Locations of Interest

Port Shaw

  • Alchemist's Guild
    • All the alchemist's fire gone.
  • Barrett's Barnacle
    • Run by a known Rogue and Cutthroat
  • Broken Skull
    • Boneduece known to fiddle here
    • Known for its knuckle fighter, current champion Father Gregory
  • Chapterhouse
    • Church of Quell, only remaining church in the Razor Coast region
  • Fort Stormshield
    • Secret Entrance discovered in the sewers
  • Old Fish's Supplies
    • Available to fence weapons
  • Lodge
    • Council meetings, and organisation of the Dragoons

Inciting Incidents:

  1. Tales of the Black Shark (not done) (p.139)
  2. The Mad Shaman Attacks (not done) (p.142)
  3. Drango's Detainment (not done) (p.145)
  4. Dragonsmoke for Sale (done) (p.147)
  5. Trouble in Paradise (not done) (p.147)
  6. Fire on the Docks (not done) (p.149)
  7. The Lovely Lady Lightfingers (done) (p.150)
  8. Widow Razor to the Rescue (not done) (p.150)

Dolentla Isle

Bunch of nobles headed here.

Darkol Island

Rumoured hunting ground of the Kracken.

Halgrin's Rest

Rumoured hunting ground of the Kracken.

Thumb's Reach

Fishing town, home of Harok McFarrows.