Global Competence

Educators from John Stanford International School in Seattle, Washington, have provided these resources and tools for teaching global competence. Grades 3-11.

Will our kids be ready for the world in 2050? World Savvy founder Dana Mortenson explores how teaching and learning in the U.S. is changing, or should change, in our rapidly evolving, interconnected global society.

Bringing the World to My Classroom: A Guide to Global Education. This blog serves as a resource guide for teachers and educational leaders who also understand the importance of global education and are on the same journey.

  • Curriculum resources on global issues and sustainable solutions, including student textbooks, teacher lesson plans, and thematic units that contain both lessons and student readings
  • Action and service learning information and opportunities
  • World Savvy Recommends these lesson plans: Grades 6-8 or Grades 9-12