Wednesday Night

Rule #1 - No evil characters (or players) in the games.

Rule #2 – Be respectful, to the other players and the Games Master. Disrespectful players will be asked to leave

Rule #3 – Provide Stat blocks – Those who provide stat blocks gain access to extra rules from my website and books released, those that do not can only access the Core rules books. Pathfinder (Core Rule), D&D (Players Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide)

Wednesday Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed Group – Main Story

You are in Karameikos now...

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  • #939 - 29th May 2019 - Session 13 (101)
  • #945 - 12th June 2019 - Session 14 (102)
  • #951 - 26th June 2019 - Session 15 (103)
  • #957 - 10th July 2019 - Session 16 (104)
  • #963 - 24th July 2019 - Session 17 (105)
  • #969 - 7th August 2019 - Session 18 (106)
  • #975 - 21st August 2019 - Session 19 (107)
  • #981 - 4th September 2019 - Session 20 (108)
  • #987 - 18th September 2019 - Session 21 (109)
  • #993 - 2nd October 2019 - Session 22 (110)
  • #998 - 16th October 2019 - Session 23 (111)
  • #1004 - 30th October 2019 - Session 24 (112)
  • #1010 - 13th November 2019 - Session 25 (113)
  • #1016 - 27th November 2019 - Session 26 (114)
  • #1022 - 12th December 2019 - Session 27 (115)
  • >> 25th December – No Game Christmas Day <<


Potion of Gaseous Form (WE003 - Dmitri)

Potion of Healing (WE002, WE004, WE005 - Dmitri)

Potion of Invisibility (WE001 - Dmitri)


#W001 - Dagger of Vengeance. Appears to have clockwork parts (gnomish design), with religious significance, it can glow with a shimmering golden light upon command and when pulled from its sheath, used in combat or glowing gives off an audible click of clockwork. (Dmitri)

#W002 - Dagger +1. Appears to be crafted from black iron in the shape of a flame (Elemental Fire), it is well designed for an unknown occasion, and glows with a ruddy red light upon command, though the holder craves material wealth. (Dmitri)

#W003 - Bag of Holding. Bag is half the normal weight, covered in symbology of vines and leaves, it shows an alignment of stars that occur once per 100 years, floats on water providing advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks to swim, and every time it is open a chorus of elven pipes play an old tune. (Dmitri)

#W004 - Ring or Fire Resistance. Made from bone, and cold to the touch (undead), bearing symbology of a bat and wolf, and is easy to attune only taking a minute and while wearing it you feel self-assured. (Dmitri)

#W005 - Ring of Protection. Made of bone, cold to the touch (undead), showing the fall of Halav, with a secret message, glowing in darkvision. (Dmitri)

#W006 - Throwing Dagger of Returning +2. Chariots featured on the blade, and it contains the name of the emperor Thincol of Thyatias symbolizing his rise to the throne from the gladiatorial fights. It glows golden while flying through the air. (Dmitri)

#W007 - Wand of Magic Missiles. Made of bone, cold to the touch (undead), showing symbology of Tuma, the handle has a strange shape to it with scratch marks, and a sharp stab of pain strikes you whenever you use it. (Dmitri)

#W008 - Necklace of Adaptation. Made with unusual horn and hides (fiendish) created by the Hutaakian and gleaming such that it never gets dirty, but it mutters in a strange tongue while you sleep. (Dmitri)

#W009 - Goggle of Night. Bearing the Stronghollow clan rune, was once warn by someone of importance, and allows the wearer to read gnomish script, no matter the dialect. (Dmitri)

#W010 - Boots of Elvenkind - with a leaf motif and half the weight (elvish), worn by someone of importance in the Callarii lands you can spend an action when in a forest to know which way is north. (Dmitri)

#W011 - Amulet of Health - This item bears the Stronghollow clan rune and is covered in fresh blood that does not wash off, even with magic. (Dmitri)

#W012 - Bag of Holding - Symbology of potato's and garlic (Traladaran), with the story of Zirchev which lights up with a red glow when gnolls are within 120 ft. (Dmitri)

#W013 - Warhammer +1. Dwarven symbol for Kagyar on one side and his clan Torkrest on the other. While holding the hammer you understand the Giant language, though you can’t speak it. (Bradshaw)

    • Lost Session 11 thrown at Orcs in Karameikian wilderness and not recovered.

#W014 - Mithril Chain. Chain made from squares, with the Torkrest clan symbol showing on the front and back made from darkened mithril segments. The item is made for a guardian of the clan providing a +2 bonus to initiative rolls. (Bradshaw)

#W015 - Shield +1. A square dwarven shields showing the Torkrest clan that lets you know how far underground you are and how close to the nearest passage, stairwell, or other path that leads to your clan forge. (Bradshaw)

#W016 - Elven Boots. Showing designs from Alfhiem with the Tree of Life etched on the sides. They are designed for assistants to the tree-keeper for use in the ceremonies. While wearing them you can understand other dialects of elven perfectly. (Bradshaw)

#W017 - Broom of Flying. Made by the elves, it is polished to a gleaming finish that never seems to get dirty. It has a name carved into the side of it in an unknown language. (Bradshaw)

#W018 - Bag of Holding. Dwarven made from metal, with overlapping diamond shaped chain design that gives you a feeling of accomplishment every time you put items in it, and a feeling of dissatisfaction whenever you take something out of it. (Bradshaw)

#W019 - Circlet of Blasting. Designed by the norsemen of the northern reaches it in made of intertwined copper with a fire opal in the middle of the forehead and the rune for elemental fire surrounding it. (Bradshaw)

#W020 - Warhammer of Returning (Bradshaw) - Nice looking hammer with Gnome and Dwarf runes from Highforge.


Dwarven Torkrest Clan Helm (Bradshaw)


Rheddrian's Staff - Black Staff made of enchanted Ebony 6 ft tall (Bradshaw)

Yehm's Diamond - A palm sized diamond, cut as if it's a fifth of a whole stone (Dmitri)

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Wrath of the Immortals - Part 1

Session 85 (1 session)5th September 2018
Players: Dave - Garfield (1), Annette - Grue (1), Jeff - Hadrian (1), Fiona - Nermal v2 (1), Adrian - McGweir (1)

Wrath of the Immortals - Part 2

Session 86 to 88, 93 to 96 (7 sessions)19th September 2018 to 17th October 2018 Cont 6th February 2019 to 20th March 2019
Players: Dave - Boris (7), Annette - River (7), Mark - Bradshaw (6), Adrian - Cinder (6), Fiona - Satin (3), Jeff - Jericho (3), Jeremy - Dmitri (2), Paula - Namzya (1)

Tales from the Yawning Portal - White Plume Mountain

Session 97 to 100+ (4 sessions)3rd April 2019 to now
Players: Jeremy - Dmitri (4), Dave - Boris (2), Annette - River (2), Mark - Bradshaw (2), Kayla - Sonny (1), David - Plamen (1)

Timeline of the Campaign:

1000 AC

Starting Character

1001 AC

Characters 2nd Level

1002 AC

Characters 3rd Level

1003 AC

Characters 4th Level

1004 AC

Campaign Start - Wrath of the Immortals I - The Prelude - Keep of Corrian - End Session 1

1005 AC

Campaign Continues - Wrath of the Immortals II - The Build Up - Hollow World
  • Newmont: 1 (Winter)
1st - Meeting in Darokin City with Rhederrian5th - Arrival at Hinmeet near Five Shires7th - Arrival at Athenos (port city)9th - Arrival at Tollmeer (Southshire)14th - Arrival at Rundegos (Southshire)15th - Arrival at Burny (Seashire)18th - Arrival at Thantabbar (Southshire)25th - Arrival at Sulescu (Karameikos)
  • Vatermont: 2 (Winter)
1st - Arrival at Vorloi (Karameikos)4th - Arrival at Dmitrov (Karameikos)
  • Thaumont: 3 (Spring)
5th - Arrival at Kerendas Outpost (Duchy of Kerendas)7th - Arrival at Bayville (Duchy of Kerendas)11th - Arrival at the City of Thyatis (Duchy of Thyatis)14th - Arrival at Port Lucinius (County of Lucinius)16th - Arrival at Lucinius Outpost (County of Lucinius)19th - Arrival at Hillcape (County of Lucinius)23rd - Arrival at Dawnpoint (Duchy of Tel Akbir)
  • Flaurmont: 4 (Spring)
11th - Arrival at Tower of Lucinius (Province of Septentrionia)
  • Yarthmont: 5 (Spring)
Travelling by ship whole month
  • Klarmont: 6 (Summer)
3rd - Arrival at Aegopoli (Aegos) - 6 Month Cruise - arrival and exploration of the city - End Session 210th - Topsdie (Aegos) 12th - Heading Down - End Session 314th - Bottomside (Alphatian Neather)18th - Exploration of Neather tribes (Odin, Ka and Ixion) - End Session 419th - Explosion of the lands22nd - Bottomside (Alphatian Neather) destroyed way home lost - End Session 524th - Arrival at the Gentle Folk lands 25th - Heading north for 20 days
  • Felmont: 7 (Summer)
17th - Finally leave the Gentle Folk's Lands and enter the lands of the Neather - End Session 618th - Saving the "Gem of the Neather"28th - Encounter with Neather and the quest for the flower
  • Fyrmont: 8 (Summer)
Travelling for the whole month avoiding Neather patrols
  • Ambyrmont: 9 (Autumn)
2nd - Edge of the Neather lands3rd - Wedding of River to the Gem of the Neather8th - Rescue by Haldannic Warbird and arrival at Gnome floating continent - End Session 7 ## Level 6 ##21st - End Week 1 downtime28th - End Week 2 downtime
  • Sviftmont: 10 (Autumn)
1st - Leave gnome floating continent on courier warbird2nd - Exit Hollow World3rd - Land in Heldannic Territories Outpost leaving warbird4th - Resting in outpost6th - Arrive in township at end of merchant road - End Session 820th - Arrive at the peak of Denwarf mountain in Rockhome. At the gnome city which does not exist.21st - Arrive at Highforge22nd - Arrive at Kevlin24th - Arrive at Rifllian
  • Eirmont: 11 (Autumn)
1st - Arrive at Verge2nd - Arrive at Threshold - End Session 9 - End Session 103rd - Arrive at Verge13th - Magos River, Karameikian Hills and Mountains - End Session 11 14th - Magos River, Karameikian Hills and Mountains - End Session 12

1006 AC


1007 AC


1008 AC


1009 AC

All Good Things - The end of the core campaign