Pathfinder House Rules

For my Pathfinder games - Work has stopped on this until Pathfinder 2 released

This section only available to players willing to provide a annotated character stat block of each level

House rules for all pathfinder games:

  • All characters start with full Hit Points at 1st level
  • All character advancement gain Hit Points at half Hit Dice plus one per level (Con mod bonus added)
  • All characters attributes are point buy of 25 points (wed night characters with a horror corruption and no way to be brought back from the dead use 32 point buy for their characters)
  • Available books: Pathfinder rules, providing player provides a annotated stat block version of a character sheet before the session referencing all books and pages used.
  • Important Note: The Adventure Path books should never be included when creating or advancing a characters beyond traits for the adventure path you are playing in.
  • Magical Items needs to be checked with GM as the rules for them are changing.

Pathfinder 2 Playtest now complete

Revised House Rules for pathfinder conversion to the playtest:

  • Characters are of equivalent level
  • Gain items and replaced abilities via negotiation from GM for things not in the playtest.
  • Clerics and Druids still only know twice what a wizard can know for their level as free spells. Can still find scrolls or research more spells in downtime.

Pathfinder House Rules Updates

Pathfinder Errata (2019-01-16)

If any of the rules of the game are updated in an errata, it is up to the player to check any of the rules they are using. Otherwise it will be based on what is in the physical book. is also a viable reference as it is usually up to date with the errata.

  • You are responsible for your character. If an ability, item or rule your using is declared "house-ruled" on the night due to its effect not fitting with the "fair use" theme of the game and it is found to be errata-ed to fix the issue, then some form of penance will be applied potentially to the level of that character loosing that item, ability or rule. The penance will be the applied by voice of democracy of the gaming table.

Critical Roll update (2019-03-11)

We are testing the following changes to the pathfinder 1 system. From now on (until discussed otherwise at the start of a game session) your characters, and the NPCs of the world now use the following critical hit rules.

    • Category 1 - Exceed target number by 10 or more with a natural 20 - Magic happens
    • Category 2 - Exceed target number by 10 or more - Critical success (Crit card applies to attacks)
    • Category 3 - Equal or exceed target number by less than 10 - Success, normal rules apply
    • Category 4 - Miss target number by 10 or less - Failure, normal rules apply
    • Category 5 - Miss target number by more than 10 - Critical Failure (Crit card applies to attacks)
    • Category 6 - Miss target number by more than 10 with a natural 1 - Magic happens
    • Natural 20 - Bump up the result one category, i.e. a Cat 4 becomes a Cat 3. Also only way to achieve a "Category 1" result.
    • Natural 1 - Drop the result one category, i.e. a Cat 3 becomes a Cat 4. Also only way to achieve a "Category 6" result.
  • Notes - No Confirmation Roll: Changes to existing rules are that there is no conformation roll anymore, if you have rules that provide a bonus on confirmation rolls then talk to the GM about how this can be incorporated into these rules in a fair manner or taking other options.
  • Notes - Crits apply to what?: Changes to existing rules about what can benefit a critical result are as follows. All attacks, saving throw, skill checks and ability checks. I.e. any check that uses a base d20 now has a critical result added to the dice roll.
  • Notes - Threat range and crit roll bonuses: If you have a weapon or ability that increases your threat range, then talk to me about how that will effect your rolls with this system. Example of rapier threat range of 18-20 changes to Crit 8. What this means is you crit success on a 8 or more instead of the standard 10. This applies equally to your chance of failure as it does to your success. As these are based on target DC not dice roll, they favour the experienced adventurer over the novice. What this does is make the rules accessible to things other than just attack rolls with weapons. Note: Crit fail will stay at 10 below the target number.
    • Crit 10 - Base for items with no threat range
    • Crit 9 - Items which crit on a 19-20
    • Crit 8 - Items which crit on a 18-20
  • Notes - Improved Critical bonus: The improved critical bonus is different to the other critical bonuses, instead of being a smaller critical range, making fumbles easier, it instead does a shift and reduces the critical success target number while increasing the critical failure target number. This is the comparison of skill versus technology or magic. Any idiot can weild a magic sword but only. Note: this still decreases the chance of a critical failure.
    • Shift 1 - Reduce Crit success target number by 1 and increase Crit failure target number by 1
    • Shift 2 - Reduce Crit success target number by 2 and increase Crit failure target number by 2
  • Notes - DC of skill rolls: This new system makes skill checks far more likely to cause critical fumbles, so as such, players can request a DC of the task before rolling. DC of Armour class, Saving Throws and Combat Defence are still given as success or failure.

Single Attack Roll Modifier (2019-03-11)

  • No matter how many attacks you have in one round, you have a single attack modifier, or at worst a melee/ranged modifier if they can mix melee and ranged attacks in one round.
  • If an ability gives you an attack at your highest value, it does not cause you to reduce the value on your attacks this round.
  • Attacks with off hand do not add a Str bonus (but still gain Str penalty) unless character has two-weapon fighting
  • Examples:
    • +15/+10/+5 Dagger would end up as 3x +15 Dagger as your full attack
    • +15/+10/+5 Longsword and +15 Dagger in off hand in a full round attack before the changes becomes +11/+6/+1 Longsword and +7 Dagger in off hand (before feats and abilities), with the changes comes out at 3x +15 Longsword and 1x +15 Dagger

Magical Item Update (2019-02-11)

We will be using the Innate Item Bonus rules from Pathfinder Unchained mixed with some Pathfinder 2 rules. This will be on a case by case bases for characters.

  • Items us Innate Item Bonus rules (Pathfinder Unchained) - Items being converted over to this for next session
    • No items bonus to attributes, armour class or saving throws (unless by innate item bonus rules)
  • Automatic Bonus Progression (Pathfinder Unchained) - Available by request, not by default
    • Inherent bonus have been modified to work with this, within reason
  • No Item creation feats allowed to be selected for any player characters
    • Creating items solely a discussion between the GM and the player. How this works and what you can do will be worked out of game sessions.
  • Notes - February: As of the first pathfinder week starting in February, all magical items will be rationalised into this website for your game. You will need to provide a list to the GM by the 3rd of January or risk not having that item next time you look.

Prepared Caster Update (2019-02-11)

A rule to speed up game play and stop the supplement overload on spell choice. This is something I have incorporated into my dungeons and dragons games over the years.

Each prepared caster (a spell caster that has to memorise spells for the day) has a book to prepare their spells for the day. The books are written in a version of their bonus language that members of their order can read without needing read magic. Though a custom book can be personalised to just themselves. When a prepared caster gains their first level in their class they gain up to 10 cantrips, 3 1st level spells, plus additional spells equal to their intelligence modifier. At later levels in their prepared spellcasting class, they learn two new spells of a level they can cast. Players need to provide references for all spells taken.

  • Arcane Casters: Wizards gain draconic as a bonus language and calls their book a Spellbook.
  • Divine Casters: Clerics and Paladins gain a bonus language of the outsiders suitable for their deity and calls their book a Prayerbook.
  • Primal Casters: Druids and Rangers gain druidic as a bonus language and calls their book a Craftbook.
  • Occult Casters: Witchs do not gain a bonus language, and calls their book a familiar
EXAMPLEPrayerbook (Ex) – Clerics can only memorise spells contained in their own prayerbook, or another from a cleric of their religion except domain spells and spontaneous.- Cantrips (10) Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance, Stabalize, Virtue- 1st Level (7) Command, Cure Wounds (hr), Divine Favour, Longstrider (D), Magic Stone, Remove Fear, Sanctuary (D)- 2nd Level (4) Locate Object (D), Remove Paralysis (D), Restoration (hr), Spiritual Weapon- Pages Used (25 of 100) – 17 in Cantrips and 1st level Spells, 8 in 2nd level Spells

Spontaneous Casters (2019-02-27)

Spontaneous casters can heighten a spell as they cast it without taking more time or having to know it at a higher level.

They can all benefit from pages of spell knowledge increasing the number of spells know.

  • Arcane spontaneous casters: - Sorcerer, Summoner
  • Divine spontaneous casters: - Inquisitor, Oracle
  • Occult spontaneous casters: - Bard

Spellcasting (2019-02-27)

Heighten Spell will be brought in from 2nd edition with expansions on existing spells gaining an ability to increase the slot required for the spell to gain more power out of it for some spells. This will not be a feat, the feat will be removed.

SPELL CANTRIPS (Auto Heighten)Daze (p264) - (5th Level) Daze Monster
SPELL COMBINATIONS:Ability Enhancement (2nd hr) as Bear's Endurance (p246), Bull's Strength (p251) , Cat's Grace (p252), Eagle's Splendor (p275), Fox's Cunning (p286), Owl's Wisdom (p318) (+4 lvl) Mass Bear's Endurance (p247), Mass Bull's Strength (p251), Mass Cat's Grace (p252) Mass Eagle's Splendor (p275), Mass Fox's Cunning (p286), Mass Owl's Wisdom (p318)Arcane Hand (5th p301) as Interposing Hand (+1 lvl) Forceful Hand (p285) (+2 lvl) Grasping Hand (+3 lvl) Clenched Fist (+4 lvl) Crushing HandArcane Sight (3rd p244) - (+4 lvl) Greater Arcane Sight (p244)Beast Shape (3rd p247) as Beast Shape I (+1 lvl) Beast Shape II (+2 lvl) Beast Shape III (+3 lvl) Beast Shape IVCall Lightning (3rd p251) as Call Lightning (+2 lvl) Call Lightning StormCharm Person (1st p254) as Charm Person (+2 lvl) Charm Monster (+5 lvl) Charm Monster, MassCommand (1st p256) - (+4 lvl) Greater Command (p257)Confusion (1st p256) - as Lesser Confusion (+2 lvl) ConfusionCreate Undead (6th p262) as Create Undead (2 lvl) Create Greater UndeadCreation (4th p313) as Minor Creation (+1 lvl) Major Creation (p311)Cure Wounds (1st p263) - as Cure Light Wounds (+1 lvl) Cure Moderate Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds (+4 lvl) Mass variant, with extra dice based on higher slots. This spell can do just single healing, or mass plus increased dice.Curse (3rd p247) as Bestow Curse (+2 lvl) Mark of Justice (p312) - Waiting for supplements to build chainDarkness (2nd p263) (+1 lvl) Deeper Darkness (p265)Detect Alignment (1st p266) - Detect Chaos, Detect Evil, Detect Good, Detect Law (only get alignments opposed to your religion or ethosDimensional Anchor (4th p270) (+4 lvl) Dimensional LockDispel Alignment (5th p271) as Dispel Chaos, Dispel Evil, Dispel Good, Dispel LawDispel Magic (3rd p272), (+2 lvl) Dispel Magic GreaterDivine Favour (1st p273) - (+3 lvl) Divine PowerDominate (5th p274) as Dominate Person (+4 lvl) Dominate MonsterElemental Body (4th p275) as Elemental Body I (+1 lvl) Elemental Body II (+2 lvl) Elemental Body III (+3 lvl) Elemental Body IVEnervation (4th p277) (+5 lvl) Energy DrainEnlarge Person (1st p277) (+3 lvl) MassEnlarge Person (p278)Ethereal Jaunt (7th P279) (+2 lvl) Etherealness (p279)Fireball (3rd p283) (+4 lvl) Delayed Blast Fireball (p265)Form of the Dragon (6th p286) as Form of the Dragon I (+1 lvl) Form of the Dragon II (+2 lvl) Form of the Dragon IIIGeas (4th, p288) as Lesser Geas (+2 lvl) Geas/QuestGiant Form (7th p289) as Giant Form I (+1 lvl) Giant Form IIGlobe of Invulnerability (4th p290) as Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (+2 lvl) Globe of Invulnerability Glyph of Warding (3rd p291) (+3 lvl) Greater Glyph of Warding Hallucinatory Terrain (4th, p293) (+1 lvl) Mirage Arcana (p314)Heal (6th p294) (+3 lvl) Mass Heal Heroism (2nd, p295) (+3 lvl) Greater HeroismHold (2nd p296) as Hold Person (+2 lvl) Hold Monster (+5 lvl) Mass Hold Person (+6) Mass Hold Monster Image (1st p343) as Silent Image (+1 lvl) Minor Image (+2 lvl) Major Image (+4 lvl) Persistent Image (+5 lvl) Permanent Image, Programmed Image (p327)Inflict Wounds (1st p300) - as Inflict Light Wounds (+1 lvl) Inflict Moderate Wounds, Inflict Serious Wounds, Inflict Critical Wounds (+4 lvl) Mass variant, with extra dice based on higher slots. This spell can do just single healing, or mass plus increased dice.Invisibility (2nd p301) (+1 lvl) Invisibility Sphere (+2 lvl) Greater Invisibility (+5 lvl) Mass InvisibilityLocate (2nd, p305) as Locate Object (+2 lvl) Locate CreatureMagic Fang (1st p308) (+2 lvl) Greater Magic FangMagic Weapon (1st p310) (+2 lvl) Greater Magic WeaponPlanar Ally (4th, p320) as Lesser Planar Ally (+2 lvl) Planar Ally (+4 lvl) Greater Planar AllyPlanar Binding (4th, p321) as Lesser Planar Binding (+2 lvl) Planar Ally (+4 lvl) Greater Planar BindingPlant Shape (5th, p322) as Plant Shape I (+1 lvl) Plant Shape II (+2 lvl) Plant Shape IIIPolymorph (5th, p323) (+2 lvl) Greater Polymorph (+3 lvl) Polymorph Any Object Prying Eyes (5th, p326) (+3 lvl) Greater Prying EyesProtection (1st tba) Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Protection from Law (+2 lvl) Magic Circle Against Chaos (p308), Magic Circle Against Evil, Magic Circle Against Good, Magic Circle Against LawReduce Person (Wiz 1, p330) (+3 lvl) Mass Reduce PersonRemoval (1st p332) - as Remove Fear (+2) Remove CurseRestoration (2nd p334) - as Remove Paralysis (+1 lvl) Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Disease (CT 3 rounds) Lesser Restoration (+2 lvl) Restoration (+5 lvl) Greater RestorationScrying (3rd, p337) (+3 lvl) Greater ScryingShadow Conjuration (4th, p340) (+3 lvl) Greater Shadow Conjuration (+5 lvl) Shades Shadow Evocation (5th, p340) (+3 lvl) Greater Shadow ConjurationShout (4th p343) (+2) Greater ShoutSleep (1st p344) (+2 lvl) Deep Slumber (p265)Spell Immunity (4th, p346) (+4 lvl) Greater Spell ImmunitySuggestion (2nd, p350) (+3) Mass SuggestionSummon Monster (1st p350) - as Summon Monster I (+1 lvl) Summon Monster II (+2 lvl) Summon Monster III (+3 lvl) Summon Monster IV (+4 lvl) Summon Monster V (+5 lvl) Summon Monster VI (+6 lvl) Summon Monster VII (+7 lvl) Summon Monster VIII (+8 lvl) Summon Monster IXSummon Nature's Ally (1st p354) - as Summon Nature's Ally I (+1 lvl) Summon Nature's Ally II (+2 lvl) Summon Nature's Ally III (+3 lvl) Summon Monster IV (+4 lvl) Summon Monster V (+5 lvl) Summon Monster VI (+6 lvl) Summon Monster VII (+7 lvl) Summon Nature's Ally VIII (+8 lvl) Summon Nature's Ally IXTeleport (4th p269) as Dimension Door (+1 lvl) Teleport (p358) (+3) Greater Teleport, Teleport Object
SPELL VARIATIONAbility Enhancement (Transmutation, p246) CT 1 action, C (V, S, M), R touch, D 1 min/level, ST Will (neg), SR Y, +4 to ability score of your choice - Heighten (+4 lvl): R close, T 1 creature/levelArcane Hand (Evocation, p301) CT 1 action, C (V, S, M), R medium, E10 ft hand, D 1 round/level (d), SR Y - Heighten (+3 lvl): hand can attackArcane Sight (Divination, p244) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R pers, D 1 min/lvl (d) see magical aura's within 120 ft - Heightten (+4 lvl): know all magic effects on all targetsBeast Shape (Transmutation, p247) CT 1 action, C (V, S, M), R self, D 1 min/lvl (d) become a Small or Medium animal - Heighten (+1 lvl): Tiny or Large animal - Heighten (+2 lvl): Diminutive or Huge animal or Small or Medium magical beast - Heighten (+3 lvl): Tiny of Large magical beastCall Lightning (Evocation, p251) CT 1 round, C (V, S), R medium, E lightning bolts, D 1 min/lvl, ST Refl (half), SR Y - Heighten (+2 lvl): R longCharm Person (Enchantment, p254) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R close, T humanoid, D 1 hr/lvl, ST Will (neg), SR Y - Heighten (+2 lvl) T creature, D 1 day/lvl - Heighten (+5 lvl) C (V), T one or more creatures, D 1 day/lvlCommand (Enchantment, p256) CT 1 action, C (V), R close, T creature, D 1 round, ST Will (neg), SR Y - Heighten (+4 lvl) T creature/levelConfusion (Enchantment, p256) CT 1 action, C (V, S, DF/M), R close, T 1 living creature, D 1 round, ST Will (neg), SR Y, target confused for 1 round - Heighten (+2 lvl): R medium, T 25 ft burst, D 1 round/levelCreate Undead (Necromancy, p262) CT 1 hr, C (CV S M), R close, T corpse, D I makes an undead - Heighten (+2 lvl): makes a better undeadCure Wounds (Conjuration/Healing p263) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R touch, T creature touched, D I, ST Will (half), SR Y, 1d8+(1/lvl max 5) - Heighten (+1 lvl): +1d8 (max bonus +5) can do multiple times, (+4 lvl): Mass Cure – R Close, T 1 creature/lvl within 30 ft burst (max bonus +20)Darkness (Evocation, p263) CT 1 action, C (V, M/DF), R touch, D 1 min/lvl (d) darkness lowered 1 step - Heighten (+1 lvl) D 10 min/lvl darkness lowered 2 stepsDaze (Enchantment, p264) CT 1 action, C (V, S M), R close, T 1 humanoid (up to 4 HD), D 1 round, ST Will (neg), SR Y, target takes no actions if failed save. - Heighten (+2 lvl): R medium, T 1 living creature (up to 6 HD)Dimensional Anchor (Abjuration, p270) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R medium, E ray, D 1 min/lvl SR Y - Heighten (+4 lvl): A 20 ft radius, D 1 day/lvlDispel Alignment (Abjuration, p271) CT 1 action, C (V, S DF), R T, D 1 round/lvlDispel Magic (Abjuration, p272) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R medium, T one, D I - Heighten (+2 lvl): AreaDivine Favour (Evocation, p273) 1 action, C (V, S DF), R self, D 1 minute, Luck bonus +1/3 lvls max +3. On attack and weapon damage rolls - Heighten (+3 lvl): D 1 round/level, max +6, bonus also works on Str and str skill checks, 1 hp/lvl and an additional attack without multi-attack penalty.Fireball (Evocation, p283) CT 1 action, C (V, S, M), R long, Area 20 ft radius, D I, ST Refl (half), SR Y 1d6/lvl Fire damage (10d6 max) - Heighten (+4 lvl): D 5 rounds or less (20d6 max )Removal (Abjuration, p332) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R close, T creature/4 lvls, D 10 min, ST Will (neg), SR Y +4 morale bonus vs fear and counters cause fear - Heighten (+2 lvl): R T, D I, can remove all curses on a touched creature, counters bestow curseRestoration (Conjuration, p332) CT 1 action, C (V, S), R close, T up to 4 creatures, D I, ST Will (neg), SR Y remove paralysis and staggered off single target, or bonus to saving throws to end the effect. - Heighten (CT to 3 rounds): Instead remove magical effects reducing a single ability score, or 1d4 temporary ability damage. It eliminates fatigue, improves exhausted to fatigued. Does not work on permanent ability damage. - Heighten (CT to 3 rounds and +2 lvls): Also removes temporary negative levels, or one permanent negative level. Cures all temporary ability damage, and drained ability damage from one ability score. It eliminates exhausted as well as fatigued. - Heighten (CT to 3 rounds and +5 lvls): Also removes temporary and permanent negative levels, magical effects reducing ability scores, temporary and permanent ability damage, fatigued, exhausted, insanity, confusion, and other negative mental effects. - Heighten (+1 lvl): R T, D I, can instead remove all diseases, or blindness or deafness on a single touched creature.Sleep (Enchantment, p344) CT 1 round, C (V, S, M), R medium, A 10 ft burst, D 1 min/level, ST Will (neg), SR Y 4 HD of creatures - Heighten (+2 lvl): 10 HD of creaturesTeleport (Conjuration, p269) CT 1 action, C (V), R long, T touch, move to another location in range

Vision Update (2019-02-12)

Vision distance is a thing that was dropped in 2nd Edition. I like the idea that you can see as far as you can possibly see if you have the right conditions. For example an Elf with low-light vision can see line of sight on a moon light night, a goblin with dark vision can see line of sight across a immense cavern in the dark.

  • Vision enhancement by class features or feats will need to be discussed.
  • Vision enhancement by magical items will be on a item by item bases.
  • Blind-sense, tremor-sense, scent and blind-sight will not be line of sight, but will have distance's re-written and DC's based on distance to notice things with perception.

Levels of vision:

  • Darkvision and low-light vision
    • level 1 (basic) - black and white only, can't read in it
    • level 2 (advanced) - well defined to the point of being able to read in as if in natural light, if lack of colour does not make it unreadable
    • level 3 (supreme) - can see colours, and read something where colour is an issue

Feats (2019-03-11)

Deep Sight - upgrade level of darkvision one level, can be taken more than once.Two-Weapon Fighting - reduce penalty for fighting with two weapons by half.

No Longer in Game

Updated 2019-02-12


Scribe Scroll - See Downtime

Spells Removed (see Spellcasting)

Arcane Sight, Greater - See Arcane SightBear's Endurance - See Ability EnhancementBear's Endurance, Mass - See Ability Enhancement Beast Shape I - See Beast ShapeBeast Shape II - See Beast ShapeBeast Shape III - See Beast ShapeBeast Shape IV - See Beast ShapeBull's Strength - See Ability EnhancementBull's Strength, Mass - See Ability EnhancementCall Lightning Storm - See Call LightningCat's Grace - See Ability EnhancementCat's Grace, Mass - See Ability EnhancementCharm Monster - See Charm PersonCharm Monster, Mass - See Charm PersonClenched Fist - See Arcane HandCommand, Greater - See CommandConfusion, Lesser - See ConfusionCreate Greater Undead - See Create UndeadCrushing Hand - See Arcane HandCure Critical Wounds - See Cure WoundsCure Critical Wounds, Mass - See Cure WoundsCure Light Wounds - See Cure WoundsCure Light Wounds, Mass - See Cure WoundsCure Moderate Wounds - See Cure WoundsCure Moderate Wound, Mass - See Cure WoundsCure Serious Wounds - See Cure WoundsCure Serious Wounds, Mass - See Cure WoundsDaze Monster - See Daze (Cantrip)Deep Slumber - See SleepDeeper Darkness - See DarknessDelayed Blast Fireball - See FireballDetect Chaos - See Detect AlignmentDetect Evil - See Detect AlignmentDetect Good - See Detect AlignmentDetect Lawful - See Detect AlignmentDimension Door - See TeleportDimensional Lock - See Dimensional AnchorDispel Chaos - See Dispel AlignmentDispel Evil - See Dispel AlignmentDispel Good - See Dispel AlignmentDispel Law - See Dispel AlignmentDispel Magic Greater - See Dispel MagicDivine Power - See Divine FavourDominate Person - See DominateDominate Monster - See DominateEagle's Spelndor - See Ability EnhancementEagle's Splendor, Mass - See Ability EnhancementElemental Body I - See Elemental BodyElemental Body II - See Elemental BodyElemental Body III - See Elemental BodyElemental Body IV - See Elemental BodyEnergy Drain - See EnervationEnlarge Person, Mass - See Enlarge PersonEtherealness - See Ethereal JauntForceful Hand - See Arcane HandForm of the Dragon I - See Form of the DragonForm of the Dragon II - See Form of the DragonForm of the Dragon III - See Form of the DragonFox's Cunning - See Ability EnhancementFox's Cunning, Mass - See Ability EnhancementGeas/Quest - See GeasGeas, Lesser - See GeasGiant Form I - See Giant FormGiant Form II - See Giant FormGlobe of Invulnerability, Lesser - See Globe of Invulnerability Grapsing Hand - See Arcane HandHeal, Mass - See HealHeroism, Greater - See HeroismHold Monster - See HoldHold Monster, Mass - See HoldHold Person - See HoldHold Person, Mass - See HoldInflict Critical Wounds - See Inflict WoundsInflict Critical Wounds, Mass - See Inflict WoundsInflict Light Wounds - See Cure WoundsInflict Light Wounds, Mass - See Inflict WoundsInflict Moderate Wounds - See Inflict WoundsInflict Moderate Wound, Mass - See Inflict WoundsInflict Serious Wounds - See Inflict WoundsInflict Serious Wounds, Mass - See Inflict WoundsInterposing Hand - See Arcane HandInvisibility, Greater - See InvisibilityInvisibility, Mass - See InvisibilityInvisibility Sphere - See InvisibilityLocate Creature - See LocateLocate Object - See LocateMagic Circle Against Chaos - See ProtectionMagic Circle Against Evil- See ProtectionMagic Circle Against Good - See ProtectionMagic Circle Against Law - See ProtectionMagic Fang, Greater - See Magic FangMagic Weapon, Greater - See Magic WeaponMajor Creation - See CreationMajor Image - See ImageMinor Creation - See CreationMinor Image - See ImageMirage Arcana - See Hallucinatory TerrainOwl's Wisdom - See Attribute EnhancementOwl's Wisdom, Mass - See Attribute EnhancementPermanent Image - See ImagePersistent Image - See ImagePlanar Ally, Greater - See Planar AllyPlanar Ally, Lesser - See Planar AllyPlanar Binding, Greater - See Planar BindingPlanar Binding, Lesser - See Planar BindingPlant Shape I - See Plant ShapePlant Shape II - See Plant ShapePlant Shape III - See Plant ShapePolymorph, Greater - See PolymorphPolymorph any Object - See PolymorphPrying Eyes, Greater - See Prying EyesProgrammed Image - See ImageProtection from Chaos - See ProtectionProtection from Evil- See ProtectionProtection from Good - See ProtectionProtection from Law - See ProtectionReduce Person, Mass - See Reduce PersonRemove Blindness/Deafness - See RestorationRemove Curse - See RemovalRemove Fear - See RemovalRemove Paralysis - See RestorationRestoration, Greater - See RestorationRestoration, Lesser - See RestorationScrying, Greater - See ScryingShades - See Shadow ConjurationShadow Conjuration, Greater - See Shadow ConjurationShadow Evocation, Greater - See Shadow EvocationShout, Greater - See ShoutSilent Image - See ImageSpell Immunity, Greater - See Spell ImmunitySuggestion, Mass - See SuggestionSummon Monster I - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster II - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster III - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster IV - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster V - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster VI - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster VII - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster VIII - See Summon MonsterSummon Monster IX - See Summon MonsterSummon Nature's Ally I - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally II - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally III - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally IV - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally V - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally VI - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally VII - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally VIII - See Summon Nature's AllySummon Nature's Ally IX - See Summon Nature's AllyTeleport, Greater - See Teleport

Under Consideration for next update

Critical Rolls (Work in progress)

  • Feat or class ability threat range changes cause a shift instead of a reduction. i.e. a 2 point threat increase will reduce the chances of a crit fail by 2 and increase the crit success by 2. Magic threat range changes increase both the chance of a failure and a success.
    • Having the crit success change reduce, but the crit failure not change
    • The Shit option no longer exists.
    • Items that have more than one crit enhancement, take only the best of the enhancements.

Downtime (Work in progress)

Downtime is for activities that are not part of adventuring life.

    • Creation of magical items is moved to downtime - no longer considered to be part of a characters attributes.

Magical Items (Work in progress)

  • Ability to transfer magic from one item to another.
  • Implements for spellcasters that work like magic weapons adding to threat range, adding extra effects, that sort of thing.
  • Items able to level up with play
  • Quality of items
  • Item creation feats will be removed and turned into downtime activities using an appropriate skill roll for the item. Having the item creation feat will not be a pre-requisite to create magical items.

Single Attack Roll Modifier (was in 2019-02-11)

  • No matter how many attacks you have in one round, you have a single attack modifier, or at worst a melee/ranged modifier if they can mix melee and ranged attacks in one round.
  • If you have more than one attack in a round you reduce your attack roll by the following per attack after the first:
    • Two-Handed weapon -3
    • One-Handed weapon -2
    • Light or Natural -1
    • Extra Attack with Off Hand -2
  • Two-Weapon Fighting - Light weapon in 2nd hand -2, else -4
  • Weapon focus also removes your multi-attack penalty for your 2nd attack with that weapon this round, while greater does this for your 3rd attack.
  • If an ability gives you an attack at your highest value, it does not cause you to reduce the value on your attacks this round.
  • Examples:
    • +15/+10/+5 Dagger would end up as 3x +13 Dagger as your full attack
    • +15/+10/+5 Longsword and +15 Dagger in off hand in a full round attack before the changes becomes +11/+6/+1 Longsword and +7 Dagger in off hand (before feats and abilities), with the changes 2x One handed weapon, 1x Light weapon comes out at 3x +8 Longsword and 1x +8 Dagger

Feat Changes:

Weapon Focus - added remove multi-weapon attack penalty for 2nd attack with this weaponWeapon Focus, Greater - added remove multi-attack penalty for 3rd attack with this weapon