Gazetteer 3 - Principalities of Glantri

Characters come from the land of magic and intrigue where all the Princes are Wizards and graduates of the Great School of Magic in Glantri City.


  • Human, Genasi, Gnomes, Elves


  • No clerics, druids, paladins or rangers
  • No dwarves, halflings or half-breeds

Character Options Available:

  • Feats - Arcane Charger, Arms Booster, Battle Caster, Eldritch Lifesaver, Elemental Trapper, Inspirational Caster, Merciful Caster, Resolute Caster, Star and Shadow Reader (Traladaran only)
  • Wizard -
    • Arcane Tradition - Geomancy (access to Geomancy spells
    • Battle spells

Character Options

Character Races

Planar:Available - Air Genasi ()- Earth Genasi () - Fire Genasi ()- Water Genasi ()NPCs Only- Dark Genasi ()
Humans:Available - Thyatian, Traladaran
Dragonborn:By Negotiation - Copper, Red, Silver, White

Secret Crafts

- Masters of Alchemy- Masters of Battle- Masters of Clockwork (NPC only)- Masters of Dragons- Masters of the Elements- Masters of the Radiance (NPCs Only)- Masters of the Spirits (Traladaran)- Masters of Undeath

Character Classes

Bards:Available - College or LoreBy Negotiation - College of Fey Magic
Druids:Available - Circle of the Land (Artic, Mountains)
Fighters:Available - Cavalier, Weapons MasterBy Negotiation - Arcane Archer, Eldritch Knight, Griffon Knight, Sword-DancerNPCs Only - Clacking Mercenary, Ghost Knight, Knight-Surgeon
Monks:By Negotiation - Way of the Four Elements
Paladins:NPCs Only - Oath of the Giving Grave
Rangers:Available - Beast Master, Monster SlayerBy Negotiation - Vampire Hunter
Rogues:Available - ThiefBy Negotiation - Arcane Trickster, DuelistNPCs Only - Fixer
Sorcerers:Available - Draconic Bloodline (Copper, Red, Silver, White), Storm SorceryBy Negotiation - Dryad Bloodline, Nymph BloodlineNPCs Only - Norm Bloodline
Warlocks:By Negotiation - Pact of the Old OnesNPCs Only - Pact of the Undying
Wizards:Available - School (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation)By Negotiation - Arcane Tradition (Elementalism, Geomancy, War Magic)NPCs Only - Arcane Tradition (Timekeeper, Void Magic), School (Artifice, Blood Magic, Entropy)