Northern Reaches

Gazetteer 7 - The Northern Reaches

Welcome to the lands of vikings. Discover the berserk Jarls of Soderfjord, the vikings of Vestland and the fearsome drakkars of Ostland.


  • Human (Heldannic)


  • No Sorcerers or Wizards

Character Creation:

  • Human (Descendants of the Antillians - Known as Northmen)
  • No Warlocks or Wizards
  • Paladins serve Thor, Druids serve Freyja and Rangers serve Frey, Clerics can serve any or all of the Norse gods
  • Family Status roll (%)
  • Heyday Gift (%)
  • Afflictions and Accidents (%)
  • Character background 3xd20 - Important Past Experience, Character Building and Combat Experience
  • GM has a list of setting appropriate names, naming convention and nicknames
  • Starting language - Heldannic (Not one of the two common languages)

Character Options available to players from this setting:

    • Feats - Rune Knowledge, Rune Mastery - Gain access to the Rune Magic by Agreement
    • Spells - Access to Rune Spells

Character Options

Character Races


  • By Negotiation - Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green, Red

Character Classes


  • Available - Path of the Berserker, Path of the Zealot
  • By Negotiation - Path of the Ancestors, Path of the Storm Herald


  • Available - College or Valor


  • Available - Circle of the Land (Coast, Forest, Mountains, Swamp), Circle of the Moon
  • By Negotiation - Circle of the Stones


  • Available - Champion, Weapons Master


  • By Negotiation - Oath of the Crown, Oath of Thunder


  • Available - Beast Master, Hunter


  • Available - Scout, Thief


  • Available - Draconic Bloodline (Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Green, Red)
  • By Negotiation - Divine Soul
  • NPCs Only - Mazeborn Bloodline, Runechild


  • NPCs Only - Doom Croaker



  • 24 Jarls
  • Known as the "Ostland Sea Pirates" or "Kingdom of Ostland"
  • Priest of Odin or Thor only
  • Brothers of the King - honour guard for the king (male and female)
  • The Queens Court - the best skalds, maidens, scholars and schemers of the land


  • 24 clans
  • Known as the "Kingdom of Vestland"
  • Population of Red Dragons
  • The Royal Council -
  • Priests of Frey and Freyja only
  • The Home Guard - national service protecting the communities
  • Community of Dwarves (cursed, outcast or outreach)

Soderfjord Jarldoms

  • 29 Jarls
  • Population of Red and Black Dragons
  • The Nordhartar Defence League - a coaliton of the Jarls to defend the country
  • The Freedom Brigades - A jarldoms militia


Norse Pantheon


  • One of two religions permitted in Ostland
  • Odin's Ravens - Inner circle of Odin's clerics
  • Temple - The Stones of Sky


  • One of two religions permitted in Ostland
  • Ravenguard the warriors and priest of Thor who guard the king of Ostland
  • Temple - Thor's Anvil (Vestland)


  • Followed by freemen and thralls (slaves)


  • Followed by freemen and thralls (slaves)


  • Outlawed in Ostland


  • Outlawed in Northern reaches (not a player god)

The Shining One

  • God of Kobolds...

Serving the Pantheon Rules

  • Must be willing to serve the rites of all the gods of the pantheon
  • Must be willing to complete any quest provided by one of the gods (unless you can justify how the act violates your characters beliefs)