team Leader Marie Young. She teaches science at EHS and has led The Robomos for the entirety of its existence, starting in 2010.

Fortunately, team growth has been nothing but beneficial for The Robomos. We now dabble in much more than the build and running of the robot itself! The Robomos feature many of our own sub-teams that work on other FRC tasks. Currently we have our own Broadcasting team, a student-run website and blog, a team focused primarily on community outreach, and many other sub teams that help the team run smoothly.

Students are not limited to one sub-team, but instead can merge and be involved with multiple projects simultaneously. Allowing students to participate in various aspects of team projects expands the skills and thinking of all of our team members. The Robomos encourage developing skills in all areas they so please. Our experiences with FRC and FIRST have prepared our 3602 graduates substantially better for higher education.

Sub-Teams for The Robomos currently include:

· Build Team​

​Build team does precisely what you'd think they do: They build the robot. Everything from CAD designs to conceptual designs are handled by the build team. They make ideas on paper become a reality.

· Electric / Wiring

​Electric and wiring handles the soldering, wiring, and other electronics that help our Robomos run. They take care of batteries, the cameras, everything.

· Programming

​Robots need instructions to run. Programming writes those. Josh, along with his bits and bytes, runs the programming crew. Programming is the brains of the operation. We'd all bark and no bite without them!

· HR

​Human resources are the organs of what makes 3602 possible. HR handles paperwork, scheduling, team meals, competition details, and everything of the sort. Without HR, we'd be swimming in papers building half a robot with nowhere to bring it.

· Broadcasting / Media

​The Broadcast team is a team dedicated to live streaming FRC competitions and other FRC / FIRST / 3602 events that happen throughout our build season. The media team keeps everyone updated on what our team is up to regarding community work, fundraisers, and how the robot is coming along!

· Field Build

The field building team helps make an accurate rendition of the most recent field so the build team can make the modifications they need to make our robot the most precise we can get it to be! It also helps the drive team practice in the weeks before our first matches!

For youth, The Robomos really have been taking strides, developing and growing the youth of America, transforming students from individuals to a beautiful, well-oiled machine. However, progress does not stop here! The Robomos continue to grow and aren't going to fall. United we stand, together we build!