Throughout history humans have always been beset by evil spirits. There is another world that reveals itself to us from time to time. Through our experience with this other world we have constructed stories that are a vivid and fascinating combination of truth and perspective. What is reality and what is fantasy?

Zombies? Check. Apparitions? Check. Demons? Ghouls? Witch Doctors? We've got them too. And how do we track down these spirits and beasts? How do we keep them from taking over our world?

The Eidolon Activity

A crack team of elite warriors and psychics working with priests and haruspices to find and destroy the evil that creeps its way into this world. Call them what you will, they are ghost hunters of the first order. And they've been around a long, long time.

With your help I will write rich, compelling stories about the Activity. Every month I will produce a short piece of genre fiction that ties into a larger body of related works. You will see it unfold as I do, story after story, until someday the truth is revealed.

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