Gazetteer 12 - The Golden Khan of Ethengar

Ethengar in the Known World

Language: Ethengarian

Clan Status

Not all clans are equal in the eyes of the Khan and other clans. To find out about the status of your clan ask your DM. Hakomon (Arcane casters) characters need not roll on this table: their status depends on other factors.

Despised: Life is hard for your clan. The Khan of your tribe is far from pleased with your clan's performance in recent years. Each spring he gives very little in the way of goods to your clan, and what he does give is usually of poor quality and unlikely to last the year.

In camp, your clan gets all the really nasty jobs: preparing the dead for their last rites, clearing up after feasts and festivals, keeping the camp clean of horse dung and other animal droppings, and digging and filling the latrine pits.

Things are not entirely hopeless. A character from this social position who performs valiantly and gives good service will reflect well on the status of the clan and may improve it in the eyes of the Khan.

Clan: 1 Family, -2 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 1 nag, bow, lasso, hand axe

Struggling: Your clan has a reputation for not making the most of the Khan's property.

The clan usually returns to the Khan most of what was given to it in the spring. Some years it increases the wealth of the Khan, but most years it struggles to maintain it. Even though it's a precarious existence, no major disasters have brought the Khan's disfavour upon your clan.

Clan: 1d4 Families, -1 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 1 normal light war horse, 2 poor horses, bow, lasso, sword, hand axe, leather armour

Comfortable: Your clan is neither wealthy nor poor. The Khan provides sufficient wealth each year to maintain the clan and with proper care of the animals, the clan may even better its position in the following spring.

Clan: 2d4 Families, +0 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 3 normal light war horses, bow, lasso, sword t, hand axe, spear, leather armour

Respected: The clan does well in animal breeding and makes the most of the Khan's wealth. It is therefore favoured by the Khan and has gained the respect of other clans.

Clan: 2d6 Families, +1 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 4 normal light war horses, bow, lasso, sword, hand axe, spear, chain mail armour

Honoured: The Khan honours your clan by bestowing great gifts on it each spring.

By increasing the size of its herds and wealth, your clan has earned the Khan's favour. It is likely that a member of the Khan's family has married into yours, increasing its standing within the tribe.

Clan: 2d6 Families, +2 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 3 normal light war horses, 1 superior light war horse, bow, sword, hand axe, lance, chain mail armour

Ruling: You are a member of the Khan's own clan, although not a member of his immediate family. All other clans show their respect to you by bowing in your presence and obeying your wishes. Abuse of your power is, however, not wise as the Khan expects members of his own clan to set an example for the other clans.

The majority of your actions must be geared toward bettering the position and status of the tribe. Failure to do so will cause the Khan to disown you.

Clan: 1d4+2 Families, +3 Mod to Ethengarian Cha social skillsStarting Equipment: 4 superior light war horses, 1 superb horse, bow (20% chance of being a +1 weapon), sword, hand axe, lance, lamellar armour

Character Options

Character Races


Available - Mountain (Skarrad, Skrklist, Torkest)


Available - Ethengar


Available - Genasi (Earth - Makistani, Water - Alaysian)


NPCs Only - Goblin (Gostai), - Hobgoblin (Hooplak), - Orcs (Tangut, Silktor)


NPCs Only- Lycanthrope (werewolf)


NPCs Only- Dhampir

Character Classes


Available - Path of the Beserker - Dwarf (Torkest)- Path of the Totem Warrior (Eagle, Elk, Horse, Tiger, Wolf) - Genasi (Earth, Water), Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation - Path of the Ancestral Guardian - Human (Ethengarian)- Path of the Totem Warrior (Chosen of Ethengar) -Human (Ethengarian)Available - College or Valor - Human (Ethengarian)NPCs Only - College of the Jester - Human (Ethengarian)Available - Religion of Ethengar (Energy - Light, Matter - Nature, Thought - Tempest)By Negotiation - Follower of Cretia (Thought - Tempest, Trickery)- Follower of Ixion as Tubak (Energy - Light, Justice), - Follower of Terra as Yamuga (Matter - Life, Nature)Available - Circle of the Land (Grassland) - Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation - Circle of the Shepherd - Human (Ethengarian)- Circle of the Stones - Human (Ethengarian)Available - Battle Master - Human (Ethengarian)- Cavalier - Human (Ethengarian)- Weapons Master - Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation - Sword-Dancer - Human (Ethengarian)Available- Way of the Kensai - Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation - Way of the Four Elements - Genasi (Earth, Water)Available - Oath of Mercy - Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation - Oath of Radiance - Human (Ethengarian)Available - Hunter - Human (Ethengarian)Available - ScoutNPCs Only- MastermindNPCs Only - Lycanthropic Bloodline - Human (Ethengarian)By Negotiation- Pact of the Genie Lords

The Setting

The lands of the Golden Khan of Ethengar

The Clans (330,000 members)

  • Bortaks (Nothern) - 41,250 (Runic Eye Horde 1052 warriors)
  • Kaeruts - 41,250 (Death's Rider Horde 1052 warriors)
  • Kiyats - 41,250 (Giant Killer Horde 1052)
  • Murkits (Ruling) - 41,250 (Bloody Horde and Keshak Horde 2,104 warriors)
  • Taijits - 41,250 (Skull Crusher horde 1052 warriors)
  • Uighurs - 41,250 (Bone Cruncher Horde 1052 warriors)
  • Yakkas - 41,250 (Spear Catcher Horde 1052)
  • Yugatais - 41,250 (Plains Rider Horde 1052)


  • Bloodseekers
  • Bratak Schools
    • The Brass Dragons (Warlocks)
    • The Copper Dragons (Rogues)
    • The Silver Dragons (Bards)
    • The Gold Dragons (Sorcerers)
  • Brotherhood of Dwarven Artisans (Dwarves)
  • Brothers of the Bolt (Dwarves)

The red skulls are know Ethengarian approved spell caster locations.