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Teague de La Plaine’s vivid storytelling is based on diverse experiences as an intelligence officer in the US Marines, a Merchant Marine captain, and a world adventurer. His style is steeped in Kipling, Hemingway, and Tolkien. He was an intelligence and special operations officer in the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America. He drove ships that sent divers down to repair oil pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s traveled on his own in North Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. His stories are like a bridge over brackish waters. On one side stand the masters of spycraft and suspense: Fleming, Le Carré, Ludlum, and Marcinko. On the other, masters of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror: Rice, King, Heinlein, and Lewis.

From sailing to unconventional warfare to personal adventure, Teague has always strived for manly and gentlemanly competence. He's trying to beat his habit, keep up his Google+ page and spread the word on a music website where you can download his songs for free.

When he isn’t out saving the world all by himself or writing prolifically, Teague spends time with his wife and two children on their sailboat cruising the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay in preparation for their eventual circumnavigation.

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