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This site documents the progress of my PhD research at CRITE, the Centre for Research in IT in Education, in the School of Education at Trinity College, Dublin. The topic is TeachMeet, the research question(s) as yet only semi-formed. It’s part-time, so there is also a real life running parallel to this adventure. The supervisory team is Dr Keith Johnston of the School of Education and Visiting Fellow at CRITE, Dr Richard Millwood. Anything that need to be shared online will be on display, or be linked to, from here. A lot of items hanging here so far are my ‘procrastinactions’ – stuff being done when I really should be doing ‘proper’ writing. In full nihil de nobis, sine nobis mode, all items are presented with an invitation for the interested and the informed to send me an email at

TeachMeet Research
A very affirming and timely moment for me at the Scottish Leanring Festival TeachMeet in Glasgow, September 2017

The tweet above was a affirming, supportive, and timely declaration by education consultant John Connell at the September 2017 TeachMeet at the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow. It made me blush, but I was really appreciative of it. Sometimes we need to be told by an 'respected other' that what we are doing is worthwhile. I enjoyed meeting up with Scottish friends, presenting what I was learning to date about our growing community, and gleaning a tacit agreement that proceeding with my research was worthwhile.

For those new to TeachMeet...

  • What is TeachMeet? TeachMeet was conceived in Scotland in 2006 by Ewan McIntosh, John Johnston, and David Noble, three bloggers whose communications to date had been online only; they arranged to meet in person with like minded others to talk about about education in a convivial setting. Here's a short blog post and podcast describing a typical TeachMeet event experience.
  • Why am I researching TeachMeet? I met TeachMeet at the Scottish Learning Festival in 2008, and very soon afterwards introduced it to Ireland. [Details of that adventure here]. One night, driving home in dreadful rain from a particularly delightful event - TeachMeet Froebel 2015 - I reckoned it might be time to dig into what made this sort of thing so good. Turned out there were helpful others who agreed with me, so eventually a proposal was drafted, submitted, accepted, and here we both are.
  • TeachMeet - the current working definition (until the OED agrees on an official definition):

A TeachMeet is a semi-formal meeting organised in order for teachers to share ideas with other teachers.

Recommended first reading / listening:

  • Bennett, L. (2012). Teachmeets: Guerilla CPD. Educational Developments, 3 (4). pp. 23-27. ISSN 1469-3267. Available at Huddersfield repositary at
  • Amond, M., Johnston, K. & Millwood, R. , Self-Organised Professional Development - The TeachMeet Phenomenon, International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED), Valencia, 5-7 March 2018, edited by edited by L. Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez, I. Candel Torres , 2018, pp239 - 248 Conference Paper [email]


[Dec 23rd 2017 - My exact research questions are still the subject of proximity talks between me and my patient supervisors].