Teach Me In 3 - 2017

Faucet Water Quality from around Billings - Katie Jones

Indoor Air Quality in Billings - Kenzy Gilsdorf

Caffeinated Flowers - Amberlee Mouser

Coffee and IQ - Cassandra Martinez

The Science Behind Sunsets - Racey Reynolds

The Effects of Acid Rain on Bean Growth - Maddie Randak

How Music Affects Concentration - Devon McMullen

Immediate Effects of Hypothermia - Elle Wilgus

How Caffeine Affects Reaction Time - Audrey Schied

Lead Concentration of Billings Tap Water - Lydia Zuklic

Teen Stress - Mariah Linse

Attempting to Make a Lava Lamp - Ryan Hinrichs

Fire - Cameron Maas

Radiation on Plant Growth - Avra Birkeland

The Effects of Vitamins on Bean Growth - Sophie Randak

GTX 950 GPU Temperatures - Noah Schmall

Best Ingredients for Homemade Cut Flower Food - Lin Shi

Are Teenagers Eating Enough Calories - Skyler Brauneis

Corrosive Soda - Chloe Binstock

The Power That Surrounds Us - Charles Morledge - Hampton

Neato Magnetos - Russell Schiller ~

Is Buying a Titleist Pro V1x Worth It? - Nico Micheletti

Get Off Your Phone During Work! - Michael Van Atta

Music and Motivation - Bowen Kosovich

The Effect of Radiation From Cell Phones - Bailey Volbrecht

How Music Affects Blood Pressure - Connor Scoles

Memory and Eyewitness - Alex Ackerman

See You Later CO2: An Engineering Solution - Rebeccah Chambers ~$

Glass Harp Experiment - Kathryn Pannell

Which Substrate Should I Use? - Hayden Trapp

Ocean pH and Plants - Paul Haesemeyer

Na 'No' More Antibiotics: Colloidal Silver - Sophia Whitworth +

Does Pitch Affect Heart Rate - Caleb Johnson

Bioaccumulation of Arsenic in Farmlands - Madeleine Fink +$

Die or Dye? An Environmental Experiment - Maddy Duneman +

Greener Cleaners: Natural vs Industrial - Paloma Whitworth +

Stock Dartboard - Connor Eaton

How Time Effects Memories - Brooklyn Bower

The Effects of Distracted Driving - Nolan Askelson

How Exercise Affects Blood Glucose - Elizabeth LaRance

North vs South - Alex Watterson

Comparing Water Filters - Matt Miller

Music and the Brain - Carrie Baker

Twin Telepathy? - Madison Gilsdorf

Wrestling Bacteria - Charlie Klepps

Money and Movies - John Holbrook

The Effect Color Has on Memory - Ashton Albright

Not So Carnivorous - Wynter Dooley

Ball Launch - Tyler Frieders

Multilingualism and Problem Solving - Marcos Lopez

Tightness of Drum Heads - Wade Haesemeyer

Changing the World with Air Pressure - Kyle Thiel

Salt Crystals by MacKenzee Ickes

Special Designations and Awards

+ Distinguished Scientist Award

~ Distinguished Engineering Award

$ World Changer