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PCV SHoutout

Name of you and your counterpart: Andy Cole, Jane Wiboonwirojkul

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Group and class: TESS 130, Grades 1-3

Site location: Ban Kha Yeang Patthana, Mae Fah Luang

Message from featured PCV

Best Practice

A practice I would like to share is our entrance.

Before the students enter the classroom, one student greets everyone, one at a time.

Both kids say greeting and 2 questions.

“Good morning __(name)__.”

“How are you?”

Another question of their choosing.

End with a handshake.

We began by having the teachers greet the students.

Then we switched to have a student replace the teachers spot and greet all the kids.


This takes 10, or more, minutes so for bigger classes, we split the class in half and had two student greeters.

While the class trickles in, I stand at the front with a ball and I ask and throw the ball to someone. The student gets to answer and then throw the ball and ask a question to the teacher or another student. We play this Q and A toss until everyone has entered.

We hope this laid back greeting and asking helps the students to engage with each other before class starts. This also starts off the class on a nice, mellow mood.

Tips and more gold

I like to print out all my questions and games in some sort of drawing or bubble letters. Then I have the kids color them. This helps the kids be more engaged in the materials and adds some art to the classroom.

Included are my drawings of the games we play. Most are in the “Games and Activities,” worksheet. Some are my own. I print these out, have the students color them, and have them placed on the board so the students all know what we are doing for class.

Also included is the game connect four. I had the students color the boards, have the small questions, little pieces-2 colors. Students are in groups of three. 2 students are playing each other and asking the questions associated with the columns. The third student answers and places the pieces. The winner becomes the person answering and gets a tally for the win.


I would like to set up stations around the classroom. I think I have enough taught so the kids can do some activities on their own. That way my counterparts can lead a station, myself another, and have another station(s) so students can have more independence.


teaching quotable:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela