Teach me in 3 - 2019

Prosthetic Plant Tissue - Cleo Shied $~

Methylotroph Magic - Madisynn Weber $+

Hydrogen Sensing Using Platinum Nanoparticles - Simonne Clay ~$

Wax Worms: A Possible Solution to Plastic Pollution - Virginia Mongatue +$

Dirty Phones - Laura Zimmer

Color Changing Sutures Based Off Infection Growth - Natalie Romei

Testing Newton - Mackenzie Sell

Dogs and Dental Care - Adeline Mattson

Under Pressure - Alex Sevareid

Heatin' Up the Brakes - Bengt Rickbeil

Spilling the Tea About Tea - Emma Martinsen

Generating Electricity from LEDs - Garidy Sanders

Rubber Mixture Experiment on Hydro Flasks - Jadon Hilliard

Fight for Flight - Jadyn Malone

Do Sports Affect GPA - Jaelynn Roesler

Heatin' Up - Jake Gilbertson

Correlating Reading and GPA - Jessica Sullivan

Factors of Looking at Consent - Kendra Woods

Plants Have Feelings Too - Levi Wallace

Rainwater Collection - Michael Morehead

Effects on GPA - Olivia Mattson

How to Quickly Improve Handwriting - Owen Smith

Does Shoe Size Effect Vertical Jump - Rendan Klein

Does Surface Area Effect Evaporation - Samuel George

Engineering Quieter Fans - Spencer Reitz

The Travel Sweatshirt - Brady Uhren

There's Something in the Water - Connon Largent

Decomposition of Plastics - Daysha Schell

Eco-friendly Deicer - Dylan Forquer

The Vapes of Wrath - Emily Tschetter

Does Music Effect Your Athletic Perfomance - Jesse Dimich Louvet

Effects of Melatonin on Bean Sprout Growth - Kyler Buckland

Students are Stressed from School - Lydia Whitman

Essentially Working Together - Madison Peete

Human Population Simulation - Michael Clark

A Golden Ratio - Parker Kraske

Will the West End Reservoir Benefit Billings - Reagan Paris

Sexuality: Born or Made - Tre Luedtke

The pH of Billings - Aisley Kraske

The Biodegradability of Different Straw Types - Amanda Guilland

Elasticity of Tennis Strings - Andrew Bough

Berry Moldy - Fruit - Cameron Leo

Sickening Scents - Carly DeBar

The Effects of Music on Memory and Concentration - Elena Vandersloot

Worldview Study - Eliana Davila.

Solar Circle - Ethan Heyneman

Plastic is the Enemy - Finnian Bentler

What Gets Tough Stains Out - Garrett Dostal

What Makes Waterproof Makeup Waterproof - Grace Skiles

What are the Effects of Being a "Military Kid" - Hannah Klein

Carbon Filtering our Way to Prosperity - Hayden Ealy

Tuned to the Beat of Your Heart - Kiernan Morgan

Accident Prone Vehicles - Layla Lorenz

Cyclops Guessing - Lily Frye

Space Blanket Umbrella Shelter - Shane Walton

Teach me in 3 - 2018

The Flying Birdie - Hailey Smith ~$ (2018 ISEF International Engineering Awardee!!)

An Unforgettable Project - Sarah Restad +

Common Sense in Blondes vs. Brunettes - Blair Stapleton

Solving Traffic Problems - Cade Schulze

Are Baseball Players Made or Born? - Colten Stidham

What Can Help the Homeless? - Connor Hunter

Commotio Cordis Prevention - Jed Unruh

Analyzing Academic Ability of Woodwinds and Brass Players - Julien Rollins

Preferred Water pH - Kendra Wynia

Barbruem Baryon Constant - Landon Gar

The Heat Retention of Insulating Materials - Mackenzie Winters

Are Men or Women Tougher? - Madison Winters

Exploring the Effects of Acne Medications on Facial Bacteria Cultures - Maisee Brown

MacGyver Snow Tires: How About No? - Malcolm Wildenberg

How Smartphones Create Stress Through Distraction - Marko Foster

Pop Quiz Rate - Shelby Kiekover

Key Atmospheric Conditions and Thunderstorms - Taylor Herman

Are Ghosts Real? - Zachery Davidson

Powerful Plants - Victoria Shay

Sleep vs. Performance - Tiahna Vladic

Cryotherapy Experiment - Sidney Overby

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day - Savannah Harley

Congrats High Schoolers are Smarter Than 5th Graders - Rian France

How Stress Affects Your Decision Making - Peyton Hamrick

Dirty Money? - Mikaila DeLapp

Effectiveness of Iodine on Unfiltered Water - Megan Hager

How Does Sleep Affect Functionality? - Mariah Christofferson

Optimal Environment for Algal Growth - Lauren Martinez

Ew Don't Touch That! - Kayanna Conroy

I Need Sleep - Kate Kautzman

Drummer's Nightmare - Karsen Binstock

Hair Growth Vitamins are Fake - Jane Goodridge

German Shepherd Intelligence - Haley Collier

Electrophysical Correlates in Error Processing - Giavanna Lynch

Safe to Hydrate? - Ellie Ostermiller

Poly-Ultimate - Elijah Erekson

Zipper Pants - Dalton Zent

A Mouthful of Bacteria - Cloie Banderob

Bullwhips and Fire - Christopher Arbizzani

Fishy Frenzy - Calista Weatherby

Fake it Till You Make It - Anna DiLorenzo

Can Fonts Connote Emotions - Alexis Nimmo

Plant Feelings - Chelan Laverdure

Psychological Effects of Home-Field Advantage - Dayton Smith

How to Improve Short-Term Memory with a few Simple Tricks - Ethan Wilson

Student Apathy and Drug Laws - EvaMarie Robinson

Kale on Mars? Why Not! - Grace Hodges

How do you Feel About Grades? - Kirsten Kraske

Edible Water Bottles - Mary Thompson

Adolescents and Odor Recognition - Nicole Deichl

Post High School Preparation and Decisiveness - Noah Miller

What Type of Clothing Burns the Fastest - Payton Turner

Gravity Glue Meditation - Rikki Held

What's Growing in my Weight Room? - Sarah Maynard

The Psychology of Fear - Theresa Goudy

H2No More Waste - Clara Bentler

Teach me in 3 - 2017

Faucet Water Quality from around Billings - Katie Jones

Indoor Air Quality in Billings - Kenzy Gilsdorf

Caffeinated Flowers - Amberlee Mouser

Coffee and IQ - Cassandra Martinez

The Science Behind Sunsets - Racey Reynolds

The Effects of Acid Rain on Bean Growth - Maddie Randak

How Music Affects Concentration - Devon McMullen

Immediate Effects of Hypothermia - Elle Wilgus

How Caffeine Affects Reaction Time - Audrey Schied

Lead Concentration of Billings Tap Water - Lydia Zuklic

Teen Stress - Mariah Linse

Attempting to Make a Lava Lamp - Ryan Hinrichs

Fire - Cameron Maas

Radiation on Plant Growth - Avra Birkeland

The Effects of Vitamins on Bean Growth - Sophie Randak

GTX 950 GPU Temperatures - Noah Schmall

Best Ingredients for Homemade Cut Flower Food - Lin Shi

Are Teenagers Eating Enough Calories - Skyler Brauneis

Corrosive Soda - Chloe Binstock

The Power That Surrounds Us - Charles Morledge - Hampton

Neato Magnetos - Russell Schiller ~

Is Buying a Titleist Pro V1x Worth It? - Nico Micheletti

Get Off Your Phone During Work! - Michael Van Atta

Music and Motivation - Bowen Kosovich

The Effect of Radiation From Cell Phones - Bailey Volbrecht

How Music Affects Blood Pressure - Connor Scoles

Memory and Eyewitness - Alex Ackerman

See You Later CO2: An Engineering Solution - Rebeccah Chambers ~$

Glass Harp Experiment - Kathryn Pannell

Which Substrate Should I Use? - Hayden Trapp

Ocean pH and Plants - Paul Haesemeyer

Na 'No' More Antibiotics: Colloidal Silver - Sophia Whitworth +

Does Pitch Affect Heart Rate - Caleb Johnson

Bioaccumulation of Arsenic in Farmlands - Madeleine Fink +$

Die or Dye? An Environmental Experiment - Maddy Duneman +

Greener Cleaners: Natural vs Industrial - Paloma Whitworth +

Stock Dartboard - Connor Eaton

How Time Effects Memories - Brooklyn Bower

The Effects of Distracted Driving - Nolan Askelson

How Exercise Affects Blood Glucose - Elizabeth LaRance

North vs South - Alex Watterson

Comparing Water Filters - Matt Miller

Music and the Brain - Carrie Baker

Twin Telepathy? - Madison Gilsdorf

Wrestling Bacteria - Charlie Klepps

Money and Movies - John Holbrook

The Effect Color Has on Memory - Ashton Albright

Not So Carnivorous - Wynter Dooley

Ball Launch - Tyler Frieders

Multilingualism and Problem Solving - Marcos Lopez

Tightness of Drum Heads - Wade Haesemeyer

Changing the World with Air Pressure - Kyle Thiel

Salt Crystals by MacKenzee Ickes

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